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This article is about the TV Series character. You may be looking for his novel counterpart.
  James "Junior" Rennie
Junior 310.png
First seen "Pilot"
Last seen "The Enemy Within"
Series lifespan "Pilot" to "The Enemy Within"
Appeared in 39 episodes, (see below)
Portrayed by Alexander Koch

Gender Male
Hair Black
Age 21
Occupation Deputy for Chester's Mill Sheriff's Department.
Family Big Jim Rennie - Father
Pauline Rennie - Mother †
Sam Verdreaux - Uncle †
Angie McAlister - Ex-Girlfriend †
Melanie Cross - Ex-Girlfriend † Christine Price - Lover †
Killed Victims 5 killed
Status Dead ("The Enemy Within")
Big Jim stabs his son.png
"All I am is what the Kinship needs me to be, what this world needs me to be."
—Junior to Big Jim.[src]

James Rennie Jr., better known as Junior was a main character in CBS' Under the Dome. He was the son of Big Jim. Junior was mentally disturbed, volatile and dangerous. He had an obsession with Angie McAlister and locked her in his father's underground fallout shelter after he saw her talking and smoking with Barbie. Junior is later appointed as a Sheriff's Deputy after assisting in keeping the peace during a Meningitis outbreak. He was one of the four new hands. He served as the secondary antagonist in season 3.

James is played by Alexander Koch, and debuts in the Pilot.

Before The Dome[]

Born in Chester's Mill, James is the son of James "Big Jim" Rennie, a prominent local politician and car dealer. Junior has spent his life growing up in the shadow of his father. Big Jim appeared to be demanding and disapproving of his son, for example making him part of the school football team which James states he never asked for. Their issues seem rooted in the apparent death of Junior's mother, Pauline Rennie (who died nine years prior the dome). Big Jim told James that Pauline died in a car accident, keeping it a secret that her death was a suicide for James's benefit. In the episode "Redux", it may be hinted that Big Jim also physically abused Junior on a regular basis.

James is a smart but deeply disturbed college freshman who has been hopelessly in love with local girl Angie McAlister, a waitress desperate to get out of Chester's Mill. James knew her since the third grade. He finally got a shot with her during his college summer break, just prior to the dome coming down; however she saw their relationship as just a summer thing and didn't want to be serious with him, which deeply hurt James.

Under The Dome[]

Season 1[]


After revealing to Angie McAlister that he didn't plan to return to college, but would rather stay in Chester's Mill and continue a relationship with her, Angie told him that he should take the opportunity and get away from the town, telling him that she was never interested in a long term relationship with him anyway. Junior, hurt and shocked by what she had said, asks her why she is acting the way she is, Angie continues to get dressed for work and as she tries to walk away he grabs her arm, pulling her back and causing her to scream, she then slaps him across his face and left. 

After the arrival of the Dome, Junior followed Angie to the hospital, where he saw her talking to Barbie. Junior later stalked Barbie, who warned him outright to stay away. Their confrontation was interrupted by Julia Shumway, and Junior left.

He later broke into Angie's house, and accidentally knocked her unconscious. He brought her to his father's old fallout shelter, and locked her in a room. As he leaves he is met by his father and pledges to help him, claiming the shelter to be flooded.

"The Fire"[]

As Junior opens the fallout shelter doors he's attacked by Angie, but he forces her back inside and chains her to the bed inside. He explains to her that the Dome is "making her sick" and that he is just trying to make her better. Junior also asks Angie about Barbie, the man she was talking outside the hospital the day before. Angie lies to torment Junior, claiming that she and Barbie had sex. Junior angrily leaves while Angie screams for him to let her out. 

Later when Barbie is at The Cabin , collecting his dog-tags, Junior starts a fight with him. The two brawl for a while but ultimately Barbie is victorious, leaving Junior bruised severely.


Junior comes to the fallout shelter and reiterates his belief that her behavior is being affected by the dome, and she asks if anyone has tried to escape by going out from underneath the dome, mentioning the old cement factory tunnels; He realized no one had and decided to leave. 

Julia notices Junior hurrying down the street. She questions him, and decides to follow him when he begins to act suspicious. In the tunnels, Junior believes he has found a way out, but soon realizes the dome extends deeper underground than he thought. He drops his flashlight, and nearly picks it up before Julia reveals herself, warning him not to, instants before it explodes. Frustrated, Junior punches at the dome until his hands are bloody. He begins to panic, realizing that they have little light, and the tunnels are increasingly dangerous with the dome cutting through them. Julia reassures him that she can lead them out by following the flames of a match. Junior blames the appearance of the dome on Barbie, who he claims is a psychopath who attacked him for no reason, showing Julia his bruises. They find the exit shortly after.

At home, Junior demands what Big Jim was doing with Barbie, but Big Jim quickly condescends, telling him to leave it to the grown-ups. 

He then returns to Angie, explaining the cement factory's failure and what happened to his hand, she opens a first aid kit and begins patching his hand up; she then notices a pair of scissors which she stashes underneath her pillow.


In the fallout shelter, Angie McAlister is visited by James, who brings her her junior prom dress. She feigns innocence, playing along with him to get him to turn his back. She attacks him with the scissors, but he overpowers her and tightens the restraint on her leg. Angie begs for Junior to let her out, but Junior replies that she can leave when she is "ready, but not before". 

Seeing Junior at the hospital, Joe asks if he has seen Angie. He replies that he hasn't seen her recently.

Before Big Jim leaves to find the antibiotics, he gives his gun to Junior, telling him that nobody can leave the premises so the disease can't spread. Julia demands Junior let her out of the building, saying her husband might be in trouble. She mentions The Cabin, and Junior reveals he saw Barbie at a cabin, and tells her the address. In the hospital, the townspeople are demanding to be let out, and Junior fires a warning shot, terrifying the crowd. Linda enters the room, and Junior calms himself, before pleading with the townspeople to trust his father and each other. He puts the gun down and leaves the room. 

Junior takes Linda back to the police station, where she congratulates him on saving so many lives by peacefully keeping the quarantine. She offers him a badge, making him her new deputy.

"Blue on Blue"[]

When Big Jim releases Angie from her captivity, Junior finds out and he sets off after her while everyone else takes shelter in the tunnels.

He finds Angie at her house and they spend what they believe will be their last moments together.

"The Endless Thirst"[]

At Angie's house, Junior is back to menacing Angie, promising he'll take care of her. She bashes him over the head with a snow globe and runs. Junior tells his dad he can't find her and he warns him he'd better. 

Linda then flags down Junior, who is looking for Angie. Junior, Barbie, Linda and Carter try to control people stealing in the town store. He spots Angie making into the town, he tries to push his way through a crowd to get to her but she escapes, running to Rose's diner to hide.

Later Junior comes home and sees Angie with his father. 

"Imperfect Circles"[]

In the Rennie household, Jim drags James outside. He reminds his son that Junior was to stay away from Angie. Junior insists that what he did was necessary, claiming the Dome was affecting her and making her sick. Big Jim says that Junior is the one who is sick, causing Junior to be visibly shaken. He then seems embarrassed, his father quickly realizes that this is because Angie is listening, Jim then slaps him across his face angrily. He then kicks Junior out of the house, warning him once again to stay away from Angie.

At the police department, Linda informs Junior and Barbie of her intention to pursue Clint and Waylon Dundee.

In Linda's car, Junior questions what is to be done with the Dundee's, as Chester's Mill does not have a courthouse. She reiterates that they can figure it out later, but they need to be brought to justice for the death of Rose, and Junior learns of the attempted rape of Angie. Linda and Junior pursue the Dundee brothers to the salvage yard, following Barbie's information. Junior hints at his intent to kill them, but Linda insists that the gun is a last resort, and arresting them is the priority. Clint is held at gunpoint by Junior, while Linda attempts to arrest Waylon. In the commotion, Clint escapes Junior, running away. He eventually falls, and agrees to be taken into custody, telling him he'll go with him easy. Junior shoots him twice without hesitation, killing him.

He later arrives at the Sweetbriar and sees Angie with Ben. He tells Ben to leave, but recognizing Angie's discomfort, stays. Junior tells Angie that he's sorry about everything, and tells her that Clint and Waylon Dundee will never hurt her again before leaving, this left her very shaken.

"Thicker Than Water"[]

James returns home, where his father, James pulls a gun on him. He reiterates that Junior is no longer welcome in his home, chastising Junior's treatment of Angie and the murder of the Dundee brothers. When Big Jim compares Junior's mindset to that of his mother's, Junior becomes defensive.

At the police station Linda and Barbie find Junior, taking a rifle. He claims to need it for a patrol, but Linda rejects the idea because of his shooting Clint Dundee. She puts him on probation, telling him he isn't to carry a firearm until she says he has earned it. Big Jim arrives, asking to speak with Barbie and Linda, ignoring Junior. Big Jim, Barbie, Linda, Junior, and Carter Thibodeau arrive at the Dinsmore farm. Junior approaches Ollie, offering to help. Ollie smiles and tells Junior to disarm Big Jim, which he does. At the Dinsmore farm, Junior explains to Ollie that Big Jim kicked him out. When Ollie mentions the death of Junior's mother, he explains that the car crash that killed her was a suicide, not an accident. Junior is doubtful, but Ollie assures him that he has no reason to lie. When Ollie presents him with a rifle, Junior requests that Ollie not kill Big Jim, as he intends to kill his father himself. Later after Barbie detonates his explosives Junior knocks his father unconscious. Big Jim is brought inside. When Junior asks what happens next, Ollie leaves Big Jim to Junior. He confronts his father about the truth of his mother's death, demanding to know the truth. Big Jim answers that she ran out after an argument, and drove into a tree to kill herself. Her suicide was covered up by Big Jim and Howard "Duke" Perkins. Junior demands to know why Big Jim lied, and Big Jim breaks down crying that he wanted to protect Junior from the truth that she abandoned them, apologizing. Ollie prepares to shoot Big Jim himself, but Junior shoots Ollie, killing him instantly.

"The Fourth Hand"[]

Junior pays a visit to Angie at the diner and she goes into a seizure, repeating the phrase, "The pink stars are falling." Junior brings Angie back home, although she was worried he had kidnapped her again. 

Angie is also shown several paintings by Junior painted by his mother; they displayed events that happen in the Dome's future, one of them being pinks stars which appeared to be falling. 

Later that night, Junior finds the shelter at the house open, and sees Big Jim organizing a number of guns and the grenade which had been collected from the residents of Chester's Mill.

"Let the Games Begin"[]

James, on patrol, sees a man run at the sight of the police cruiser. He pursues and captures the man, and discovers the man was running because he has shoplifted a can of salt. Junior is confused why someone would bother to steal that, and the man answers that it is "better than cash if you want to get into the cement factory". 

Arriving at the cement factory, Junior attempts to enter by offering the can of salt. The bouncer, Duncan, turns him away, saying that he knows Junior is a cop, and isn't welcome. Junior tries to force his way in, but Duncan knocks him down and takes the salt.

Junior later arrives at Pauline Rennie's studio and then is attacked by Joe, but Junior easily overpowers him. Angie demands he release Joe and come with them to the barn, claiming that the four of them are connected to something bigger. Although he is hurt that Angie brought Joe and Norrie to his mother's studio and that she had broken his father's deal and told the two about her imprisonment he agreed to go with them.

Angie, Joe, and Norrie bring him to the barn, where they notice the caterpillar has entered its chrysalis. They touch the mini-dome with Junior. The egg begins to glow, and the power in the barn goes out. The egg then projects the pink stars around them, forming constellations. While Angie admires their beauty. Junior asks what it means.

"Speak of the Devil"[]

Angie McAlister, Joe McAlister, Norrie Calvert-Hill, and Junior Rennie lie down in the barn, looking up at the constellations they traced from the egg's projection. Junior notices that the chrysalis is closer to hatching, having become clear, with the monarch butterfly's wings visible through it. 

Later still in the McAlister's barn, Junior speaks to Angie about how fate has brought them back together. Angie angrily rejects his advances, telling him that if they are able to bring the Dome down, she plans to leave and Junior will never see her again. Junior, hurt, tells her that he won't help them anymore, and starts to leave. He tells Angie that he loves her, and that he would rather live and die under the Dome than ever be apart from her.

At the police station Big Jim tells Maxine that he has nobody she can threaten him with, but when Junior arrives, Maxine immediately recognizes him as her leverage against him. After Maxine leaves, Junior asks who she was, to which Big Jim answers, "the devil". Big Jim brings Junior to the fallout shelter. He tells Junior that Maxine plans to destroy the town by pumping it full of drugs and liquor. He explains that Maxine intends to hurt Big Jim by hurting Junior. Junior offers to help, but he rejects the idea. He gives Junior a rifle, and orders him to stay in the house, and not open the door for anyone but him.

At the Rennie house, Junior hears a frantic knock at the door. He finds Angie, who tells him the storm is message from the Dome for him walking out on them. Junior tries to convince Angie that they should go to the shelter to wait out the storm, but Angie begs him to return to the barn, believing it to be the only way to stop the storm is to be with Joe and Norrie. Angie tells Junior what he wants to hear, that she needs him, and starts back to her house. The storm blows debris at Angie, and Junior tackles her to protect her. Almost immediately after, the storm begins to calm. Angie and Junior return to the barn, where Norrie stayed during the storm. Joe returns, and explains that Julia was shot, died, and came back. He tells them that he believes Barbie is the Monarch. Junior is doubtful, claiming that the storm stopped because he decided to come back. 

Angie, Joe, Norrie, and Junior arrive at the location, and Angie warns them not to let go, whatever happens. They touch the Dome, and they see an apparition of Big Jim on the other side. Bleeding wounds appear on his chest and stomach, and Angie, Joe, and Norrie realize that the four of them are all carrying knives with blood on the tips. Junior realizes it too, and panics, letting go of the Dome. The vision and the knives disappear, and Junior runs off to find his dad.

"Exigent Circumstances"[]

James "Junior" Rennie arrives at Sweetbriar Rose as Linda instructs the new militia. He warns his father that he is in danger, as someone will try to kill him. He tells Junior to stay focused, as he has a job for him. Big Jim orders Junior to guard Julia Shumway's hospital room, and to radio Big Jim if she regains consciousness. In the clinic, Junior asks Nurse Adams if she expects Julia to wake up. She quickly points out that she's not a doctor, then leaves to attend to other patients. Angie, in her uniform, approaches Junior and asks if he is okay after what they saw in the vision. She asks if he trusts Big Jim, pointing out that Junior used to call him a "fraud". She notes that Big Jim has Junior guarding Julia, and asks if he has been instructed on doing anything if she wakes up. She asks if she can speak with him away from Julia, claiming to be uncomfortable around her and brings Junior away. Angie continues her ploy at being vulnerable, and embraces Junior. She kisses him, and he tastes the cigarette. He pulls back and runs back to Julia's room, and realizes she is gone. Barbie and Junior fight as Junior tries to stop Barbie from taking away Julia but Barbie quickly knocks Junior out. At the police station Big Jim tells Junior to go find Angie and Julia. Junior questions why he wants to find Julia, as Barbie can't hurt her if he is in custody. Big Jim claims to be playing it safe. Junior tells his father not to lie to him, as it would be bad for both of them. Big Jim tells Junior that Barbie has confessed to his crimes, and Junior begins to leave. Big Jim asks if Julia was conscious when Angie took her, and Junior answers that she wasn't. 


At the police station Junior, panics at the phenomenon and asks the Dome what it is trying to tell him as it becomes completely opaque. Junior arrives at Ben's house, and the group explains that they let Linda get incapacitated. They tell him that the butterfly is dying, and that they need Angie. Junior lashes out over Angie's betrayal of him by helping Barbie. Ben warns them that Big Jim is nearly there. Norrie and Joe tell Carolyn and Ben to leave so Big Jim can't implicate them. They ask Junior if he is with them, or if he will allow Big Jim to take the egg away, and he agrees to help. In Junior's truck, Norrie and Joe wonder how to find Angie. Junior tells them that she has a police radio on her, but they are unsure how to communicate with her without alerting the whole police force. Angie arrives at the cement factory where Joe, Norrie, and Junior have brought the mini-dome. Seeing Barbie, Junior draws his weapon. He is halted by Julia, who tells him that Barbie didn't shoot her, Maxine Seagrave did. Barbie calls their attention to the mini-dome, where glowing red handprints appear. n the cement tunnels, Angie, Joe, Norrie, and Junior touch the handprints as Julia and Barbie watch. The mini-dome turns bright white before suddenly disappearing completely, leaving its contents intact. In the dirt, they see the butterfly. First believing it to be dead, it suddenly wakes up and starts flying around Barbie, as Joe again suggests that Barbie is the Monarch. Junior refuses to accept that Barbie is the Monarch. Even Barbie is skeptical, but Norrie notices the egg moving. It begins glowing brightly as the entire area shakes. Julia approaches it, and against Angie's warnings, safely picks up the egg. The tremors stop, and the egg returns to its normal appearance. The butterfly lands on the egg, and Barbie realizes that Julia is the Monarch. Norrie asks what they are supposed to do next now that Julia is in charge, but she isn't sure. Junior says that it is because Julia isn't he monarch, and they need to take it to the real authorities. Angie rejects the idea, calling Big Jim a monster, but Junior is defensive. Barbie tells him that he watched Big Jim murder Maxine in cold blood, and Angie points out that it is one of many reasons the Dome told them to assassinate him. Julia attempts to calm Junior, but he draws his gun on her. He says he doesn't believe her, as she is only in Chester's Mill after being fired from her job in Chicago for lying. He orders her to hand over the egg, but she tosses it to Angie and orders her to run. Junior holds his fire, and is tackled by Barbie, who orders Julia away. Barbie, handcuffed, is quickly overpowered by Junior. Junior enters Big Jim's office, warning him that Joe, Norrie, and Angie want to assassinate him, and that they think he is dangerous, and has killed people. Big Jim asks if Junior believes it, but Junior doesn't give a clear answer. Big Jim tells him that he went to his mother's studio and saw the paintings. Big Jim expresses his belief that the Dome was their destiny. Big Jim confesses that he has taken lives, but they were all absolutely unavoidable for the good of Chester's Mill. He tells Junior that they have both been chosen to lead the town. At the police station the crowd see pink stars rising up and as the stars reach the top of the Dome, the blackness disappears, instead turning white. Big Jim orders Junior to throw the lever to execute Barbie, and Junior hesitates.

Season 2[]

"Heads Will Roll"[]

Junior continues to hesitate to pull the lever and the audience soon collapses. Junior is convinced by Barbie that the dome is trying to tell them something. Junior, Big Jim, Barbie, and Linda all head to the dome. The dome starts attracting anything that is metal, including Barbie's handcuffs and Big Jim's car. Junior watches helplessly as Linda gets Barbie free from his handcuffs, but is killed by the car. Junior blames Big Jim for everything that is happening and runs away. Junior heads to the Rosebriar Bar and sees Angie, looking for her gun. Angie tells Junior she plans to kill Big Jim and will kill him as well if he gets in her way. Junior tells Angie that he won't stop her and agrees Big Jim needs to die. He tells Angie he knows where they can get a gun from, but they are both knocked unconscious by the dome. While he is unconscious, Junior has a dream that his mother is alive.

Junior's uncle, Sam shows up in town, and Junior and Big Jim question why he is back. Junior tells Big Jim about the dream he had and is convinced his mother is really alive. Big Jim tells Junior that a dream doesn't mean she is alive, and Junior angrily rejects his father and leaves.


Junior is sleeping in a cell at the jail. Big Jim comes by and wakes Junior up to open up the school. Big Jim tries to get Junior to come home, but Junior refuses, and leaves to open the school. Junior discovers Angie's body at the school. When Norrie and Joe tell him they think a mysterious girl did it, Junior goes to the cells to confront the girl. He tries to shoot her, but is unable to pull the trigger. Junior wakes up in the middle of the night and finds Angie's bracelet under the cot he is sleeping in. He runs to confide in Sam.

"Force Majeure"[]

In Sam's cabin, Junior tells his uncle that he thinks he killed Angie and blocked it out. Sam tells Junior that his mother also had blackouts and that going back to the spot where it happens could help him remember. Junior returns to the scene of Angie's murder and encounters, Joe, Norrie, and Melanie. Junior is able to briefly access his E-Mails and gets a message from his mother that Lyle has the answers he needs. Junior visits Lyle after he is arrested for kidnapping Rebecca Pine and asks him about his mother.


Junior breaks Lyle out of jail and they head to his Barber shop. Lyle shows Junior postcards from Pauline that depict the events the occurred inside the dome. They head to Sam's place to look for a journal Pauline kept. When Junior finds the journal, Lyle knocks him out and runs away with the journal.


Junior tells Sam that Pauline is alive and he is looking for the missing journal pages. Sam takes Junior back to Lyle's barber shop. Sam craftily slips the missing pages under a stool and them pretends to find them. He tells Junior Pauline spoke of four hands that would hold up the dome and that if they fell, so would the dome. Junior wants to make sure Joe and Norrie are safe and then tells Sam he is one of the four hands.

Sam gets Junior drunk, so he will fall asleep and then tried to smother him with a pillow, but can't when Junior thanks Sam for being there for him and tells him he loves him. Junior awakens when Sam throws a bottle at one of Pauline's painting, causing it to fall. On the back is a picture of an obelisk and a number. Junior and Sam break open the locker and find a tunnel.

"In the Dark"[]

Junior, Barbie, and Sam investigate the tunnel. Junior sees his mother's journal and rushes to get it, tripping over a wire that causes an explosion, trapping Barbie and Sam. Junior decides to go check on the other "hands", and Melanie goes with him.

Junior and Melanie start to form a bond, and Norrie interrupts between them. They go to check on Joe and make sure he is safe. The four of them decide they need to find the egg. They head to the lake and touch hands, causing the egg to rise (this works without Angie because Melanie was one of the original four hands).

"Going Home"[]

Junior wakes up and finds Melanie sleeping on his shoulder. Julia and Barbie come to the house and tells Junior Sam had killed Angie. Junior refuses to believe it, but he later asks Melanie if she thinks Sam is capable of murder. Big Jim overhears and tries to console Junior. He tried to tell Junior that the dome chose him and he is his son, so they have to lead the town, but Junior angrily walks away.


When Big Jim names himself sheriff, Junior agrees to work with his father. Junior and Rebecca search for someone who after Big Jim. That someone is revealed to be Phil Bushey, who kidnaps Big Jim and handcuffs him to the bars, planning on killing him. Junior stops Phil and he is apprehended.

"The Red Door"[]

Junior's at Julia's house and once he realizes that his father, Big Jim, might know Barbie's still alive so he heads to the police station. Jim questions him if he knew Barbie was alive in which Junior soon admits he did. Junior then shows Jim the portal through which Barbie jumped. Junior later gets the egg from Angie's apartment and both him and Melanie hide the egg in the bomb shelter. They both then relax together.

"The Fall"[]

Junior and Melanie awaken in the shelter. Before Melanie leaves, she kisses Junior. After Melanie is gone, Junior turns and sees Angie. Angie tells him not to follow his heart, and then blood appears down the side of her head. Melanie comes back and asks Junior who he is talking to, and Junior says know one. Junior comes home and sees Pauline and Big Jim. After Big Jim leaves, Pauline asks Junior if he got her E-Mail and told Big Jim. Junior says and didn't tell Big Jim, and Pauline says that Big Jim thinks they can be a family again, but they aren't right for each other.

Pauline tells Junior that Sam is back, and Junir rages that he killed Angie. Pauline tells him she bares some blame because what she wrote and led to Sam killing Angie. Junior tells her she drew a picture while Sam committed murder and then rushed off to confront his uncle. Junior finds Sam at his cabin and starts attacking him in a rage. He then grabs am axe handle and prepares to kill Sam when Angie appears and tells him to.

Junior questions how Angie can protect someone who killed her. Angie tells him that Sam still has a part to play and if he dies then everyone will suffer. Junior cries and tell Angie he loved her and Sam took her away from him. Angie tells Junior he didn't love her and that he locked her up, which isn't love. Junior swings the axe, missing Sam's head by an inch. Junior then says to Angie that he spared Sam because he loved her.

"Black Ice"[]

Sam and Junior drive Melanie to the clinic but instead take her to the school. Junior tells his dad, Huge Jim, that he knew Pauline was alive. He later helps out through the cold.


Junior tells his mother, Pauline, to paint something that would help them heal Melanie and then tells his father, Big Jim, that it's all his fault. At the school, he reads through his mother's journal to find out how to heal Melanie. Lyle walks up to him with a wicked smile which causes Junior to get annoyed. Lyle sits by him and helps him through the journal. Once Pauline makes a painting to heal Melanie, Junior later follows everyone towards the woods. He then witnesses Melanie sink into the hole in the ground.

"Go Now"[]

At the school, Pauline tells Junior to go get her painting tools and tells him goodbye in an unknowingly way. At his mother's studio, he sees the painting of Pauline and her stab wound. He then heads back to the school and finds Pauline gone, Rebecca dead, and Sam on the floor. Sam tells him that Rebecca helped end his mother's life and then Jim killed her. Sam suggests they go talk to him but Junior says that there's only dealing with him. At the woods, they both question Julia on why she's running and she explains that Jim killed Andrea and that he's behind her. Junior goes on his own to find Jim and then shoots him in the chest. Junior later finds Julia down the tunnels and wait for Barbie's return.

Season 3[]

"Move On" & "But I'm Not"[]

At first it appears, Junior died inside the dome along with his father and Julia, but this was later revealed to be an illusion created by the dome and the town remained trapped in pods under the dome. In the dome, Junior and Julia encountered Big Jim. He took them to the school and tied them out, but ultimately decided to spare hem cater warning them that he better not see them again. Before they parted ways, Big Jim shot Junior in the shoulder and said they were even. Julia and Junior entered the caverns and got separated. Junior encountered Melanie, who told him to trust her. Junior said he did, and Melanie encased him in a gooey substance that placed him in a pod with the rest of the town.

In the alternate reality, Junior suddenly turned up alive, having left town "years ago". He met up with Barbie at the Sweetbriar and mentioned he saw him in Africa, which is believed to be a false memory.

He saw Christine Price outside his house and carried on conversation. Christine is curious why he kept his father's ("Big Jim"'s) house if he hates him so much and tells him to "drop the match" to become his own man. His illusion was shattered when Big Jim and Jukia freed everyone from the pods.


After everyone is saved from the caves, Junior goes into the woods and is followed by Big Jim. Junior states that he wants things to be different between him and his dad, he wants to forgive him for all the things his father did to him when he was younger, like locking him up in the bombshelter, leaving him up in that tree and forcing him to get the belt (presumably so Big Jim could beat him with it), but Big Jim refuses to admit that he did anything wrong and states that he only did this to make him tougher because he was weak and he still is.

Moments later, Sam is looking for him in the woods and finds him with a gun to his head. Junior repeates what his father said over and over until he is ready too pull the trigger but Sam screams his name and he lowers the gun. Sam asks what could be so bad that he would want to end it all to which Junior states that in the alternate reality he was happy, he knew what is was like to be his own man and finally be away from his father. Later in the episode, he tells Big Jim he doesn't exist and sets his house on fire.

"The Kinship"[]

Christine greets Junior at his tent, just as Big Jim observes them. Junior has a little fight with Pete, the construction worker. That night, Christine and Junior have sex.


After getting infected, Junior starts getting into trouble. He questions Hunter on who pushed him from the top of a house and he says it was Norrie. Junior and several people of the town walks towards Joe and Norrie and then Junior says that they're not going anywhere until they talk to Christine.


Junior and several people of the town force Joe to work on the Kinship by himself. Julia sees this and starts walking Joe away when Junior hits her in the head. Junior later, along with Barbie, rescues Christine from Aktaion Energy. After Sam stabs Christine, Junior takes her back into the tunnels towards her cocoon.


Junior leads Sam down into the tunnels. Both Sam and Junior have a fight and then Junior holds Sam in a headlock, just as Christine starts to reemerge from her cocoon.

"Breaking Point"[]

After Christine reemerges from her cocoon, she causes Sam to faint and Junior then takes his body to the bomb shelter. Sam tells Junior that he's not being himself and that they're family but Junior says that he has a crazy dad, mom and a drunk uncle. Junior leaves Sam to Christine and heads back to the tunnels where he works on the Kinship with most of the town's people. Later, Junior and Barbie find a dead guard near the tunnel entrance and Junior stays up on the look out while Barbie goes down the tunnels. Junior then finds his father, Big Jim, climbing out of the tunnels. He questions him and Jim starts to forgive his son when suddenly, Junior starts acting selfish and tells Jim that he's being a little girl. Jim then punches Junior in the face and pulls his body away from the tunnels. Junior later heads back to the tunnels and tells Barbie that Jim blew up the tunnels. They both rescue Joe and Norrie from the tunnels, where they both tell them that Carolyn didn't make it out alive. Junior, Barbie, Eva, and Christine suggest they kill Big Jim and Julia.

"Plan B"[]

Junior and Christine have a conversation about the Dome's power and head back to the town hall where Junior manages to heal her wound. They later find Eva on the floor, who was attacked by Big Jim. Junior is surprised as much as Eva when Christine takes them to the place Eva will give birth. Junior also mentions that he wants to be with Charlotte, a young girl he had met in school.


Junior punches Joe and later greets Barbie who he believes is still a part of the Kinship. Junior continues to bully Joe until Barbie kicks him out and tells him to leave. Junior later asks Barbie how killing Julia felt and both him and Kyle go in search for Julia's body near Peter's cabin but don't find anything.

"Love is a Battlefield"[]

Junior finds both Big Jim and Julia at the barn where he gives orders to two Kinship members to kill them both but Aktaion agents and Hektor sneak in and kill the two guards. Big Jim tells Hektor that his son Junior will be tested with the cure. Once they inject the cure on Junior, Big Jim talks with his son once again after bringing him back to his normal self to join the Resistance. Jim lets Junior get out of his emergency area but Junior, once again in the Kinship, pushes Big Jim out of the way and kills Beau, an Aktaion agent.


Junior gets mad because Christine and Sam have been working together and tells him that he should be baby sitting Joe. Junior then helps the elderly who are dying with the help of Sam. They both sacrifice the elderly and before they can sacrifice the little kids, they are stopped by Christine. He realizes she is no longer a part of the Kinship so he starts to strangle her. Barbie stops him from doing so and they both get into a fight before Julia gets in and hits Junior with a metal pole.

"The Enemy Within"[]

Junior overhears Sam telling Dawn that he will go look for an escape tunnel at the cement factory, leading to the next town. Junior finds Sam at the factory and they get into a fight which is eventually won by Sam. He starts walking away but Junior grabs a sharp pipe and stabs Sam in his back, impaling the pipe through his back and stomach. Junior tells Sam that he is a winner and walks away, leaving Sam dead. At the woods, Junior tells Dawn that he killed Sam for her and then finds his father, Big Jim, and gets into a fight with him. After the Dome comes down, Junior starts to strangle Jim but he tells his son to not let him kill him but Jim ends up stabbing his son in the chest, killing him. Jim cries as he holds his son's dead body and after the army finds them all, Junior's body is taken away from the aftermath of the Dome in a body bag and put into a small safe. One year later, Norrie gets into the room which contains the bodies of many of the deceased residents of Chester's Mill and takes a look at one of the safes, which contains Junior's body and which has still laid there for the past year.


Season 1 appearances
"Pilot" "The Fire" "Manhunt" "Outbreak" "Blue on Blue"
"The Endless Thirst" "Imperfect Circles" "Thicker Than Water" "The Fourth Hand" "Let the Games Begin"
"Speak of the Devil" "Exigent Circumstances" "Curtains"
Season 2 appearances
"Heads Will Roll" "Infestation" "Force Majeure" "Revelation" "Reconciliation"
"In the Dark" "Going Home" "Awakening" "The Red Door" "The Fall"
"Black Ice" "Turn" "Go Now"
Season 3 appearances
"Move On" "But I'm Not" "Redux" "The Kinship" "Alaska"
"Caged" "Ejecta" "Breaking Point" "Plan B" "Legacy"
"Love is a Battlefield" "Incandescence" "The Enemy Within"

Killed Victims[]


  • Junior only believed he killed Angie in the series. In the Novel, he is actually the one who kills Angie.
  • He was one of the new four hands along with Joe McAlister, Angie McAlister, and Norrie Calvert-Hill.
  • In the novel, Junior suffered from a brain tumor. In the TV series, this was not discussed.
  • Junior was the last person to die in the series.
    • Like Sam Verdreaux in the novel, Junior was the last person to die in the story ends up being the only person to die after the dome disappeared.
  • Junior is one of the 6 main characters to appear in all 39 episodes and is also the only deceased main character to have starred in all three seasons of each episode.
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