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  Eleanor "Norrie" Calvert-Hill
Norrie 309
First seen "Pilot"
Last seen "The Enemy Within"
Series lifespan "Pilot" to "The Enemy Within"
Appeared in 39 episodes, (see below)
Portrayed by MacKenzie Lintz

Gender Female
Hair Brown/Red
Age 18
Occupation Soldier in the Army
Family Carolyn Hill - Stepmother †
Alice Calvert - Biological Mother †
Michael Calvert - Father
Joe McAlister - Boyfriend
Hunter May - Ex-Boyfriend
Killed Victims 2 killed
Status Alive
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"Listen bitch, I am so over this miss innocence scam you're running and we are not leaving until you come clean about how you knew that combination and why the signal got blocked. What are you a safe cracker? A magicians assistant? Because when we got here the locker was locked and then presto-chango you opened it right up."
—Norrie telling Melanie to tell her how she opened the locker.[src]

Eleanor Calvert-Hill, better known as Norrie is a main character in CBS' Under the Dome. She is the daughter of Alice Calvert and Carolyn Hill. She lived in Los Angeles, California and was on her way to a behavioral rehabilitation camp when the Dome came down which trapped her and her family in Chester's Mill. She is one of the new four hands. After the Dome is gone, she changes her last name to Jenkins and joins the army.

Before The DomeEdit

Norrie is the biological daughter of Alice Calvert and Michael Calvert. Later Alice married Carolyn Hill, with whom she raised Norrie in Los Angeles. As Norrie grew up, Alice and Carolyn lied to her, claiming that her father was an anonymous donor, and that there was no way to contact him.

16 year old, Norrie had behavioral issues and as a result her parents were driving her to a reformatory summer camp for girls called "Second Horizons" to help manage her aggressive outbursts. Carolyn said that Norrie sent naked pictures to some boys and knocked out a girl's teeth, both of which Norrie claimed were accidents. On the day the Dome Came Down her mother drove her there.

Under the DomeEdit

Season 1Edit


Meanwhile at a local gas station, Alice CalvertCarolyn Hill and Norrie are on their way to a correctional camp. They intend to stay for lunch so Alice can take her insulin until two police cars screech past and they decide to press on, unaware of the Dome going on. As they continue to drive, they turn on the radio and hear Big Jim's warning about the Dome's arrival, but they don't believe it. They then witness a transport truck crash in front of them. They screech to a stop and get out of their car. Moments later, Norrie begins to have a seizure and collapses, repeating "Pink stars are falling, pink stars are falling in lines."

Norrie was then brought to the Sweetbriar Rose, where her family had a meal. Duke arrives, and explains that the city is isolated. When Alice asked if Norrie could be airlifted out to be taken to a doctor, Duke answered that he didn't know, but told her to remain hopeful.

"The Fire"Edit

After hearing Phil Bushey's broadcast explaining that they were trapped under a dome, Norrie claimed that they were all going to die in Chester's Mill. Norrie goes to a convenience store and briefly meets Barbie, where he suggested that she start stocking up on snacks to barter with people if the dome were to last a long time. She later participates in the bucket brigade to put out the fire at Duke's house caused by Lester Coggins, and afterwards witnesses the death of Freddy Denton by Paul Randolph.


Following some other teenagers, Norrie found her way to a bonfire, where she introduces herself to Joe McAlister. After discovering that Joe has a generator at his house, she asked him if she could charge her phone, and stay there. When Joe asked about Carolyn and Alice, Norrie denied knowing them. Joe agreed, and they both went to the McAlister house. Later on, several others arrived, invited by Ben Drake, and eventually it turned into a party. Carter Thibodeau started charging money for people to charge their phones. Joe prepared to intervene, but Norrie did it first, telling him that what he's doing is illegal and that he should leave. Carter becomes aggressive with her, and tries to take her up to Angie McAlister's room. When he begins to grab her arm she pulls away, and Joe steps in. The generator overloads, and the crowd disperses.

Norrie stayed at Joe's house, and was soon found by Carolyn. Norrie admitted to Joe that Carolyn was one of her mothers, and thanked Joe for standing up for her against Carter. She touches his hand, and the two collapse, repeating in unison the same message as their first seizures.


At the hospital, Norrie and Joe get tested by Alice, due to them both having seizures, but she is unable to detect any abnormalities with them. When Alice begins to leave to treat the meningitis outbreak affecting many of the residents in Chester's Mill, Norrie suggested that they touch to see if they can recreate the seizure. Joe and Norrie decide to film the seizure, to see what they did during them. Once they touch, they both collapse, Joe begins to sit up and hushes the camera. In the video, they see what Joe just did and are freaked out by this. Joe determines that they shouldn't tell anyone what they have just learned, because he believed the Dome did not want them to share the information. Later on, once Alice has dealt with the meningitis outbreak, Norrie and her mothers prepare to return to the Sweetbriar Rose, but Joe decides to offer them to stay in his house, which they gratefully accept.

"Blue on Blue"Edit

During Visitor's Day, Norrie gets approached by her biological father, Michael Calvert. Alice and Carolyn arrive, and Norrie ran away after berating them for lying to her by keeping her father's identity from her. She gets followed by Joe, who had become concerned that Angie hadn't arrived at Visitor's Day. Ben finds them and informs Joe and Norrie that China tried to attack them because they thought that the military had built the dome. Joe then, goes on with Norrie to set off to try and find Angie.

As the deadline approached for the military's missile to detonate, Joe insisted she should be with her family, but she is determined to stay with him. As the missile arrived, Norrie and Joe were still outside, with no chance of making it back to the shelter in time. Sitting down, they share a kiss as the missile detonated. They remarked that their touching didn't trigger a seizure, before discovering that the Dome is still intact.

"The Endless Thirst"Edit

Norrie and Joe are soon found by Alice and Carolyn. Shortly after, Alice begins to become delirious, having missed so many insulin injections. She stepped onto a road and was nearly killed by a truck, which veered off and hit the water tower. Joe and Norrie take the driver, Bernie out of the vehicle, saving his life. Alice later gets taken to the hospital, where Nurse Adams revealed that there was no insulin left and that many diabetics lived in Chester's Mill. She also stated that a large supply of it was taken and destroyed by Lester Coggins during the meningitis outbreak. Norrie, determined not to let her mother die, stole the hospital records of the diabetic patients, and set out to find insulin for her mother.

Norrie and Joe arrive at a resident's and smash in the window, but the owner, Ray Garcia spots them and asks them what they're doing. Norrie tells Ray that her mother needs insulin and that they looked on the records to see any diabetics in the area. Ray informs her that he just took his last dose the day before and tells them to get away from his property. Norrie and Joe eventually find another house with a large supply of insulin. Suddenly, a boy, Scotty Fannon comes down and informs them that he is a diabetic, not knowing that they plan on stealing it. Norrie, due to her feeling bad about stealing a little boy's insulin, returns all but one bottle. Suddenly, Scotty's mother, Kay Fannon comes in and tells them to get out. As the radio signals within the Dome were disrupted by feedback, Julia and Dodee set out to trace the source, eventually determining it to be coming from Joe and Norrie. When Joe and Norrie touch the Dome together, the feedback stops, almost immediately.

"Imperfect Circles"Edit

Norrie wakes up Joe who asks him to accompany her to the Dome. Norrie tells Joe that she wants to investigate their connection to the Dome. Joe is skeptical, but relents as Norrie suggests that perhaps they are the key to bringing the dome down. Joe and Norrie arrive at the center of the Dome, and see a spherical pile of leaves. Clearing them away, they see a mound of dirt covering a second, miniature Dome. Norrie pours her water bottle over it, allowing them to see a black egg. When they both touch the "mini-Dome", they see an apparition of Alice. They rush home to discover that Alice had a heart attack. Norrie reconciled with her as Alice quietly passed away.

"Thicker Than Water"Edit

After Alice's death, Norrie begins to blame Joe for taking them to the center of the Dome. She claims that Alice had her heart attack just as they touched the mini-Dome, and explains to Joe that she will move out when Carolyn is ready. She tells him that "bad things happen" when she and Joe are together. After grieving for her mother and bonding with Angie, Norrie eventually reconciled with Joe and told him that she didn't mean to be so harsh on him.

"The Fourth Hand"Edit

After Angie has seizures she is brought back home by Junior, where she finds out that she had the same seizure as Joe and Norrie. Norrie notices Angie's butterfly tattoo and wonders if she is the "monarch who will be crowned." Norrie suggests using the "Yagi", a directional antenna assembled by Dodee. Joe, Norrie, and Angie later find the dome in the barn, with Angie saying that he saw Joe sleepwalking, and they assume that he brought it to the barn. The three of them then touch the dome at the same time. Once doing so, the egg in the middle of the dome lights up, revealing a fourth handprint, indicating that the dome needs a fourth hand.

"Let the Games Begin"Edit

Norrie, Joe, and Angie, having spent the night in the barn, wake up to discover a caterpillar inside the mini-dome. Joe identifies it as a caterpillar that will grow into a monarch butterfly. Norrie and Joe suggest they ask Julia, who had previously been communicated with by the mini-dome that "the monarch will be crowned". Angie is reluctant, pointing out that Julia hasn't had any seizures. The three set out to discover who else has had seizures to determine who the fourth hand print belongs to, hoping to turn off the Dome. Later Joe, Norrie, and Angie rush in at a noise in the barn, discovering Dodee, and see that her hand has been burnt. They bring Dodee to the clinic, where she regains consciousness and asks what happened. Joe and Norrie tell her they found her next to a generator. Nurse Adams arrives to take Dodee to be examined, and Angie asks if she is aware of anyone else in town who has had seizures. Adams says she isn't aware of any since Angie's tenth grade dance. Angie, shocked, runs out of the clinic while Joe and Norrie follow her. 

Angie tells Joe and Norrie that she believes Junior to be the fourth hand. She reveals that Junior passed out at her tenth grade dance, but everyone had believed that he had been drinking, Nurse Adams just explained that it was really a seizure. When Joe expresses his dislike of Junior, Angie angrily reveals that Junior had kidnapped her after the Dome arrived. Joe is furious, but Norrie talks him down before asking if Angie is sure that Junior is the fourth hand. Angie says she's sure, and says she wants to show them something. Angie leads Joe and Norrie to Pauline Rennie's studio, and shows them the painting of Junior next to the pink stars. Junior arrives and Joe attacks him, but Junior easily overpowers him. Angie demands he release Joe and come with them to the barn, claiming that the four of them are connected to something bigger. Angie, Joe, and Norrie bring Junior to the barn, where they notice that the caterpillar has entered it's chrysalis. They touch the mini-dome with Junior and the egg begins to glow, and the power in the barn goes out. The egg projects the pink stars around them, forming constellations. While Angie admires their beauty. Junior asks what it means.

"Speak of the Devil"Edit

Angie, Joe, Norrie, and Junior lie down in the barn, looking up at the constellations they traced from the egg's projection. Norrie again speculates that the Dome was trying to communicate with them, such as causing rain to pacify the riots and causing their seizures. Joe points out four stars that aren't part of any constellation, which he believes represents the four of them. Junior notices that the chrysalis is closer to hatching, having become clear, with the monarch butterfly's wings visible through it. Norrie panics, wanting to tell someone. Joe suggests Julia Shumway, who, unlike Dodee, was able to safely touch the mini-dome. Believing the Dome "trusts" Julia, Joe sets off to find her. Angie believes that the "Monarch" is a person that can save them all, and perhaps bring down the Dome.

Angie, Joe, Norrie, and Junior arrive at the location, and Angie warns them not to let go, whatever happens. They touch the Dome, and they see an apparition of Big Jim on the other side. Bleeding wounds appear on his chest and stomach, and Angie, Joe, and Norrie realize that the four of them are all carrying knives with blood on the tips. Junior realizes it too, and panics, letting go of the Dome. The vision and the knives disappear, and Junior runs off to find his dad. Angie and Norrie believe that the Dome is going to come down, but that first, Big Jim needs to die. Norrie also tells them that she believes that they are the ones who are supposed kill him.

"Exigent Circumstances"Edit

In the barn, Joe, Angie, and Norrie observe the egg. Angie suggests that it is reacting because they haven't killed Big Jim, but Joe insists that they can't. When Norrie points out that they don't know who the Monarch is, Joe asserts that it is Barbie. He speculates that when the butterfly emerges, something will change. Carolyn arrives, and recognizes it as what Norrie described to her: what sent Norrie home to say goodbye to Alice. Carolyn tells them that they need to move it, as the houses will be searched, and she doesn't trust Big Jim. Angie tells them to take it to Ben's house, then leaves to find Big Jim. Joe and Norrie arrive at Ben's place, telling him they have something they need to hide from the sweeps. He tells them that his house was already checked, and invites them in. Ben looks at the mini-dome, and nearly touches it before he is stopped by Joe. Norrie warns him that it is dangerous, and after covering the mini-dome in a blanket, the pair leave, asking him to just keep it hidden.

Joe and Norrie return to the barn, and are quickly held by Jim's men. Finding the barn empty, Big Jim demands to know where the egg is. He orders Joe and Norrie to be taken to the station. Locked up in the police station, Norrie laments that Angie was right, and they should have killed Big Jim when they had the chance. She holds a knife hidden in her boot, and quotes Edmund Burke, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Big Jim arrives, telling Joe that if he helps Big Jim find the egg, he will forgive him, Norrie, and Angie for "impeding a lawful investigation". Norrie laughs at the phrase, and provokes him into entering her cell. She slashes at him with her knife but only grazes his arm. He disarms her and leaves, telling them that he gave them a chance. Norrie and Joe are later taken away by Big Jim's men. Barbie asks where they are being taken, but Big Jim shrugs off the question. Big Jim tells Barbie that Barbie will confess to all of Barbie's accused crimes, threatening to charge Angie for helping Barbie, Joe and Norrie for killing Dodee, and Julia for hiring Barbie to kill Peter.

Barbie agrees to confess if he lets the kids go and stays away from Angie and Julia. Joe and Norrie are released to Carolyn, and Big Jim orders Linda to have them followed. Linda follows Joe, Norrie, and Carolyn to Ben's house, where they find him waiting outside to escape the noise of the mini-dome. Ben uncovers the mini-dome, where they see the egg glowing orange. Linda enters Ben's room as the cocoon begins to hatch.


In Ben's room, Ben, Joe, Carolyn, Norrie, and Linda watch as a monarch butterfly hatches from the cocoon. Linda becomes hostile, demanding answers from the group. They explain that they believe the egg to be the cause of the Dome and that Joe and Norrie can communicate with it. Linda orders the group to back away from the mini-dome, claiming it as police property. As the butterfly flutters inside the mini-dome, the places its wings touch turn black. The group notices the spots created by the butterfly, seeing that they are slowly beginning to spread. The butterfly falls to the floor, and Ben notices that it begins to get dark outside, as similar-looking blotches appear on the Dome. Joe theorizes that they need to get the butterfly out before it dies. The mini-dome emits the high-pitched noise once more, and Joe and Norrie attempt to touch it, but are stopped by Linda, who tells them that as it is police property, she will touch it instead. She does, and is thrown back and knocked unconscious. Junior arrives at Ben's house, and the group explains that they let Linda get incapacitated. They tell him that the butterfly is dying, and that they need Angie. Junior lashes out over Angie's betrayal of him by helping Barbie. Ben warns them that Big Jim is nearly there. Norrie and Joe tell Carolyn and Ben to leave so Big Jim can't implicate them. They ask Junior if he is with them, or if he will allow Big Jim to take the egg away, and he agrees to help.

In Junior's truck, Norrie and Joe wonder how to find Angie. Junior tells them that she has a police radio on her, but they are unsure how to communicate with her without alerting the entire police force. They decide to indirectly tell her to go to the cement factory. Angie arrives at the cement factory where Joe, Norrie, and Junior have brought the mini-dome. Seeing Barbie, Junior draws his weapon, but is halted by Julia, who tells him that Barbie didn't shoot her, Maxine did. Barbie calls their attention to the mini-dome, where glowing red handprints appear. In the cement tunnels, Angie, Joe, Norrie, and Junior touch the handprints as Julia and Barbie watch. The mini-dome turns bright white before suddenly disappearing completely, leaving its contents intact. In the dirt, they see the butterfly and believe that it had died. But, it suddenly wakes up and starts flying around Barbie, as Joe again suggests that Barbie is the Monarch. Junior refuses to accept that Barbie is the Monarch. Even Barbie is skeptical, but Norrie notices the egg moving. It begins glowing brightly as the entire area shakes. Julia approaches it, and against Angie's warnings, safely picks up the egg. The tremors stop, and the egg returns to its normal appearance. The butterfly lands on the egg, and Barbie realizes that Julia is the Monarch. Norrie asks what they are supposed to do next now that Julia is in charge, but she isn't sure. Junior says that it is because Julia isn't he monarch, and they need to take it to the real authorities. Angie rejects the idea, calling Big Jim a monster, but Junior becomes defensive. Barbie tells him that he watched Big Jim murder Maxine and Otto in cold blood, and Angie points out that it is one of many reasons the Dome told them to assassinate him. Julia attempts to calm Junior, but he draws his gun on her. He orders her to hand over the egg, but she tosses it to Angie and orders her to run. 

Angie, Joe, Norrie, and Julia flee into the forest. Angie suggests destroying the egg, thinking it might bring down the Dome, but Joe points out that it might cause another earthquake. Norrie suggests asking it. Julia hands her the egg, and Norrie asks the egg to tell them what to do. She turns to see an apparition of her mother, Alice. Norrie attempts to approach the apparition, but Julia stops her, warning her that that isn't really Alice. The apparition tells her that it has taken on a familiar appearance to "bridge the divide" to communicate with them. Norrie demands to know who it is, and Joe believes that it is whoever sent the Dome, and the vision of Alice nods. Angie asks why it is punishing them, but are told that the Dome wasn't sent to punish them, but to protect them from a coming disaster. They are told that to get rid of the darkness, they need to earn it, by protecting the egg. Julia asks if they fail, if they will all die, and the vision of Alice nods. When Julia asks how they are to protect it, or who they are meant to protect it from, the vision disappears. 

Angie brings Joe, Norrie, and Julia to the Sweetbriar Rose, where they discuss how they can hide the egg. They hear a message from Big Jim over the radio, calling for Julia to exchange the egg for Barbie's life. She is given an hour to make a decicion. At Sweetbriar Rose, they discuss what they should do. Julia tells them that they should do nothing: if she really is the Monarch, it needs to be her decision, and she tells them to get somewhere safe, as they have done enough. Norrie, Joe and Angie later watch as pink stars start to rise.

Season 2Edit

"Heads Will Roll"Edit

Joe, Norrie & Angie are walking down the street when they begin to see the dome start to magnetically pull things towards it. Joe, Norrie and Angie race back to Joe's house as everything metal starts to fly. They find Norrie's mother, Carolyn knocked out on the floor. They dodge flying knives and pans and hide behind an overturned table. When the nails come out of the walls, one impales Joe's hand, it comes out by going through his hand. Rebecca and Barbie arrive and carry an unconscious Carolyn out. The group makes it to safety just in time as the house collapses. Rebecca then takes the group to the high school, to the center of the dome, where they brainstorm a way to counteract the dome's pulses by constructing a giant magnet.

A pulse comes and as Norrie watches over her unconscious mother, she drops. After the magnetic pulses are stopped and everyone wakes up, Big Jim offers Carolyn, Joe, Angie and Norrie to stay with him due to their house being completely destroyed. Carolyn accepts, but Norrie is confused as to why Big Jim would let them reside in his house and why Carolyn would accept his offer. Carolyn tells her to "keep your friends close and your enemies closer."


Norrie and Joe wake up and talk about how strange it is that Big Jim is being by letting them reside in his house. Joe also mentions to Norrie that it is strange that Angie never came home, but Norrie tells him that she doesn't blame her, as she doesn't like Big Jim. Big Jim calls to the teenagers that it's breakfast time and tries to get more information about the dome from them. Phil calls on the radio and stops their conversation. Out in the woods, Joe and Norrie notice the butterflies are dying all around them. Then they find the mysterious girl. She finally speaks, saying that she doesn't know her name. Joe, Norrie and mystery girl walk by the high school and see people gawking. Barbie breaks the bad news to Joe, who immediately vows revenge. Norrie and Joe go back to Jim's house and Norrie decides to check in with Joe, and she wonders if the mystery girl could have killed Angie, telling him about the footprint they found at the crime scene.

Joe and Norrie take one of her shoes and tells Phil that they want to see if the shoe print matches with the mystery girl. Phil quickly realizes that they do in fact match and brings her to jail. Joe, Junior and Norrie go down to the cell and are about to shoot her, but Sam and Julia come in just in time, telling them that it wasn't her that killed Angie. Later on at Angie and Linda's funeral, Norrie tells Barbie that Joe is missing and that he really should be there for his sister's funeral. Barbie eventually finds Joe and gets him to come to the funeral.

"Force Majeure"Edit

Norrie holes up at the school with Joe and the mystery girl while red acidic rain falls from the sky. Joe and Norrie find that they have internet connection and check their E-mails. Norrie also starts to notice a growing closeness between Joe and the girl. When the internet signal is lost; Norrie, Joe, and the girl trace the signal to the locker that Angie was trying to open when she was killed. The girl knows the combination and opens the locker. Norrie confronts her, but she explains she doesn't know how she knew the combination. While looking through the yearbooks, they find a photo of a student named Melanie Cross, who looks exactly like the mystery girl, except that yearbook is twenty years old.


Norrie, Joe, and mystery girl asked for Barbie's help to learn more about Melanie. Going throgh some old film reels, Barbie finds a newspaper that talks about Melanie disappearing. Barbie also learns Melanie is from Zenith, his hometown, but barbie is still doubtful that she is who she thinks. They go to the spot mentioned in the newspaper. When the girl stands in the exact same spot the mini-dome was in, she remembers her past, and reveals that she is Melanie Cross and had died twenty-five years ago.


Norrie and Joe bring Melanie to the dome, and convince her to touch the dome. Nothing happens. Norrie is angry with Melanie and says she would trade Melanie in a heartbeat for her mother (Alice Calvert) to be alive. Melanie then runs off and Joe gets mad at Norrie and tells her not to be so mean to Melanie. He goes off to find her. Norrie, frustrated with the girl, then becomes even more outraged when she finds her kissing Joe. She fights Melanie and ends up being shoved in some bushes and getting a cut on her arm. Joe stops her from hitting Melanie again.

"In the Dark"Edit

Joe and Norrie get into a fight and Joe runs off. Later, Norrie sees Melanie getting close with Junior and comments on Melanie flirting with so many guys. They tell Melanie that Lyle killed Angie and maybe also killed her.

"Going Home"Edit



Norrie and Joe are at the school filming a blog when suddenly, they get email. It's a message from Barbie so they both go to the diner where Melanie and Julia are at. Julia says that Barbie doesn't say anything to prove it's him. They then go back to the school to send an email back with no luck due to the signal. Julia creates a "message in a bottle" with a question only Barbie can answer but as soon as she's going to send the message, Barbie sends another email. Julia realizes it's truly Barbie and goes to find him on his own. Norrie, Joe, and Melanie go back to the diner.

"The Red Door"Edit

After Big Jim leaves Julia's house, everyone questions on Jim knowing that Barbie is still alive. At the school, Norrie, Joe, and Julia are trying to convince Melanie to let them send the egg over for Barbie to be released. Melanie runs away, just as Rebecca comes in and warns Julia that Jim knows Barbie's alive.

"The Fall"Edit

At Angie's apartment, Norrie and Joe start feeling cold. They start making out until Norrie realizes that Melanie took the egg. They go to the school in search for the egg but find a mysterious young man who knows exactly who they are. He then tells them his name is Hunter and they head towards the police station for a radar gun that will help them locate the egg. Once they do so, Norrie and Joe tell Hunter that they need to do it on their own. Norrie talks to Joe about the portal to Zenith in which Phil Bushey hears from his cell downstairs. Later, Norrie and Joe find the egg but Big Jim points a gun at them and walks them back to the school and down to the cliffs. Jim throws the egg off of Norrie's hands, sending it to Zenith. An earthquake hits and they all run back. Norrie almost falls but Hunter pulls her up. Then Joe gets up and the three of them tell Barbie and Julia what Jim made them do. They then witness Phil go through the locker towards the cliffs.

"Black Ice"Edit

Norrie, Joe, and Hunter go to the Dome wall to see if anything changed after Big Jim threw the egg to Zenith. The Dome froze and started rotating. They go tell Rebecca about this and she tells them that everyone needs to find shelter. Norrie, Joe, and Hunter help out through the cold night. In the morning, Joe warns everyone that the Dome isn't frozen anymore and then both Norrie and Joe go look for Hunter. They find him talking to Malick who's outside the Dome. They question Hunter, just as the Dome starts to shrink.


Rebecca tells Joe, Norrie, and Hunter to lead people towards the school, due to the shrinking Dome. Norrie and Joe then make Hunter admit to Barbie why he came inside the Dome. Norrie sees Ben and tells him if he's okay but he tells her that everyone's going to die soon. Norrie and Joe follow Barbie and Hunter who are headed towards the Dome wall. While Barbie talks to his father, Don Barbara, he tells both Joe and Norrie to show Don a video of Melanie. Norrie and Joe later follow everyone else towards the woods to heal Melanie. They witness her sink into the hole on the ground.

"Go Now"Edit

Norrie, Joe, and Hunter go down into the tunnels and discover an exit from the Dome. They tell Barbie about this and then head back to the school. Joe tells Norrie that Carolyn arrived but then sees her crying. They have a small conversation and then Joe tells her that they both have to be brave and move on. Norrie later has a small fight with her mother Carolyn until Barbie stops her. They go down the tunnels with the rest of the town and then see Melanie as she says, "Follow me. we're going home."

Season 3Edit

"Move On" & "But I'm Not"Edit

After the dome came down, Norrie left Chester's Mill, and moved on with her life; which caused problems between her and Joe. She joined a sorority, and started to become close with Hunter. They were about to sleep together when they both woke up in pods in a cavern.


Norrie and Hunter are shocked that they're still trapped under the Dome. The next day, they go to Andrea's house to collect some food. They take Andrea's corpse outside her house and have fun inside her house until Joe stops them. Norrie later hunts down a pig with an arrow. That night, Norrie and Hunter, along with several people from the town, staring up at the moon.

"The Kinship"Edit

Norrie laughs as Hunter tries to get her in the water was they have fun in the shore. Joe comes by and tells her that they're done. Later, Norrie realizes that her love for Hunter was false and she returns with Joe, her true love.That night Joe and Norrie had sex.


Joe and Norrie are both hanging out together when Hunter tells them both to help him but they decide to do their own work. They both go up to a roof and lay down while relaxing and having a sort-of-romantic conversation. Hunter then interrupts them and climbs up the roof. He grabs Norrie and she accidentally pushes him off as she manages to escape. Norrie and Joe are shocked to find Hunter seriously injured. At the town hall, Hunter tells Junior that Norrie pushed him off the roof, causing the town to get angry at both Norrie and Joe.


Norrie and Joe get locked up at the town hall by Junior until Carolyn finds them. Norrie is happy to see her mother but she, along with Joe, quickly realize that Carolyn is part of the Kinship. Norrie then goes with her mother as Joe goes to help Junior with the Kinship. Later, Norrie and Joe rescue Julia, who had been attacked by the Kinship. They both also later help Hunter, who's going to get killed by Eva. They take him in a wheelchair towards the diner.


Norrie and Joe realize that Hunter is part of the Kinship and lock him up in the diner's freezer. They then come across Sam, who tells them both that he isn't part of the Kinship. Sam gives Hunter some pills, causing him to return to his normal self again with the Resistance. After Sam leaves, Hunter goes back to being part of the Kinship and threatens both Norrie and Joe until Norrie slaps him, causing Hunter to return once again to his normal self. Hunter talks to them about his mother's death. Norrie, Joe, and Hunter later arrive at the Aktaion house to join Big Jim and Julia.

"Breaking Point"Edit

Norrie and Joe go look for Christine's Kinship plan at the town hall. They find it and take it with them but then find Carolyn all by herself. They soon walk up to her and Norrie starts talking about the times when she was a little girl, trying to bring Carolyn back to herself from the Kinship. Carolyn says Norrie's wasting valuable time, causing Norrie to get furious and start talking about her mother Alice, in hopes of making Carolyn mad. Carolyn whistles, sending out a call to fellow Kinship members, who later come in and take both Norrie and Joe down to the tunnels in Carolyn's orders. Carolyn works with Norrie and Joe down at the tunnels when they hear Barbie's warnings about the explosives. The three of them take off running and Carolyn quickly stops Norrie and Joe from stepping any further, as she's blown to the ground by flames. Carolyn gives Norrie her last words, much like Alice did before passing away. Carolyn tells Joe to take care of Norrie and they both run away, just as Carolyn is smashed to death by debris. Barbie and Junior help Norrie and Joe out of the tunnels and throughout the rest of the day, both Joe and Norrie have an upsetting day and soon head back to Bird Island with Big Jim and Julia.

"Plan B"Edit

Norrie, along with everyone else, go to Reverend Lester Coggins' home funeral before the Aktaion house is torched up by the Kinship. Norrie and Julia have a conversation about Carolyn's death. Norrie and Joe later go the the library where Kyle Lee tries to get them along with another unnamed man from the Kinship. Sam rescues them and they quickly drives back to Lester's house. There, Norrie and Hunter talk about there feelings and then realize that Sam was part of the Kinship and took Joe. Big Jim later arrives and the three of them are shocked to see the Kinship walking towards Lester's house, where they're in.


Norrie, Hunter, and Big Jim are saved from the Kinship by Hektor and his Aktaion crew. Norrie finds Joe and kisses him. She later finds Harriet fighting with Julia and quickly kills Harriet after learning some shooting skills from Beau.

"Love is a Battlefield"Edit

Throughout the episode, Norrie feels guilt for killing Harriet and has a brief discussion with Beau.


Norrie finds Joe at the town hall and kisses him for a while as they talk. Norrie heads back to the Resistance and both Norrie and Hunter find Lily Walters tied up. She tells them that Hektor wants to kill Joe so Norrie goes out to search for him. Norrie finds Joe about to get shot by an Aktaion agent so she kills him with several shots but before they can escape, Hektor Martin stops them. He is shot in the back and then shot in the head and finally killed by Big Jim.

"The Enemy Within"Edit

Norrie, Joe and Big Jim are still at the Radio Station, when members of the Kinship arrive and take them. Later Norrie, Hunter and Lily are freed from the cell because Joe told Dawn he would not keep working until they're freed. Later the four of them are seen at the Radio Station preparing the Transmitter, Joe wants to leave to get to Dawn and Barbie but Norrie stops him, telling him she's going with him because they will get out of the Dome together.


Season 1 appearances
"Pilot" "The Fire" "Manhunt" "Outbreak" "Blue on Blue"
"The Endless Thirst" "Imperfect Circles" "Thicker Than Water" "The Fourth Hand" "Let the Games Begin"
"Speak of the Devil" "Exigent Circumstances" "Curtains"
Season 2 appearances
"Heads Will Roll" "Infestation" "Force Majeure" "Revelation" "Reconciliation"
"In the Dark" "Going Home" "Awakening" "The Red Door" "The Fall"
"Black Ice" "Turn" "Go Now"
Season 3 appearances
"Move On" "But I'm Not" "Redux" "The Kinship" "Alaska"
"Caged" "Ejecta" "Breaking Point" "Plan B" "Legacy"
"Love is a Battlefield" "Incandescence" "The Enemy Within"

Killed Victims Edit

  • Harriet Arnold (shot through the head)
  • 1 unnamed Aktaion guard (shot mutiple times)


  • In the novel, Norrie is a resident of Chester's Mill and has two heterosexual parents.
  • Norrie is one of the 6 main characters to appear in all 39 episodes of the entire series.
  • Norrie is the only living member left of the new Four Hands along with Joseph Ernest McAlister. The other two were James Rennie & Angie McAlister.
  • After The Dome disappears, it's never explained why Norrie "enlisted" in the army, although it can be speculated that she did so solely to find out about the whereabouts of Joe.
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