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Street sign in Zenith

Aktaion Energy is a company run by Don Barbara, its headquarters located in Zenith.

Background Information[]

After the Dome came down, Aktaion Energy discovered what they believe the Dome power source, showing bright on their satellite imagery. They are interested in acquiring it before the military find out about it.[1] According to Don Barbara, the government hired Aktaion to figure out a way to get a wi-fi signal through. They found it and kept a backdoor access for themselves, and now they're going to send another message.[1] Aktaon Energy has been working with a private security firm ever since the military failed attempt to destroy the dome with a missile (In Blue on Blue), who then hired them as private contractors.

The Firewall for the government was set by Aktaion employ, Hunter May, who was under its thumb for corporate espionage after previously hacking into the company servers two years prior.


Deceased Members[]


  • The company is named after a Greek hero who was torn apart by dogs.