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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for his novel counterpart.
  Dale "Barbie" Barbara
Barbie 309.png
First seen "Pilot"
Last seen "The Enemy Within"
Series lifespan "Pilot" to "The Enemy Within"
Appeared in 39 episodes, (see below)
Portrayed by Mike Vogel

Gender Male
Hair Blond
Age 35
Occupation Former US Army Captain
Former Enforcer
Sheriff of Chester's Mill
Family Don Barbara - Father †
Melanie Cross - Paternal Half-Sister †
Unnamed mother
Julia Shumway - Fiancée
Eva Sinclair - Ex-Girlfriend †
Dawn Sinclair-Barbara - Daughter
Killed Victims 4 killed
Status Alive
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"On second thought, maybe you're right because a good enemy actually puts up a fight. You were such easy pickings, you're naive, vulnerable, so desperate for a man, for any man that would pay more attention to you than the race track. Now what did you think was going to happen if we ever did get out of the dome? That you and I, two people who couldn't be anymore different. Were what? Gonna live happily ever after? That was never going to happen. Just face it, Julia. You are nothing more than comfort food until I got out of here."
—Barbie to Julia while under the influence of the Kinship.[src]
"You're no daughter of mine!"
—Barbie to Dawn trying to stop her from escaping.[src]

Dale Barbara, better known as Barbie, is a main character in CBS' Under the Dome. Barbie is a former U.S. Special Forces operator, who got stuck in Chester's Mill when the Dome came down. He falls for Julia Shumway and becomes involved with the local Sheriff's Department to help keep some sense of order in the isolated town. However, he becomes a target of a manhunt by town selectman (de facto town dictator) Jim Rennie for murders and attempted murders that he didn't commit.

Before the Dome[]

Dale was born on July 17, 1979, and raised in Zenith, where he was ranked top 3 in his class at Zenith High. At the age of 26, he joined the army (November 2005) to get away from his controlling father, Don Barbara. During his time in the military, he served with the 13th Spec com, also known as "the Lucky Thirteenth" and "the Jackrabbits." His unit was involved in a gnarly incident in Iraq, where their unit came under fire, while on patrol. They managed to gun down all the attackers, save one, only to realize that it was a case of friendly fire and that the sole survivor, a female soldier, was taken by enemy insurgents. Dale and his unit were able to rescue the soldier, and gained a reputation as being heroes, with the true details of the situation seemingly kept a secret.

Soon after, his father pulled strings to get Barbie brought home from Iraq early due to his mother wanting him to come home. Very soon after Barbie gets home, his mother got very ill and died, sending Barbie into a dark place. Since leaving the military, Barbie got romantically involved with the shady Maxine Seagrave, and later have sex. Later became her enforcer. During this time, he made multiple visits to Chester's Mill, where he was ordered to collect debts from several residents, including Phil Bushey and Peter Shumway.

Just before the Dome came down, Barbie got involved in gang, promising to rip off his father and came to Chester's Mill to collect debts from Peter Shumway. Peter pulls a gun on him, and after a short struggle, Barbie shot and killed Peter. He later buries Peter

Under the Dome[]

Season 1[]


Barbie is first seen trying to leave Chester's Mill after burying the corpse of Peter Shumway. As Barbie is driving down the road to leave, he sees a police cruiser and becomes panicked at the sight of it, and ends up driving off the road to avoid a herd of cattle. Barbie shortly after witnesses the dome come down, having cut a cow in half. He then attempts to touch the dome, only to be shocked. Joe McAlister then comes out of his house to check what happened and to see if Barbie is alright, having witnessed his car accident. Shortly after, Chuck Thompson's plane flies into the dome. Barbie pushes Joe out of the way of the falling debris, saving his life. Suddenly a fire truck, on the outside of the dome speeds towards the dome, nearly hitting it, but luckily Barbie stands in the road and it comes to a stop. Barbie tells the driver of the firetruck to call the FAA.

Later on, police officers, Linda Esquivel and Duke Perkins come to investigate the perimeter of the dome and asks Barbie what happened. After Barbie informs them that the dome appeared out of no where, he meets a woman named Julia Shumway. While they are talking about if they'll be able to get out, they discover a woman whose arm was severed at the dome's arrival. They take the woman to the clinic, where he briefly meets a candystriper, named Angie McAlister. While he talks to Angie, her boyfriend Junior Rennie watches from afar and gets the wrong idea about them being in some sort of relationship, which is by far not the case.

Later on, Barbie decides that he is going to sleep outside due to the fact that all of the hotels are booked with people that either lost their homes or people that got stuck inside the dome while visiting. While setting up his car for sleeping, Junior comes up to Barbie and threatens him because of the wrong impression he got earlier when he saw him talking to Angie. Barbie tells him to back off and before anything can escalate, Julia intervenes. After Junior walks off, Julia finds out from Barbie that he's going to sleep outside, but Julia invites him to stay at her house saying that she doesn't want to let him "sleep outside like an animal" after he saved Joe's life. Once they arrive at Julia's house, Barbie looks around and sees a photo of Peter Shumway and realizes that he killed her husband.

"The Fire"[]

That night, Barbie dreams of the struggle he had with Peter, and soon realizes that his dog tags were lost in the struggle. The next day, Barbie talks with Julia about the military is stationed outside the dome, near her house. Barbie informs her of how they were probably ordered to not talk to anyone inside Chester's Mill. Later on, as Barbie is on his way to the convenience store, he sees Joe and Ben and asks them what they're up to. Joe tells him that he is trying to see how far the dome goes and Barbie responds by telling him he's doing a good job and to keep it up. He then reaches the store and buys several packs of cigarettes. As he is buying the cigarettes, he notices Norrie in the mirror, putting a candy bar into her pocket.

After they both leave, Norrie comments on how smoking is bad for your health and Barbie explains to her that he only bought the cigarettes to barter with other residents, if the Dome happens to last for a long period time. He then tells her that because the dome may last a long time, "to hang onto that candy bar". He then heads to The Cabin, where he finds Peter's gun and his dog tags. As he tries to leave, he gets stopped by Junior, who believes Barbie to be in a have sex with Angie after what he saw the previous day. Junior then attacks him, but he easily defeats Junior and walks off.

After Lester Coggins begins to set fire to Duke's house to get rid of the evidence of the business he was in, Barbie helps organize a bucket brigade to put the flames out. Shortly after, Big Jim Rennie attempts to rally the town to sticking together, but Deputy Paul Randolph is unconvinced. In a fit of rage at the dome, he fires two shots at it. One of the bullets ricochets off the dome and hits Deputy Freddy Denton in the chest, killing him. Barbie quickly disarms Paul, and allows him to be taken into custody by the other officers.


The following morning, Barbie accompanies Julia to the police station to see Randolph be brought in for his crime. He later goes with Julia to the local radio station, WYBS. Barbie recognizes Phil Bushey from a distance and declines Julia's offer to be introduced in order to hide his history as an enforcer. Later, at the Sweetbriar Rose, Barbie witnesses Big Jim's call to arms, as Paul escaped custody earlier by disarming Linda. Big Jim recruits Barbie, Rodger and Ollie Dinsmore into the search party.

Barbie and the search party are able to track Paul down due to Barbie's ex-military background. But, when they are a only a few yards away from Paul, he ends up shooting Rodger in the leg and retreats. Big Jim tells Ollie to get Rodger to the clinic, leaving only Barbie and Jim. Eventually, Barbie and Big Jim manage to track down Paul again, but Paul manages to hold Jim at gunpoint. Before Paul can shoot Big Jim, he is shot dead by Linda. Barbie then returns to Julia's home and goes into the shower. While he uses the shower, Julia, having learned about Thehe Cabin from Junior earlier, goes through Barbie's bag and finds a marked map.


The next day, Barbie witnesses a small uprising by the town due to the military pulling back from one of the roadblocks, seemingly abandoning Chester's Mill. He also sees Reverend Coggins preaching about how the Dome was sent by God. Shortly after, Linda passes out, and Barbie aides Big Jim in bringing her to the clinic. At the clinic, they discover an epidemic among the townspeople. Barbie is ordered by Big Jim to go get more supplies from the clinic with Junior when he encounters Julia and she confronts him about his lie. Before she can press him for answers, she begins to feel the symptoms of meningitis and is stopped by Alice Calvert. Shortly after, Alice explains to Barbie and Big Jim that the outbreak is meningitis, and that the hospital doesn't have enough antibiotics to treat everyone, so Barbie and Big Jim set off to get more from the pharmacy.

Once Big Jim and Barbie get into the pharmacy, they realize it has been looted, but, Jim quickly determines that Lester Coggins was probably the culprit. They find him just as he starts destroying the medication, but they luckily manage to salvage most of it. Once they get back to the clinic, Barbie confronts Phil about what he told Julia in his delirium. Phil tells him about how Peter came to him awhile back and told him about how much debt he was in, but Phil doesn't remember if he told Julia about any of it.

Barbie then sees Junior outside and asks about if he's seen Julia. Junior tells him that he told her about The Cabin he saw him at two days ago. Barbie hurries to The Cabin and finds Julia barely conscious. He brings her back to the clinic where she gets treated, and he confesses that he worked as an enforcer, but does not confess that he killed her husband, stating that he probably skipped towns and is outside the dome. She orders him to be out of her house by the time she gets home from the clinic.

"Blue on Blue"[]

After spending the night in his car, Barbie awakes to find Joe and Norrie looking at a swarm of monarch butterflies gathering at a section on the Dome. They see soldiers overseeing the arrival of several buses carrying civilians, which Norrie recognized as a "Visitor's Day". At Visitor's Day, Barbie blocks off people from touching the dome with police tape on Linda's orders. He then witnesses Reverend Coggins' outburst about "MOAB", and like everyone else, he doesn't understand what he's going on about. A few moments later, he is approached by Julia, who asks him if he's seen Peter, her still being unaware of his death. He then witnesses Andrea Grinnell going under the police tape to see her son. He gets her back behind the tape, when he's stopped by Junior. Barbie smiles, stating "you've got to be kidding me, somebody made you a cop?" and walks off.

Barbie oversees Dodee communicating with her mother using sign language, so he decides to enlist her help to communicate with a military soldier. They learn that the military is planning something bad and that they were told that they wouldn't be returning to the Dome, and that they got their orders the previous night after the butterflies began to swarm. Dodee concluded that the Dome was altering the outside world's magnetic fields, and Barbie realized that the "MOAB" Coggins ranted about was actually the "Mother Of All Bombs", the most devastating non-nuclear missile. Barbie determines that it would destroy the Dome, but also kill everyone inside. After sharing the information with Big Jim, Linda, and Julia, they make a plan to evacuate the town underground to the cement factory tunnels.

After setting up generators in the tunnel, Barbie is asked by Julia about how he was able to get the information from the soldier. He tells her how the soldier probably thought that he was some kind of hero, but explained how his unit killed several other American soldiers by friendly fire, but were hailed as heroes after rescuing the survivor who was captured by the insurgents. He laments about how the missile is how he deserves to die, from "more friendly fire". He then approaches Phil, returning a watch he had taken as payment for one of Phil's debts. Barbie and Julia get approached by Alice and Carolyn Hill and tell them that they were looking for Norrie and Joe, who hadn't arrived in the shelter yet. Alice and Carolyn are stopped by two of Linda's deputies, Carter Thibodeau and Dell, but Julia and Barbie escape using a secret exit she had found earlier with Junior. They drive around to look for Norrie and Joe, but stop when the missile detonates, leaving the surrounding area obliterated but the Dome intact. Standing at the perimeter, Julia holds Barbie's hand.

"The Endless Thirst"[]

After a truck crashes into the water tower due to Alice stepping in the middle of the road, Barbie and Joe drag the driver, Bernie out of the vehicle. Barbie and Linda investigate a nearby lake to see if it could be used as a source, but soon discover that the Dome's arrival cut through an underground mineral pocket, contaminating the lake's water with methane, rendering it undrinkable. After presenting the information to Big Jim, they learn that there is in fact, another source of water; a well on Ollie Dinsmore's farm. While Big Jim went to try and negotiate with Ollie, Linda and Barbie went to patrol the town.

The town soon erupted in numerous riots, the shops becoming looted. Barbie chases down a looter that is choking a woman. He beats the looter, but gets stopped by Linda, who tells him to get a hold of himself. Barbie, Linda, Junior, and Carter Thibodeau attempt to tear gas the crowd, but it is ineffective and the riots continue. Barbie, noticing Clint Dundee standing outside of the Sweetbriar Rose, enters to find Rose Twitchell dead on the floor and Angie knocked unconscious. He goes and subdues Waylon and brings Angie outside. As Linda prepared to use lethal force to control the riots, it began to rain, and the riots dispersed as the people realized that they would have clean drinking water. Barbie gives Angie to Big Jim, asking him to deliver her to the clinic. Later, Barbie walks down a street where he is stopped by Julia. She embraces him and the two share a kiss.

"Imperfect Circles"[]

After had amazing sex with Julia, they are awoken by a knock at the door, when Julia goes to answer it, she sees her neighbor, Harriet. Barbie comes down and Harriet gives him and Julia a weird look, thinking that they slept together. Barbie then goes off to the police station to see if Linda needed any help. After he gets there he is sent on patrol and eventually spots the Dundee brothers running with garbage cans. He then sees them carjacking Julia and Harriet. 

After he chases the Dundee brothers off, Barbie radios Linda, telling her where the Dundee's ran off to. He decides to stay with Julia and Harriet due to her going into labor. They decide to bring Harriet to the McAlister house, where Alice is, they inform her that Harriet is going into labor and that they need her to deliver the baby. He then helps the others guide Harriet through birth. Due to Alice feeling unwell from not taking her insulin, she coaches Barbie through cutting the umbilical cord, due to it being wrapped around the baby's neck. Though the baby gets delivered successfully, Alice dies shortly after. Barbie and Julia, downstairs, look at each other in sadness due to her death.

"Thicker Than Water"[]

After the death of Alice, Barbie is seen digging a grave for her. He asks Julia if she knows when Carolyn and Norrie will be ready to bury her, but she states that she has no idea and that she can't imagine what they are going through. Barbie then goes to the police station with Linda, and suddenly they hear a noise coming from one of the rooms. They open the door and find out that it is only Junior and he is in there getting a gun to patrol. But Linda tells him that she doesn't trust him and would rather he not have a gun after he killed Clint, even though he begged for mercy. Suddenly, Big Jim enters the room and tells Linda and Barbie that he needs their help with getting Ollie to give up his land and that he needs them to get Junior and Carter to help as well.

Barbie, Big Jim, Linda, Junior and Carter all arrive at the Dinsmore farm and realize that Ollie and none of his men are there. A few seconds later, Ollie and his men arrive in multiple cars and draw their guns. Ollie tells them that they are on private property, but Big Jim tells him that it is no longer private and that he needs to give it up. Ollie notices that Carter is standing directly next to the well and tells him to move, when Carter doesn't, Ollie orders one of his men, Wendell to shoot Carter in the knee. Junior then joins Ollie and the others leave, due to them being extremely outnumbered. Big Jim tells Linda and Barbie that they are going back there with more people and that he is going to recruit more by asking for volunteers at the diner. Barbie and Linda come up with another plan, to blow up Ollie's well.

Barbie sneaks up into Ollie's farm and begins to craft the explosives. Once he has finished crafting them, he runs over to the well, but is stopped by one of Ollie's men. Barbie fights him off and successfully blows up the well resulting in many people retreating on both sides. Barbie later talks to Big Jim about how it was his fault that 5 people died. He tells Big Jim that he knows that he wanted the well for himself, to control the people of Chester's Mill. Big Jim tells Barbie that he doesn't want to make an enemy out of him due to how powerful he is. Barbie later goes home and Julia asks him about what he thinks about when she says "the monarch will be crowned". Barbie is confused and asks her what she is talking about, she responds to him by saying "I wish I knew."

"The Fourth Hand"[]

On the following day, Barbie and Julia go outside to go and see the mini-dome. Barbie and Julia arrive at the spot where it used to be, but it is nowhere to be seen. Barbie gets a radio call from Linda, who states that there is something bad going down. Barbie arrives quickly and sees that Mr. Felman, an elderly resident in Chester's Mill, has been shot by another resident, Ted Utley. Ted explains to Barbie and Linda that he was shooting at a guy who broke into his house and that he never meant to shoot at Mr. Felman, but a stray bullet hit him. Once they enter Ted's house they see Larry freaking out by screaming and breaking things. Barbie puts him in handcuffs and lets him explain what's going on with him. Larry tells them that Reverend Coggins was the one who gave out the drug and that it was called Rapture, he states that "it's like every kind of high combined". After hearing Larry's story, they go to investigate the funeral home and sure enough, they find stashes of drugs along with the recipe.

Back at the police station, Big Jim informs Linda and Barbie about a plan that he has, to have a voluntary program for Chester's Mill citizens to give up their guns in turn for them to get extra propane and other resources. Barbie supports the idea, but tells Linda in private that he's only doing it to see what Big Jim is up to. After Dres Johnson tells Big Jim that Ted said he wouldn't give up his guns, Big Jim immediately tells Barbie that he doesn't trust Ted to keep his guns and Barbie decides to come with him. Once Ted shoots at Big Jim's car, Big Jim goes into Ted's house to talk to him, Barbie watches through the scope of his sniper rifle. Ted tries to blow up a grenade to kill himself, but Big Jim quickly saves him by disarming the grenade.

Suddenly, Maxine Seagrave arrives at the Sweetbriar Rose and threatens both Barbie and Big Jim by telling them that their secrets will be revealed if they choose not to work with her. Later on, Barbie is cuddling with Julia, listening to her talk about her day. Julia asks him if he wants to take her to bed, but he states that he would rather stay up for a bit, due to the fact that he is shocked that Maxine is back and is afraid of what Julia will do if she finds out that he killed her husband.

"Let the Games Begin"[]

The next day, he knocks on Big Jim's door to talk about how they're going to get rid of Maxine's insurance policy. They come to the conclusion that one of the houses her company owns works with where she would hide the contract. As they are about to leave, Maxine comes in with a list of things for Big Jim to get her and tells Barbie that he has to come with her, making Big Jim go by himself to the house. Once Barbie and Maxine arrive at the cement factory, he is informed that he has to fight one of the people he had to collect money from, Victor Rawlins unless he wants to get his secrets revealed. Mid-way through the fight, he tells Victor to hit him as hard as he can, so that he can throw the fight to make Maxine displeased.

After the fight he tells Maxine that she won't always get what she wants and that she won't get him and tells her that he's done. She warns him that if he decides to leave her, she'll reveal that he killed Peter, but he walks off. Once he arrives back at Julia's he tells Julia about how he killed Peter because he pulled a gun on him. Julia tells him that she found out at the bank previously and tells him that she thinks Peter needed Barbie to kill him. He tells her that he is so sorry and thinks that there is not a future for them anymore.

"Speak of the Devil"[]

On the next day, Julia tells him that he needs to take her to Peter's grave for closure for the both of them. As he goes to get dressed, the doorbell rings. Julia answers the door and sees Maxine, who shoots her in the shoulder and walks off. He comes downstairs in a panic and calls on the radio for Linda. Joe is seen walking the street and Barbie calls out to him to get Julia to the clinic. Once they arrive at the clinic, they are greeted by Nurse Adams, who tells them to put her in the other room. A woman comes into the room and tells her that a tree fell on her garage and that her husband is inside and hurt, leaving Barbie to tend for Julia by himself. Luckily he successfully gets Julia stabilized after sucking the extra air out of her chest with a pen.

Joe tells him that he is the monarch that will be crowned because of the lives he's saved since the dome came down. He leaves and finds Big Jim coming into parking lot and tells him that they have to take down Maxine by his rules. Big Jim tells him that she has to die to be stopped. He comes up with a plan and successfully captures both Maxine and her bodyguard, Otto Aguilar. Big Jim executes both Maxine and Otto as Barbie goes to get the car and almost kills Barbie, but he successfully stops him. Unfortunately, Linda gets to the factory just then and thinks that Barbie had killed Otto and Maxine and attempted to kill Big Jim. Linda almost gets him in handcuffs, but Barbie punches her down and goes on the run.

"Exigent Circumstances"[]

On the day after his escape, he hides from multiple citizens that patrol the area. He eventually finds Angie and tells her to help him save Julia from Big Jim by using her key-card to the back entrance. He sneaks Julia out of her room while Angie distracts Junior by telling him that she needs to talk to him. Junior figures out that something is wrong by kissing Angie and realizing that she tastes like smoke, which, he knows that she only does it if she is with Barbie.

He puts Julia into the ambulance, but Junior is right behind them and has called Linda on the radio. He tackles Junior and allows Angie to escape with Julia. Barbie is taken into custody and Big Jim comes down to talk to him about what he is going to do if he doesn't accept the charges. He only agrees to the terms if Big Jim lets Joe and Norrie go and if they stop going after Angie and Julia. He doesn't live up to his word, due to the fact that he knows that Big Jim won't live up to his. Big Jim asks him if he is guilty of the charges and Barbie responds with "not guilty".


After Barbie decides to tell the truth and not go along with Big Jim's plan, Big Jim punches Barbie in the stomach and tells him that he'll get his justice now. Barbie is freed from the jail cell by Angie and Julia, but as they are escaping, Phil and another guard try to stop Barbie, but are both knocked unconscious by Barbie and Angie. Angie gets a call on the radio from Joe who tells her to meet at the cement factory. Once everyone arrives, Joe, Norrie, Junior and Angie put their hands on the mini-dome and it turns to dirt, letting the monarch butterfly out. The butterfly flies around Barbie for a brief amount of time, but after Julia picks up the egg, the butterfly stays around Julia which reveals that she is the "monarch that will be crowned" and that it isn't Barbie.

Junior tries to take the egg from Julia, to give it to the authorities, but Barbie tackles him down and is taken back to the police station. Later on, Barbie is put up onto the gallows, but after Julia drops the egg into the water, the sky becomes clear and everyone begins to look at it. Big Jim urges Junior to pull the lever, but Junior seems conflicted about it and is still deciding.

Season 2[]

"Heads Will Roll"[]

After Julia drops the egg in the water and the sky becomes clear again, Junior continues to ask Big Jim if he should pull the lever. After Phil and all the other citizens go unconscious, Barbie tells Big Jim that he should help, to which Linda and Junior agree. Once they arrive at the Dome, they realize that the dome has become magnetic. Barbie is dragged towards the dome and gets stuck. Linda rushes over and tries to get Barbie free of the cuffs. As she is doing this, a car begins to pull towards the dome, right where Barbie and Linda are. Linda successfully gets Barbie free of the handcuffs and pushes him out of the way, but unfortunately she doesn't have enough time to save her own life.

Barbie tells Junior that Big Jim framed him for all of the murders and sets off to go find Julia. Barbie finds a pick-up truck and smashes the window, but is stopped by Rebecca Pine, a high-school science teacher. She tells him that it is her truck and threatens to shoot him, but is disarmed quickly. She informs him that she has been tracking the sounds of the dome and that they are getting stronger and could potentially kill people. Barbie and Rebecca save Joe, Norrie, Angie and Carolyn from their house and later come up with a plan to make a giant magnet that repulses the dome's magnetic field. After they build the magnet, everyone passes out, except for Barbie. Julia arrives in a car and they finally get to reunite with each other.

Barbie and Julia find Big Jim on the gallows about to kill himself, due to him thinking that it is what the dome wants him to do. Julia volunteers to pull the lever, but ends up not being able to do it, but Big Jim goes ahead and does it anyway by stomping his foot down on the trap door. Julia saves his life by cutting the rope and states that the dome doesn't want anymore killing and everyone wakes up. Barbie and Julia talk about how hard it is to believe that everyone wanted to kill him and Barbie introduces Julia to Rebecca.


Barbie and Julia have sex amazing. Suddenly, a cluster of monarch butterflies come to the window. Barbie and Julia later go into the Sweetbriar Rose and are greeted by Big Jim and are shocked to hear from Junior that Angie has been killed. Barbie goes to investigate with Junior, Big Jim and Phil and asks Big Jim if he is going to put the blame onto him, but Big Jim tells him that neither of them could have done something like this. Barbie comes out of the high school and informs Joe that Angie is dead. He later talks to Julia about how Joe is a tough kid and that they can't believe that Angie is gone. They also talk about how he thinks that Melanie could have killed Angie, but Julia tells him that she is just a scared girl and wouldn't do anything like that. Suddenly, a fire breaks out and he decides to go check it out to find out what's going on.

Rebecca informs Big Jim and Barbie why she burned the crops and tells them that they need to put pesticide on the crops. They decide to use Chuck Thompson's plane to cover more ground. Barbie nearly crashes into the dome and runs out of fuel, but Big Jim saves him by informing of him an extra fuel tank. Barbie later goes to get Joe from the Sweetbriar Rose, but Joe tells him that he wants to get his sister's bracelet. Barbie informs Joe that he lost someone as well and tells him that "there is not a day that I don't wish that I had taken the chance to say goodbye." Barbie tells him that he will be right beside him in the church and that he isn't alone.

"Force Majeure"[]

Barbie finds Melanie going through all of his things and asks her what she's doing. She tells him that she feels like she knows him and just wanted to see if she could find something that could prove that she knows him. Julia interrupts and thinks that Barbie is interrogating Melanie, but he tells her that he's not buying the "baby bird act." Barbie tells her that he just wants her to be more careful when letting strangers into their house. Julia tells him to not forget that he was a stranger before and she let him in. Barbie and Julia find Big Jim unconscious under a tree in the rain. Barbie gets Big Jim back at the Sweetbriar, where he tells them that Lyle was the one who took Rebecca.

Barbie and Junior bust in with guns, but Lyle holds Rebecca hostage, so they put down their guns. Julia tells Lyle about the dome speaking to her and Rebecca works to free her hands from the rope. Julia tells Lyle that she's working to understand what the dome wants. She asks Lyle to lower his gun and while he's doing it, Rebecca gets her hands free and splashes the bowl of acid rain in his face. Barbie grabs him and takes him to jail. At the Sweetbriar, Rebecca explains that the crops and livestock died in the rain and that it may be necessary to thin the herd. Julia looks at the survey and sees it has detailed medical questions and realizes that they want to kill the people who don't do much for the town. She gets angry and storms out, demanding Barbie to follow her. He tries to explain that Rebecca's plan is just a contingency, but Julia is irate and doesn't want to hear it. When Julia says she believes they'll find a way, Barbie tells her that belief will only get you so far.


At the Sweetbriar, Barbie checks in with Big Jim and gets his agreement that he won't proceed with any herd thinning without consulting with him. Harriet comes in with her baby Alice and thanks Big Jim for taking care of them. Barbie and the kids visit the Cross family old house and find the front door unlocked, assuming that the owners got trapped outside of the dome. When Joe and Melanie are out of the room, Norrie asks Barbie how she's supposed to compete with a girl that Joe thinks is from a "galaxy far, far away." Barbie assures her Joe is just trying to help her find answers. Norrie asks about whats going with him and Julia, but Barbie just blows her off. Melanie finds an old drawing she did under wallpaper. It's of pink stars, and she remembers seeing them fall out the window. The kids and Barbie go investigate the field she saw them over, where they originally found the mini dome.

Out in the forest, Melanie walks to the exact spot where the mini dome was. She remembers walking into the woods in 1988 with a boy. She snaps out of it and tells them that she was with Pauline, Lyle and Sam, who she was dating. Joe urges her to step back onto the mini dome spot. Once she does this she sees the four of them finding a crater in the woods, with a glowing orb in it with four handprints. They touched it and it begins to crack open, revealing an egg inside. Melanie picked up the egg and ran, to protect it. Sam tried to get her to put it back, but she wouldn't. She tried to run, but Lyle pushed her into the crater and cracked her head open, killing her. Back in the present, she announces that she is Melanie Cross and thinks that this is where she died. Barbie digs in the magic spot and finds a giant rock. He also digs up a necklace that says MC. Barbie suggests that Sam should have answers. They realize he's seen Melanie in the last few days and should have recognized his old girlfriend.

Barbie and the kids find Junior at Sam's cabin, knocked unconscious. He updates them about how Lyle is on the loose, and that he thinks he was the one that killed Angie. Later on, Barbie goes to Julia's house to tell her about Sam. Julia doesn't want to hear it and shuts the door in his face.


Barbie goes to Julia's house just as she's on her way out, looking for Melanie. He catches her up on who Melanie is, including that he thinks Sam has known about who she was all along. Julia tells Barbie that Sam just left, but they were up all night working. Barbie tells Julia about the yearbook and Melanie finding an egg 25 years ago with Pauline, Lyle and Sam. When Barbie brings up their fight, he tells Julia that he wasn't siding with Big Jim and was only listening to know what they were up to, but Julia doesn't believe him. Julia and Barbie drop by the Sweetbriar, where Wendell and Greg start fighting over whether Julia locking up Big Jim is the right move. When Big Jim is brought out, he tells everyone he's innocent. Julia starts to read the charges but people start blaming Julia and pushing and shoving. Julia doesn't know what to do and asks Phil to clear the square. Barbie sees Wendell coming at Big Jim with a gun and disarms him, but Wendell continues rushing towards Big Jim. When Wendell gets too close, Phil shoots him. Rebecca tries to tend to him, but it's too late.

Julia confronts Phil, saying there was no reason to kill Wendell. Phil insists Jim made him sheriff, but then Barbie joins Julia and they force him to quit. He accuses them of being drunk on power. Julia asks Barbie to take over as sheriff, but he tells her that he doesn't want the position right now. Later on, Barbie starts to stack boxes and finds that they're all empty. Suddenly, an explosion rips through the building. With flames and smoke all around, Barbie digs through the rubble to get to Julia. After Barbie saves Julia, they make up and promise to trust each other. He tells her about the empty boxes and resolves to find out who rigged the explosion. Barbie visits Big Jim in jail to try and find out who set up the explosives. He denies having anything to do with the explosion, then suddenly realizes that Phil was complaining to him earlier. Barbie scoffs at his attempt to throw Phil under the bus. When Big Jim tells him to ask Rebecca, she claims she was asleep when Phil dropped by, ruining Jim's ploy.

At the fire station, Barbie finds Phil and several other guys holding Carolyn hostage. He fights the two guys off easily and points his gun at Phil. When Carolyn is out of harm's way, Barbie shoots Phil in the shoulder and applies pressure on the wound. Meanwhile, at the Sweetbriar, Julia and Andrea host a feast for everyone. Barbie brings in Big Jim and Rebecca and Julia suggests that they can be forgiven. Big Jim acts magnanimous and shakes Julia's hand. Barbie commends Julia for bringing the town together and volunteers to be the new sheriff.

"In the Dark"[]

At the diner, Barbie tells Julia that he's going to make a sweep of the town to find Lyle, and that he has some questions for Sam as well. Big Jim later comes over to Barbie and asks him to get Julia to reconsider. Barbie refuses, reminding Big Jim that he betrayed him as well as Julia, and says that he'll be a lot less forgiving than Julia if Big Jim tries something. Barbie finds Junior and Sam looking for Lyle, he comes up on them and says that he'll hang back, supposedly to make sure that no one sneaks up on them. Up ahead, Junior spots Pauline's journal on the floor and goes to pick it up. He triggers a tripwire which sets off an explosive charge. As the roof comes down on Barbie, Sam tackles him, shoving him forward out of the way, and several tons of debris come down behind them, cutting them off from Junior. Sam and Barbie call to Junior to confirm that he made it, and tells Junior to get help.

Barbie thanks Sam for saving his life, Sam warns him that Lyle must have set the explosion by using the journal as bait. They realize that they have no choice but to continue forward. In the tunnel, Sam claims that he and Lyle fell out of touch and that he had no idea that his former friend was so deranged. They come to a fork and split up to cover more ground. Barbie goes right and Sam goes left. Barbie is heading down the tunnel when he hears someone behind him and spins, gun ready. It's Sam, who says that he never turned back from his branch of the tunnel. They have no choice but to continue on, but Barbie asks Sam where he was on the night that Angie died. When Sam claims that he was looking for Melanie, Barbie says that they just discovered what the girl's name was.

He says that they know that Sam was Melanie's boyfriend 25 years ago and wonders why he didn't mention it, and Sam says that he couldn't think of a way to bring up that Melanie had came back to life. As they talk, the two men come to a cliff and Barbie drops over the side. He manages to grab the edge and Sam pulls him back up just in time. They find Lyle's lantern nearby and wonder if he fell into the chasm as well. Looking around, Barbie figures that they should have passed the Dome wall by now, even though they believe it extends down into the ground to form a sphere. He then tells Sam that he knows he was with Melanie, Pauline, and Lyle back in 1988 and that they found the meteorite that held the egg. Barbie suspects that some force wanted them to end up there together, and Sam insists that the Dome has only brought him and everyone else pain. He admits that he knew Melanie from the beginning and finally explains that on the night the meteorite crashed, it gave off a screeching noise and Pauline thought it was killing her. Lyle tried to get the egg from Melanie and Sam let him, and in the struggle Melanie fell into the crater and hit her head on the meteorite. The three teenagers panicked and ran off and Sam has blamed himself ever since for abandoning the woman he loved. Sam warns Barbie that the Dome causes pain to everyone, and that it's brought Melanie back to torture him. Barbie says that he handles the pain by looking for something worth going on.

Sam still blames himself for Melanie's death and Barbie says that he knows he feels because he's killed a lot of people, and they still haunt him. He then tells Sam that what happened between him and Melanie 25 years ago is none of his business. However, he notices the scratches on Sam's shoulder beneath his shirt and demands to know how he got them. Barbie realizes that Sam is the killer and Angie scratched him fighting back. Sam picks up the journal and insists that he had to kill Angie as well as the other three hands so that the Dome will release them. Once he does, he'll kill himself to escape the pain. He offers to let Barbie kill him instead once his task is done, but Barbie draws his gun and says that he's going to turn Sam over to Junior so that Junior can have his revenge. At the chasm, Sam and Barbie hear the explosion that Rebecca and Julia made to get them out and Sam says that he knows that Barbie won't let him finish his sacred mission. He says that it's on Barbie now to finish what he started, and places the journal on the ground. As Barbie realizes what he's going to do, Sam says that Barbie will kill the remaining three hands when he sees Julia and the others die. Sam then leaps into the chasm and falls into the darkness. Once the smoke clears, Julia runs ahead of Rebecca to find Barbie, she finds him and hugs him. Barbie informs her that Sam is gone.

"Going Home"[]

Barbie wakes up from a nightmare of Sam falling into the chasm, and finds Julia in bed with him reading Pauline's journal. He explains what he was dreaming about and Julia assures him that Sam's death wasn't his fault. Barbie tells Julia to get some sleep because in the morning they'll have to tell Junior and Joe that Sam killed Angie. Barbie and Julia arrive and the teenagers tell them how they reacquired the egg from the lake. Julia finally tells Joe and Junior that Sam was the one who killed Angie and that it wasn't Lyle. Junior doesn't believe it, but Barbie says that he saw Angie's scratches on Sam's shoulders from when she fought back. Unconvinced, Junior walks out and Melanie goes with him, Barbie says that they need to go get Sam's body from the cliff so that they can show the townspeople the scars and prove that Sam is the killer. Later, Barbie goes to the sheriff's station to get the climbing equipment he needs. Big Jim arrives and demands to know what is going on. Barbie claims that he's going to explore the tunnels further with the proper gear and doesn't mention Sam's body. Big Jim clearly isn't convinced, and makes Barbie promise to tell him everything when he gets back. Barbie enters the tunnel with Julia and Rebecca and discover that a flare won't penetrate the darkness in the chasm and that Rebecca's compass is spinning wildly. She uses a laser pointer but is unable to spot the other side of the chasm. Barbie anchors his line to the wall and lowers himself down. As he reaches it, an invisible force suddenly pulls at him and the force yanks the anchor out of the wall. Julia and Rebecca grab the line and attempt to hold on, but Barbie is too heavy and threatens to pull them over the edge. Realizing the danger, Barbie tells Julia that he loves her before cutting the line and falling into the darkness below.

Barbie regains consciousness and finds himself lying on a playground next to a slide. He spots the Zenith obelisk and realizes that he has somehow returned to his hometown. Barbie lets himself into his apartment and takes out some hidden money and a gun. Before he can leave, armed men break in and take him captive. They tie him to a chair and their leader, Rick Heaton, reminds Barbie that he has a job to do getting information out of Aktaion R&D. Barbie says that he was stuck under the Dome, but Rick laughs and beats Barbie until he agrees to carry out the assignment for half the pay he was getting originally. Rick assigns one of his men, Miguel, to go with Barbie to the home of the man who owns Aktaion Energy. However, Barbie hits the panic code on the door's security, alerting the guards, and then knocks Miguel to the ground. A guard runs up and Barbie lowers his gun to the ground. His father Don Barbara comes out of the house and escorts his son into the house and gets him a beer, and points out that it's been two years since the last time they saw each other. They share a toast to Barbie's mother and then Barbie says that needs a favor.

Barbie asks his father to get him back into the Dome, and Don warns that the National Guard has created a 10-mile no-go zone around the Dome. Don's contacts in Washington won't believe him and Barbie irritated, figures that his father is worried about his business. Don points out that he pulled strings to get Barbie back from Iraq, so that his mother could see him before she died, and Barbie begs his father for the first time, asking for his help. Barbie agrees to stay for the night and Don admits that his son has changed since he saw him two years ago, telling him that he isn't as edgy as he used to be. Don figures that it's because of a woman and Barbie tells him that her name is Julia. Don agrees to help him get back into the Dome. When his son wonders why, Don says that he knows what it feels like to be separate from the woman someone loves. Don and Barbie walk through the woods and pass a red door buried in the ground with an orange glowing handprint on it.


Barbie goes out into the playground in Zenith and sees a security camera staring at him, causing him to leave the area at once. He later realizes he's being followed by someone and he then grabs Hunter and pushes him into a wall asking who he is. Hunter then spills a lot of information about Barbie but he says, "You got the wrong guy." Hunter smartly says that he knew Barbie had just escaped the Dome. Hunter later helps Barbie see the message change his father, Don, did. Hunter takes Barbie towards the military area in which he flees towards the Dome wall where he later greets Julia and tells her not to jump as he's being pulled away by several mercenary. Big Jim watches all this from above.

"The Red Door"[]

Barbie is interrogated by a mercenary and later has a conversation with his father, Don Barbara. Don tells Barbie to convince Julia to bring the egg to Aktaion Energy but Barbie rejects this. Barbie is then beaten by a mercenary but manages to escape. He arrives at Hunter's place, where he sees Pauline, Lyle, and Sam. He then tells Pauline that Sam murdered Angie. Hunter locates several red doors in Zenith but Barbie tells the group that he knows where the red door is. Once they arrive there, they all go inside Chester's Mill but through the portal, Barbie has a memory flashback and suddenly realizes Melanie is his sister. Once out of the lake, he sets off to look for Julia.

"The Fall"[]

Barbie walks towards Rebecca and Julia where he quickly hugs Julia. They get indoors and Barbie explains how he got back inside the Dome. Barbie is then having a conversation with Julia when Melanie walks in and hugs Barbie. Barbie then explains to Melanie that she's his sister. At the diner, Barbie, Julia, and Rebecca try to convince both Tom and Andrea to get out from under the Dome. Barbie, Julia, and Big Jim have a discussion about the plan. Barbie and Julia then have a quick talk about how they'll spend their lives outside the Dome. They both follow Melanie to the egg but then an earthquake hits. Melanie faints so they take her to Sam's cabin. They later go find Joe and Norrie but Julia sees Phil Bushey run down into the cliffs. When Barbie and Julia go see what happened, they find a floor at the bottom of the cliff and see Phil's dead body.

"Black Ice"[]

Barbie and Julia yell at Big Jim for his selfishness that caused Phil's death and tell him the passage to Zenith is closed. Barbie and Julia later drive the ambulance when it suddenly slides on the iced road and tips on its side. Barbie and Julia have a romantic and freezing night inside the ambulance until Barbie manages to take Julia towards the diner where he heals her till morning.


Barbie tells people to get out of their homes and go to the school, due to the shrinking Dome. He then helps Julia take some stuff with them and tells Julia to take a photo of her deceased husband, Peter Shumway but she then says, "That was my old life." Later, Julia and Rebecca have a little fight until Barbie stops them. Barbie and Julia follow everyone else into the woods to heal Melanie and they witness her sink into the hole in the ground.

"Go Now"[]

Barbie and Julia hear Tom's cries for help. They run towards his barn and find him trapped under debris. Tom tells Julia to take care of his son Aiden, just as a lightning strike hits the barn. The strike caused Tom to get electrocuted and to start a fire at the barn. Julia takes Aiden back to the school and Barbie sees that Joe, Norrie, and Hunter explored the tunnel. They tell him it's an exit and later, the whole town arrives at the woods. Barbie explains to them the plan and once down in the tunnels, everyone sees Melanie as she says, "Follow me. We're going home."

Season 3[]

"Move On" & "But I'm Not"[]

After everyone escapes the dome, it shatters and Barbie rushes to find Julia. He sees Big Jim impaled on a tree branch. It turns out this is an alternate reality, created by The dome. In reality, the dome had stopped shrinking, sparing Big Jim. He comes across Julia and Junior, and takes them captive. He lets them go, declaring that this is his town and says he never wants to see them again. He shoots Junior in the shoulder, declaring them even.

Big Jim goes home, and shoots out all the pictures of Junior. He watches a home movie of him trying to make Junior jump from a tree, and then shoots the TV, declaring there isn't anything good on television. Big Jim eventually comes across Julia unconscious. They find the dead body of Don Barbara, and Julia acccuses Big Jim of killing him. She demands to know if he did anything with Melanie and the egg. Big Jim laughs at her courage, saying she is giving him orders while he has the gun. Julia punches Jim in the face, and says that if he is going to shoot her, then shoot her or get out of her way. Big Jim lets Julia go, but follows her. They end up in an underground cave with these strange pods. Big Jim sees Junior is in one of them. He finds Melanie attacking Julia, and declared he won't let them hurt his son. After getting a second opinion from Julia, Big Jim breaks the egg in the process opening all the pods including Junior's who after seeing Big Jim touches him on the shoulder..


Barbie comes out of the cocoons with the rest of the town after they were all recently freed by Big Jim and Julia. Barbie climbs out of the tunnels with the other residents and then touches the Dome wall. They all realize that they're back and still trapped in Chester's Mill. That night, Barbie explains to Julia what had happened in his life in the alternative reality. He tells her that Julia had died and that he had found a new girlfriend. She asks who in which he responds that it doesn't matter because none of it was real. Julia explains to Barbie that his father, Don Barbara got inside the Dome with the egg and that Melanie killed him and then tried to kill her. The next day, Barbie and Julia go to town hall where the other residents are at. Barbie and Julia see Big Jim ordering a hunt for Melanie, and soon stop him. Barbie pulls out his hand gun but before he can kill Jim, Christine and Eva walk in. Julia is shocked but Barbie is the most shocked after just finding out that his false girlfriend Eva is now suddenly inside the Dome. Later, Barbie and Julia go back into the tunnels in search for Melanie. Julia keeps asking questions about Eva, thus annoying Barbie. He goes a different way and finds Ben's corpse, realizing Melanie killed him too. While exiting the tunnels, Melanie pulls Julia out and attempts to kill her. Once Barbie climbs out, he finds Melanie dead. Christine had killed Melanie to save Julia, wanting to get their trust. Soon, Barbie and Julia bury both Melanie and Don at the lake. That night, Barbie is seen holding hands with Eva while starring at the moon with the rest of the town.

"The Kinship"[]

Barbie and Julia walk out of town hall to find Eva and once they find her, a fire breaks out. Barbie and Pete rescue a woman's child who was inside a burning tent. Christine then sends both Barbie and Eva in search for more food. In their search, Barbie and Eva find cattle feed. Barbie almost falls in a dangerous and deadly manner until Eva rescues him. They both bring the cattle feed back to Christine, where she tells them that they've done a good job. Later, Barbie and Julia fight about Eva and Christine, causing Barbie to get furious and make a hole in the wall with his fist in anger, thus scaring Julia. She then tells him to leave her hotel room so Barbe goes to Eva's hotel room where he finds Eva wanting to get pregnant but fails. He then hugs her as she cries.


Barbie and Eva talk for a whole at her hotel room. She refuses to tell him who she is so he leaves and heads to town hall. There, Barbie finds Pete and Christine yelling at each other. Barbie and Pete go on a walk and have a conversation about their lives. Barbie later finds Christine at the town hall and starts to question her when Joe and Junior come running towards them. They tell Barbie that Hunter fell off a roof and they then run to the scene. After bringing Hunter back to the town hall, Hunter tells him that he can't feel his own legs so he quickly heads to the clinic for a wheelchair. That night, Barbie walks with Eva until an explosion throws them to the ground. Pete comes out of the darkness with a bat and starts beating Barbie up. Barbie then takes control of the bat, killing Pete the same way Pete attempted to do so to him. Barbie then tells Eva that he'll do anything for her.


Barbie and Junior head out to the woods for the rescue of Christine. Barbie shoots down all of Aktaion's mercenary and then rescues Christine with the help of Junior. As they walk through the woods, Barbie questions her until they come across Julia. Barbie then slowly walks up to Julia and she explains to him that Christine is dangerous but Barbie tells her to stay where she is and that she was putting Christine's life at risk. Barbie, Junior, and Christine head back towards the town hall.


Barbie and Eva walk into the watch tower where they see a carving that reads, "Rusty loves Linda." They both see a meteorite hit. Barbie then goes to Bird Island. Later, both Barbie and Eva watch the people outside the Dome burn to death. Eva then convinces Barbie to join the Kinship.

"Breaking Point"[]

Barbie and Eva have amazing sex in the motel room. Later arrives at the woods with Eva and the rest of the Kinship, including Junior and Carolyn, to listen to Christine's orders. She then tells Barbie and Eva that Sam attacked her but Junior has it all under control. Barbie soon sees Julia running through the woods and runs after her. She talks to him through a walkie and then asks him if he truly loves Eva. Before he can answer, Eva find him and takes him away, leaving Barbie looking back to see Julia. Later during lunch, Barbie orders everyone to get a meal and leaves 3 guards in charge. Barbie and Junior arrive back and find 1 guard dead and 2 more missing. Barbie then goes down the tunnels and keeps Junior at the top to guard. Barbie finds all of the explosives that Big Jim planted and orders everyone to get out of the tunnels. Once he himself gets out, both Junior and Barbie help Joe and Norrie out, later both revealing to them that Carolyn died down at the tunnels. Barbie and Junior find Eva and Christine. Eva explains that Julia tried to kill her and Christine orders the Kinship to kill the Resistance. She last says, "We must kill them all."

"Plan B"[]

Barbie and Eva are seen together when Barbie walkies Julia to meet him alone near a farm. Once they meet, Barbie is about to take Julia's gun when Julia injects Barbie and causes him to faint. Jim and Julia take Barbie to Peter's cabin, where he murdered Julia's husband, and tie him up. They both interrogate him but Barbie laughs at how they're both working together. They then torture him with various weapons until Jim leaves Barbie all to Julia. Barbie and Julia get into a fight while Indy barks at Barbie. Julia manages to escape as Indy bites Barbie's leg. He then kicks the dog and runs after Julia through the woods. Later at night, he finds her and they romantically kiss.


Barbie and Julia have a conversation about Eva, the baby, and the Kinship. Barbie finds Junior bullying Joe and he quickly tells Junior to leave. After Barbie tells Joe that he's back, Barbie then goes to find Eva and finds out that Eva is killing various young women. Barbie holds hands with Eva and walks away.

"Love is a Battlefield"[]

After Barbie causes Eva to faint, he takes her body to a hotel where he and Julia help her give birth. After Barbie and Julia realize that the baby belongs to the Kinship, they flee the scene.


Barbie and Julia drive back towards the Resistance as they talk. They fight over Barbie's daughter, Dawn, being a creature or an actual daughter. They both head back to the hotel and find Eva's dead body, realizing that she was suffocated by Christine. At the cement factory, they find Christine and move her away from the cocoon Dawn is in. Dawn then comes running out in a flash and before Barbie can shoot her, she runs off at a high speed. They both then realize that Christine is no longer a part of the Kinship. She takes them to the lake and find both Sam and Junior sacrificing little kids. She stops them and before Junior can strangle her to death, Barbie and Julia stop him. They both head back to the Resistance for the cure to save Dawn but Lily Walters tells them that Dava Bloom is dead.

"The Enemy Within"[]

Barbie and Julia talk about Dawn in the woods and are quickly caught by the Kinship and locked up in jail with the rest of the Resistance. Dawn lets Barbie out and makes Barbie, along with some other Kinship members, help move the crystal pieces towards the woods. One member is weak and Dawn ends up shooting him, causing his death. Barbie explains to Dawn that she is only a killer. Later, Dawn lets Barbie go and he walks towards the cement factory to look for Sam and then the Dome comes down. Barbie finds Dawn and they get into a fight. She falls down a giant hole and Julia helps Barbie back up. They are soon caught by the army and taken away from the aftermath of the Dome. One year later, Barbie and Julia decide to get married and with the help of Big Jim, they, along with the rest of the Resistance, find out that Dawn is still alive somewhere thanks to a security camera.


Season 1 appearances
"Pilot" "The Fire" "Manhunt" "Outbreak" "Blue on Blue"
"The Endless Thirst" "Imperfect Circles" "Thicker Than Water" "The Fourth Hand" "Let the Games Begin"
"Speak of the Devil" "Exigent Circumstances" "Curtains"
Season 2 appearances
"Heads Will Roll" "Infestation" "Force Majeure" "Revelation" "Reconciliation"
"In the Dark" "Going Home" "Awakening" "The Red Door" "The Fall"
"Black Ice" "Turn" "Go Now"
Season 3 appearances
"Move On" "But I'm Not" "Redux" "The Kinship" "Alaska"
"Caged" "Ejecta" "Breaking Point" "Plan B" "Legacy"
"Love is a Battlefield" "Incandescence" "The Enemy Within"

Killed Victims[]

  • Peter Shumway (accidental; fatally shot in the abdomen)
  • Pete Blackwell (beaten to death)
  • Martin (shot in the chest)
  • 2 unnamed Chester's Mill residents
  • 2 unnamed Aktaion guards


  • Barbie was ranked as a captain in the army, a part of the 5th Group, Special Forces (Green Berets).
  • In the novel Barbie was a resident of Chester's Mill prior to Dome Day and was attempting to leave the town after an altercation with Junior Rennie. Whereas in the show, he is an outsider who is passing through for "business" reasons.
  • Barbie is one of the 6 main characters to appear in all 39 episodes of the entire series.
  • Barbie shares the same name with Mattel’s doll toyline.
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