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View of Chester's Mill under the Dome.

"Who you lookin' for... What was his name... You can probably find him... At the football game... It's a small town... You know what I mean... It's a small town, son... And we all support the team."
—Book Intro[src]

Chester's Mill is a small town in the State of Maine. When the Dome came down, the town was cut off from the outside world, including many of the town officials and emergency personnel (some police and the entire fire department) who were at a Parade in Westlake at the time. That left local councilor and car salesman 'Big Jim' Rennie and Sheriff Howard Perkins in charge.


Chester's Mill has a population of approximately 2,000 people. There are 19 paved roads leading in and out of the town. One of them is 'Sixth Street' and has a bridge, located on the outskirts of the dome, its where the Army brings the civilians for Visitor's Day.

The town is located on the shore of the lake, just south of it, which contains Birds Island. The neighboring town of Westlake located to the northwest.

Notable Locations

Other locations include: the School, Church, Cement Factory, the "independent" newspaper, Town pharmacy (was raided early on), the "WYBS" radio station (was burned by Big Jim), trailer park, gas stations.


The filming for Chester's Mill takes place in Burgaw, North Carolina. The exterior of a coffee house on Courthouse Avenue was converted into the show's diner, used the courthouse as the Chester's Mill police station and town hall, and used Dee's Drugstore as the town's pharmacy; Southport, were used for many of the waterfront scenes featured on the show,; and Wilmington, where sets of the interior of several homes and frequented establishments on the show were built.

In the Book[]

The local newspaper is called the Democrat, and radio station is WCIK, a Christian music/religious station. The show changes the newspaper to Independent and station's name to WYBS and makes it an independent rock station.