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  James "Big Jim" Rennie
Big Jim 313 CROP.jpg
First seen "Pilot"
Last seen "The Enemy Within"
Series lifespan "Pilot" to "The Enemy Within"
Appeared in 39 episodes, (see below)
Portrayed by Dean Norris

Gender Male
Hair Gray
Age Mid to Late 40's
Occupation Councilman
Used Car Dealer
Family Pauline Rennie - Wife †
Junior Rennie - Son †
Sam Verdreaux - Brother-in-law †
Indy - Pet
Killed Victims 18 killed (more not shown while battling kinship)
1 indirectly killed
Status Alive
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"You see, the way I see it, you've got a lot of explaining to do. I mean, after all, the Dome was an international media sensation. How many millions - uhm - billions of people want to know what happened? How many people are desperate for the truth? Now, sure, you could have a pundit with his tie, and PhD from Harvard do the talking for you. But you got to ask yourself: will people believe him? So there must be a a better way to tell your story. Imagine counting on someone who lived through the events, a pillar of Chester's Mill community, whom everybody will believe. A person who could sell ice to an Eskimo."
—Big Jim to Col Walker.[src]

James Rennie Sr., better known as Big Jim, is a main character in CBS' Under the Dome. He is a councilman in Chester's Mill. After the appearance of The Dome, he is the only councilman left in the town. He also owns a used car dealership in the town. He is looked up to as a primary leader of the town after the death of Sheriff Howard "Duke" Perkins. He maintains a friendly appearance in public, but when he is speaking privately to certain people, he becomes hostile and threatening making him the main antagonist of the first two seasons and later an antihero for the third season.

Before The Dome[edit | edit source]

James grew up in Chester's Mill, having gone to school with Agatha Seagrave. He used to play football and won several trophies. He also used to play baseball, together with another ballplayer called Denny Lee. He knew Pauline Rennie from school, and thought her boyfriend Lyle was no good for her, telling her so after Senior Dance, when Lyle got drunk and dragged her onto the dance floor. She left him six months later.

Later, James married Pauline and they had a son, "Junior". Pauline started suffering problems which Big Jim assumed were mental health issues. He considered sending her to get help but she had begged him not to and he gave in. Later, Big Jim was told that Pauline had died, having driven her car into a tree. Although the police report concluded that it was a suicide, Big Jim told Junior that it had been an accident, not wanting his son to know his mother chose to leave him. Ollie Dinsmore had learned the truth about Pauline's supposed death and his wife had made cornbread for Junior in hopes of comforting him most likely.

Presently, Big Jim is a town's councilman who also owns a successful used car business and owner of the Sweetbriar Rose which he bought to help out Rose Twitchell who was deep in debt. He made her the manager. Big Jim also got involved in illegal drug manufacturing and distribution, run by Maxine Seagrave, his accomplices were Howard Perkins and Lester Coggins. Jim often tried to convince Lester that he had done it for the town. Lester stated that may have been Duke's reason but he and Jim had had other motives.

Under The Dome[edit | edit source]

Season 1[edit | edit source]

"Pilot"[edit | edit source]

On the day The Dome came down, Big Jim was at Sweetbriar Rose talking with Rose Twitchell about the upcoming parade that all the emergency services and townspeople would be attending the next day. Although he had already decided not to attend the event, they discussed general town business before he left her a $100 tip, joking about buying her vote even though he always ran unopposed.

After the Dome came down, Big Jim was one of the townspeople to investigate the crash site. He later went to the radio station to make an emergency broadcast, warning people to stay out of their vehicles. When Duke returned to the police station he is confronted by Big Jim who suggested that Duke should enlist more emergency officers, but Duke opposed the idea of untrained civilians enforcing laws. They got into a heated conversation about the propane which Duke claimed to know nothing about.

"The Fire"[edit | edit source]

At the Sweetbriar Rose, Big Jim helped Rose Twitchell fix her electrical generator to power the diner. Alice Calvert and Carolyn Hill came down from their room and asked if the return of electricity meant that the Dome had come down, Big Jim answered their question and introduced himself to them. Linda Esquivel came into the diner and informed him of Duke's death. Later, he uncovered the dead face of former sheriff, Duke Perkins. Linda told Big Jim of her relationship with Duke and asked him if he knew what Duke was trying to tell her before his pacemaker exploded - Big Jim claimed not to. Lester Coggins began to ramble about his lack of room for dead bodies, Big Jim reminding him that Duke is not just "another dead body". Linda left and he grabbed Lester, questioning him regarding his drug use. Lester began to speak about Judgment Day and Rapture. Big Jim left with Lester, telling him that they need to clean up their mess. He met back with Lester and informed him that Duke's office held no information regarding propane, concluding that he must have kept them at his house. He ordered Lester to retrieve the files while he looked after the town. Later, Big Jim was the first to arrive to Duke's burning house and heard Coggins' cries for help. Although he hesitated at first, he used a tractor to contain the fire.

"Manhunt"[edit | edit source]

Julia Shumway drove to the police station with Dale "Barbie" Barbara to question Linda Esquivel about whether she was capable of protecting the town with so few officers. Before she can answer, the question was deflected by Big Jim. The population had grown volatile, demanding justice for the death of Freddy Denton, but Big Jim requested that they all return home and have faith in the law. The next morning at the Rennie household, he pointed out Junior's absence during the fire. He implied that the situation was an opportunity for him to stand up and take a leadership role among the community. When Big Jim noticed the bruise on his face, Junior confessed that the injury was caused by Barbie. At the hospital, he berated Lester Coggins for causing such a spectacle. He said that he and Lester were the only remaining sources of implicating evidence and, as such, they needed to trust each other. At the police station. Big Jim freed Linda and criticized her for being so careless. He mentioned organizing a search party, but Linda headed off to pursue Paul Randolph alone. At Sweetbriar Rose, Big Jim informed the crowd of Paul's escape, and asked for volunteers for a search party. He introduced himself to Barbie, and enlisted his help. Later, after Paul opened fire and hit Rodger in the leg, Big Jim and Barbie began to pursue him alone. Later, when Paul had Big Jim at gunpoint, he demanded Barbie drop his gun, but was soon shot dead from behind by Linda. After returning to town, Big Jim apologized to Linda for questioning her capabilities. He appointed her the new sheriff and mentioned that they would need to get her some deputies. At home, Junior demanded what Big Jim was doing with Barbie, but Big Jim quickly condescended, telling him to leave it to the grown-ups. 

"Outbreak"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim calms the crowd that is nearly rioting because of military abandonment, which disperses. As he talks to Linda afterwards, she collapses, and is brought to the hospital by Big Jim and Barbie.Big Jim and Barbie arrive with Linda, where townspeople are gathering with the same symptoms as Linda. Big Jim and Barbie leave to find antibiotics to replenish the hospital's dwindling supply. Before he leaves, Big Jim gives his gun to Junior, telling him that nobody can leave the premises so the disease can't spread. Big Jim and Barbie arrive at the pharmacy, but discover it has been looted.Barbie concludes that whoever looted the pharmacy must have had a large vehicle, and Big Jim realizes it was Reverend Coggins. They find him burning the medicine but manage to stop him, and retrieve it. Later Big Jim and Barbie return to the hospital with the antibiotics. Linda tells Big Jim that Junior stepped up and calmed the town, and Big Jim suggests that Junior pursue law enforcement as a career. Big Jim returns home, where he finds Reverend Coggins, who offers his share of their dealings. Inside, he hears Angie screaming from the shelter and goes to investigate. He descends into the shelter and finds her.

"Blue on Blue"[edit | edit source]

Despite finding Angie in the shelter, Jim leaves her locked up, unable to believe his son would do such a thing. When Barbie reveals the military plans to shoot a MOAB missile at the Dome, Big Jim orders everyone to take shelter in the tunnels underneath the city. He then releases Angie from her captivity. As Big Jim investigates the edge of the dome, he is approached by Reverend Coggins, who earlier gave him an ultimatum to admit his part in a drug scandal to the town. Jim kills Coggins by pushing his head into the dome, causing his hearing aid to explode. 

"The Endless Thirst"[edit | edit source]

Following his trade with Ollie Densmore for the town’s use of Ollie’s well in exchange for propane, Big Jim gives Angie the offer to protect her and Joe as long as she keeps her imprisonment by Junior a secret. Later Big Jim takes Angie to his home. After she wakes up Big Jim explaines about what had occurred. Big Jim gives Angie the offer to protect her and Joe as long as she keeps her imprisonment by Junior a secret, but is interrupted when Junior walks in seeing Angie face to face in surprise.

"Imperfect Circles"[edit | edit source]

James "Big Jim" Rennie drags James "Junior" Rennie outside of their house. Big Jim reminds his son that Junior was to stay away from Angie McAlister. Junior insists that what he did was necessary, claiming the Dome was affecting Angie. Big Jim says that Junior is the one who is sick, causing Junior to be visibly shaken. Big Jim kicks Junior out of the house, warning him once again to stay away from Angie. Big Jim invites Angie to rest, but she believes Big Jim simply wants to keep her under watch to keep Junior's secret. Angie replies that she wants to see her brother, but first wants to say farewell to Rose Twitchell. Big Jim provides her a key to Sweetbriar Rose, revealing to her that he bought the diner some time ago to help Rose keep it open. He asks that Angie say goodbye to her on his behalf. Big Jim offers a partnership with Ollie Dinsmore, suggesting they work together to help keep the town stable, as Big Jim has propane, and Ollie has water. Ollie taunts Big Jim about his propane supply, asking if he is sure he still has it. Big Jim arrives at the location of his propane stash, where he discovers an armed man working for Ollie guarding it. He beats Big Jim with his gun, and Big Jim leaves. Ollie arrives at Big Jim's office, and explains to Big Jim that Ollie controls the water, and will in turn control the town. At the propane stash, Big Jim shoots a tank, killing Ollie's guard in an explosion.

"Thicker Than Water"[edit | edit source]

When Junior Rennie returns home, Big Jim pulls a gun on him. Big Jim reiterates that Junior is no longer welcome in his home, chastising Junior's treatment of Angie McAlister and the murder of the Dundee brothers. When Big Jim compares Junior's mindset to that of his mother's, Junior becomes defensive. Big Jim arrives at the Sweetbriar Rose, and Angie tells him that Junior violated the terms of their agreement by approaching her. Big Jim apologizes, but again promises to keep Junior away. When Big Jim asks what he can do to make it up to her, she requests food to reopen the diner. Big Jim says he will talk to Ollie Dinsmore, but expresses his concern that people should be considering the long-term plans, causing Angie to question if he believes the Dome will last forever. Big Jim arrives at the Dinsmore farm. He again suggests they form an agreement for the good of the town, but Ollie suggests that his well is more valuable than anything Big Jim can offer, even the propane. Ollie explains his plan to turn the town against Big Jim by holding out on his water supplies, so he can step in himself to take Big Jim's place. Big Jim arrives to the police station, asking to speak with Barbie and Linda, ignoring Junior. Big Jim explains the impending conflict with Ollie. He prepares to enforce eminent domain to claim Ollie's property. When Barbie points out that Ollie won't accept the idea, Big Jim replies that he will be bringing the police, ordering Linda to round up her deputies. Big Jim, Barbie, Linda, Junior, and Carter Thibodeau arrive at the Dinsmore farm. Big Jim orders Carter to secure the well, when Ollie and several armed men reveal themselves. Ollie orders Carter to step away from the well, and when he doesn't, he orders one of his men to shoot Carter in the kneecap. Ollie orders everyone to leave. Junior approaches Ollie, offering to help. Ollie tells Junior to disarm Big Jim, which he does. Big Jim, Barbie, and Linda return to the town hall. Big Jim mentions his intention to return to the Dinsmore farm, and Barbie rejects the idea since there are only three of them versus all of Ollie's men. Big Jim says he will round up more support, but Linda is opposed to the idea, wanting to find a diplomatic solution. Big Jim doesn't listen and leaves to find more people. At Sweetbriar Rose, Big Jim has recruited a mob by the time Barbie and Linda arrive. Barbie and Linda propose their plan, but Big Jim rejects the idea, claiming that if the water becomes contaminated, the town will be doomed. After nightfall, Big Jim and his group arrive at Ollie's farm. As his group prepares to launch their attack, he realizes that Barbie is missing, and must be attempting to destroy the well. After Barbie detonates his explosives, many of the people in both mobs turn to flee. Big Jim calls for them to return, but is knocked out by Junior. Big Jim is brought inside, where Ollie's men desert him. When Junior asks what happens next, Ollie leaves Big Jim to Junior. Junior confronts his father about the truth of his mother's death, demanding to know the truth. Big Jim answers that she ran out after an argument, and drove into a tree to kill herself. Her suicide was covered up by Big Jim and Howard "Duke" Perkins. Junior demands to know why Big Jim lied, and Big Jim breaks down crying that he wanted to protect Junior from the truth that she abandoned them, apologizing. Ollie prepares to shoot Big Jim, but Junior shoots Ollie, killing him instantly. In his office, Big Jim is having a drink when Barbie arrives. Barbie blames Big Jim for the deaths of five people, saying they would be alive if Big Jim had trusted him. Barbie accuses Big Jim of wanting to secure the well so that he could use it to strengthen his grip over the town, which Big Jim denies, telling Barbie not to make an enemy of him. 

"The Fourth Hand"[edit | edit source]

Angie takes over the diner, and asks Big Jim to put her name on the diner's deed. Big Jim promises to think about it. Big Jim receives an unexpected visitor – Max, a business partner who created Rapture. She was trapped under the dome because she had decided to pay Big Jim a visit on the day the dome fell over Chester's Mill. Big Jim suggests to Linda that they encourage the town's residents to voluntarily hand in their weapons, so as to protect everybody's safety. While the guns are getting collected, a local named Ted begins to concern Big Jim. He and Barbie follow him to his house, with Barbie waiting outside with a sniper rifle while Big Jim goes in the house. Big Jim finds Ted in his room, where he reveals a grenade, saying that he can't live after the dome killed his family. Big Jim then grabs the grenade and puts the pin back into it. He takes Ted away from the house, and tells Barbie he knows that he was aiming for him with the sniper.  Big Jim and Maxine later meet up with the guns, with Barbie walking in and Maxine kissing him. Maxine then reveals that he knows all about both their secrets and will expose them if they try to stop her from doing what she wants. It is then revealed that she requested having the guns gathered. Later that night, Junior finds the shelter at the house open, and sees Big Jim organizing a number of guns and the grenade from earlier in one of the rooms.

"Let the Games Begin"[edit | edit source]

Dale "Barbie" Barbara arrives at James "Big Jim" Rennie's house, asking to talk about Maxine Seagrave. Big Jim asks how she Barbie are acquainted, but he is as reluctant as Big Jim is to reveal his secrets. Barbie suggests they destroy whatever Max's "insurance policy" is that she is using to blackmail them. Big Jim suggests they investigate they look into a real estate company, the Osiris Corporation, and offers to look into the records to see which properties she would have access to. Barbie is hesitant to let Big Jim go alone, and they agree to go together. Investigating, they discover a house on Bird Island that was purchased by Osiris that was never put back on the market. Maxine arrives, handing Big Jim a list of luxury items she wants him to procure, claiming to have other business to attend to with Barbie. Big Jim arrives at the mansion on Bird Island. He spots a housekeeper, Agatha. He asks her if it is Maxine's property, but Agatha explains it belongs to a man who is currently on his boat on the other side of the island. She invites him inside to wait for him to return. While Agatha is in another room, Big Jim searches the house for any sign of Maxine's insurance policy. He finds a picture of Maxine, and Agatha returns with a rifle, reveals to him that Maxine is her daughter.Agatha orders Big Jim to sit, and asks if he remembers her. She says she was a dropout from his high school class. He recalls a girl named Claire who dropped out when she became pregnant, and she confirms that was her. She reveals that with no other option to care for her daughter, she resorted to prostitution. She has harbored bitterness over the town's hypocrisy as she was publicly shamed by some of the very people who paid for her services. Big Jim realizes that Agatha is the insurance policy, as Maxine has told her everyone's secrets, and she tells him that Barbie killed Peter Shumway. When Agatha criticizes Junior, Big Jim becomes aggressive. She threatens to shoot him, but he asks if she has ever actually killed anyone. He calls her bluff and disarms her.Big Jim ties Agatha's hands and brings her on his boat to transport her back to the mainland. Along the way, she taunts him but falls into the water. Big Jim circles back, and considers pulling her up, but instead leaves her to her fate. Big Jim returns home and finds Linda waiting outside. He invites her inside, but she requests they go to the station. Big Jim declines, and Linda orders him to come by first thing the next day, or she will arrest him. 

"Speak of the Devil"[edit | edit source]

At the Sheriff's Department, Big Jim defends his decision to participate in the drug manufacturing, as his dealings kept Chester's Mill afloat, and the propane stockpiles are providing power for the residents who would otherwise be cut off. Linda calls him out, pointing out that if the Dome hadn't arrived, Big Jim would be in jail. Big Jim tells Linda to go after the real criminal, Dale "Barbie" Barbara. Big Jim explains to Linda that Barbie was working as a gambling enforcer for Maxine Seagrave, threatening residents. Big Jim tells Linda that Barbie was the last person to have seen Peter Shumway. Big Jim, hears Barbie calling and warns Linda not to trust him. Big Jim notices a storm beginning, and is approached by Maxine, who he asks to speak with. He tells her he knows Maxine shot Julia. She tells him she did it to send a message to Barbie for stepping out of line. Big Jim tells her that he has nobody she can threaten him with, but when Junior arrives, Maxine immediately recognizes him as her leverage against him. After Maxine leaves, Junior asks who she was, to which Big Jim answers, "the devil". Big Jim brings Junior to the fallout shelter. Big Jim tells Junior that Maxine plans to destroy the town by pumping it full of drugs and liquor. He explains that Maxine intends to hurt Big Jim by hurting Junior. Junior offers to help, but Big Jim rejects the idea. He gives Junior a rifle, and orders him to stay in the house, and not open the door for anyone but him. As Nurse Adams leaves, he is approached by Big Jim in the parking lot. Big Jim asks if Barbie knows it was Maxine that shot Julia, and Barbie confirms he knows, and says that she needs to be stopped. Big Jim offers a partnership, and Barbie agrees if they do it his way, by bringing in Maxine alive. The two clash over their different opinions on what needs to be done to protect the town, and Barbie tells him that after they take down Maxine, he will stop Big Jim from building his "kingdom" out of the town.Barbie and Big Jim arrive at the cement factory, where Barbie sets a timer on the power. In the cement factory, Barbie and Big Jim are ambushed by Maxine and one of her men, Otto. Maxine tells Barbie that Big Jim killed her mother, and offers Barbie the chance to live, with her. The timer Barbie set runs out, and the power goes out, darkening the room. Barbie manages to disarm Maxine and Otto, and he and Big Jim escort them outside. Outside the cement factory, Big Jim kills Maxine and Otto. He prepares to shoot Barbie, but Barbie disarms him. Linda arrives, and orders Barbie to stand down. She attempts to take Barbie into custody, but he knocks her back and flees.At the WYBS station, Dodee tells Big Jim what she overheard from the military communication, that Barbie was "the one that they've been looking for." Big Jim uses the radio equipment to broadcast a message to the town. He tells them that Barbie killed Maxine, Otto, and Agatha, as well as attempted to kill Big Jim and Julia. He declares that when Barbie is taken into custody, he will be given a trial, and that he intends to seek the death penalty. 

"Exigent Circumstances"[edit | edit source]

At Sweetbriar Rose, Big Jim has rallied a mob to hunt down Barbie. The townspeople panic that Barbie could be in their homes, and the crowd pushes for their houses to be searched. Big Jim accepts the idea, but is told by Linda Esquivel that she won't allow Chester's Mill to be turned into a police state. Big Jim motivates the crowd into defending the reservoir and cleaning up the town with a speech promising their survival and prosperity. At Sweetbriar Rose Junior warns his father that he is in danger, as someone will try to kill him. He tells Junior to stay focused, as he has a job for him. Big Jim orders Junior to guard Julia Shumway's hospital room, and to radio Big Jim if she regains consciousness. As he leaves, Dodee arrives, and tells Big Jim about the transmission she picked up. Big Jim and Dodee arrive at WYBS, where she shows him the picture of the egg. She leaves the room to make sure the station's music continues, and Big Jim hears a military broadcast that the unidentified object had been moved from the forest to a few miles northeast. Dodee returns to hear the broadcast the  military personel discuss Big Jim, who they determine to be an unreliable contact as they witnessed him kill Lester Coggins after the missile's detonation. Big Jim attempts to silence the equipment, but turns to realize Dodee heard it. Big Jim tries to explain himself to Dodee, claiming that Coggins was volatile and dangerous. She asks him how many accidents there have been, doubting his claims about Maxine Seagrave and Otto. He claims that Barbie is "no saint", and that the people who have died got what they deserved, as they were threats to the town. Big Jim asks her about the egg, and she tells him that it was in the McAlister's barn, and that she suspects it is the Dome's power source. She attempts to prove value to him, but he tells her that even though she is useful, the dome can't be allowed to come down. He draws his gun, and she tells him that someday, everyone will see how rotten he is. He kills her, before destroying the broadcast equipment and setting the building on fire. Big Jim and some men arrive at the McAlister's barn, where they are stalled by Carolyn. Carolyn points out the illegality of Big Jim's invasive searches, and has his men detain Carolyn. Joe and Norrie return, and are quickly held by Jim's men. Finding the barn empty, Big Jim demands to know where the egg is. He orders Joe and Norrie to be taken to the station. Big Jim arrives at the police station, telling Joe that if he helps Big Jim find the egg, he will forgive him, Norrie, and Angie for "impeding a lawful investigation". Norrie laughs at the phrase, and provokes him into entering her cell. She slashes at him with her knife but only grazes his arm. He disarms her and leaves, warning that he gave them a chance. Norrie and Joe are taken away by Big Jim's men. Barbie asks where they are being taken, but Big Jim shrugs off the question. Big Jim tells Barbie that Barbie will confessed to all of Barbie's accused crimes, threatening to charge Angie for helping Barbie, Joe and Norrie for killing Dodee, and Julia for hiring Barbie to kill Peter. Barbie agrees to confess if he lets the kids go and stays away from Angie and Julia. Joe and Norrie are released to Carolyn, and Big Jim orders Linda to have them followed. He tells Junior to go find Angie and Julia. Junior questions why he wants to find Julia, as Barbie can't hurt her if he is in custody. Big Jim claims to be playing it safe. Junior tells his father not to lie to him, as it would be bad for both of them. Big Jim tells Junior that Barbie has confessed to his crimes, and Junior begins to leave. Big Jim asks if Julia was conscious when Angie took her, and Junior answers that she wasn't. Big Jim brings Barbie out of the police station, where a crowd has gathered. He reiterates the crimes Barbie is accused of, and explains he has brought him out to answer for his crimes. 

"Curtains"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim drags Barbie into the Sheriff's Office, demanding to know why Barbie didn't plead guilty as he agreed to. Barbie points out that Julia is still out there, and when she comes forward with the truth, Big Jim's story will fall apart.Big Jim places Barbie in a cell, where Barbie tells Big Jim that he won't go down without taking Big Jim with him. Big Jim notices the darkness, and rushes outside to see the light getting blocked out of Chester's Mill. Big Jim over-hears Linda message about mini-dome location and with Junior heads for Ben's house. Big Jim finds Linda as she is waking up. She realizes that the group has taken the mini-dome, and tells Big Jim they need to find it, as it is their best chance of bringing down the Dome. Seeing a crowd gathering at the church, Big Jim pulls over where he asks Andrea Grinnell what is going on. Quoting Revelations, she tells him that everyone is repenting before the end. Big Jim attempts to pacify the crowd, but they point out that without sunlight they will starve and freeze. He manages to rally them by attributing the darkness to the lawlessness in town since the Dome arrived. Phil arrives in Big Jim's office at his request. Big Jim asks him to find some carpenters for a work detail. He shows Phil an image of a gallows, telling him that Barbie needs to be made an example of. Phil agrees for Dorothy "Dodee" Weaver's sake. Linda calls Big Jim, reading to him "the pink stars are falling in lines". Big Jim is stunned at the phrase. When she asks if it means anything to him, he replies "not for a long time". He asks her to meet him at his house.Big Jim shows brings Linda to the art studio of Pauline Rennie. He tells Linda that as Pauline lost her mind, she began to repeat that "pink stars are falling". He shows her a painting of pink stars over a black egg. Big Jim speculates that his wife knew what was going to happen, and laments that he didn't believe her or do enough to help her. Linda tells him that if his family is connected to the Dome, then he is important to everyone. Big Jim declares over the radio, calling for Julia to exchange the egg for Barbie's life. She is given an hour to make a decicion. Junior enters Big Jim's office, warning him that Joe, Norrie, and Angie want to assassinate him, and that they think he is dangerous, and has killed people. Big Jim asks if Junior believes it, but Junior doesn't give a clear answer. Big Jim tells him that he went to his mother's studio and saw the paintings. Big Jim expresses his belief that the Dome was their destiny. Big Jim confesses that he has taken lives, but they were all absolutely unavoidable for the good of Chester's Mill. He tells Junior that they have both been chosen to lead the town. The crowd at the gallows see as pink stars to rise up the Dome, and Big Jim convinces the crowd that it is a sign from God that they should continue their work. As the stars reach the top of the Dome, the blackness disappears, instead turning white. Big Jim orders Junior to throw the lever to execute Barbie, and Junior hesitates.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

"Heads Will Roll"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim continues to tell Junior to pull the lever. A pulse knocks the entire audience unconscious, and Junior realizes that the dome may be trying to tell them something. Big Jim shoves Junior aside and is ready to pull the lever, but Linda holds him at gunpoint to stop him. Jim, Junior, Linda, and Barbie to go the dome, but it is attracting everything that is metal. Jim's car ends up crushing Linda as she frees Barbie from his handcuffs. Jim tries to talk to Junior, but Junior blames Jim for everything and runs away. Jim runs into his shelter and an assortment of metal objects block the door and trap him inside. Dodee appears to Jim and mocks him for his sins. Jim manages to blow the door open and finds Junior unconscious. He asks the dome to tell him what it want from him, and an apparition of Linda implies he needs to "sacrifice" himself for the town.

Jim marches up the gallows and puts the rope around his neck as Julia and Barbie happen by. Jim asks if they want to "do the honours", and Julia volunteers to do it, but she can't go through with it. Jim kicks the door open and, as he falls, Julia cuts the rope, freeing Jim. At that moment, everyone starts to wake up, and Julia tells Jim the dome wants them to stop killing. Jim offers everyone that is homeless to stay at his house. As Angie pours him coffee, she tells him she would have killed him if she was on the gallows. Junior tells Jim about a dream he had involving his mother. He thinks she is alive, but Jim doubts it. Jim is also highly suspicious of the sudden return of his brother-in-law, Sam.

"Infestation"[edit | edit source]

In the morning Big Jim prepares a breakfast for Joe and Norrie. When they sit down he asks them questions about the dome, hoping to get more information out of them. This however does not work, Jim then gets a message on his radio from Phil ending the conversation. 

Jim then goes to the police station and wakes Junior by tapping a police baton down the bars. When Junior awakes Jim tells him to open the school as Rebecca is going to start teaching again. Junior reluctantly agrees but tells his father that it is for the town and not for him.

Later Big Jim is seen in the Sweetbriar Rose, talking to Andrea Grinnell. She tells him that she thinks he is the reason the magnetism of the dome ended, she is shown to be very grateful. Rebecca then enters explaining the current problem of the caterpillars and how fast they are eating Chester's Mill's crops. She then stops and is seen looking at someone, Jim turns around to see what and notices his son covered in blood. Junior then reveals that Angie was dead. At the school Jim is shown to be shocked by her death, Barbie asks if he is going to blame him to which Jim tells him that neither of them were capable of something like that, he then asks for Barbie's help finding her killer which he agrees to. The two of them then join Phil who has found a bloody shoe print left at the scene. Big Jim then finds his son asking if he had killed Angie, Junior is shocked by his father's accusation suggesting that maybe he had done it and he was trying to blame him, like he had done after murdering Dodee, Maxine and Otto and blamed Barbie. Big Jim promises that he didn't but mentions that it wouldn't be the first time Junior's emotions for Angie lead him to doing strange things.

Barbie and Jim then join Rebecca at Killian's field at which she had burnt a lot of in hopes of destroying some of the caterpillars eggs before they could hatch. Jim tells them that he thinks the dome is testing him directly, which Rebecca seemed slightly bewildered by. He then mentions that he has an idea of how to use a pesticide.

When Julia goes to visit Sam he mentions Jim when admitting that he is his brother in law. Julia is shown to be let down, telling Sam that he and Jim were practically related, Sam reassures her that he hates Big Jim and he blames him for Pauline's, his sister's, death.

Jim shows Barbie and Rebecca a crop duster he says he can fly, mentioning it once belonged to Chuck Thomspon. Barbie flew in the military and volunteers, but Jim says the plague is a test meant for him, again Rebecca is shown to be doubtful. Barbie later convinces Rebecca to distract Jim while he takes off, telling her that it is their only chance and it's not worth risking. Rebecca reluctantly agrees and does distract Big Jim, she and Jim walk outside taking about the route Jim is going to take when he hears the plane. 

The plane is air born and Barbie comes close to the dome to get the last field, ignoring Big Jim's advice of leaving it and finding another way. The plane then begins to go down, due to the dome catching the wing and still losing fuel. Big Jim radios to Barbie telling him about a secret switch to flip, he does then suddenly seems to have enough fuel and is able to land. Back on the landing strip, Barbie puts together that the reserve fuel was for the drug runs Jim used to do, Jim admits it was. He then thanks Jim for saving his life.

Finally, Jim is seen at the church for Angie's funeral, he greets people as they enter. He spots Rebecca and asks how she is feeling, knowing Angie was a student of hers. Rebecca tells Jim that she was when she came in, but that she had always liked her. Jim then gives  a speech gaining lots of the towns support from residents in the crowd, such as Andrea Grinnel. After the ceremony Rebecca tells Jim that they have a big problem, there are too many people under the dome for the limited resources and then finally says "We can't all survive" 

"Force Majeure"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim is getting shaved by Lyle at the barber shop while having a discussion. Jim admits to having feelings towards Rebecca and Lyle says he'll be at the diner. Once at the diner, it starts raining red acid. Lyle believes it's blood and starts speaking about the Bible to Big Jim. Jim and Rebecca drive around town when they see a figure standing on the road, causing them to crash into a tree. The figure, Lyle, throws Jim out of the car and drives away with Rebecca. Barbie, Julia, and Sam rescue Jim and take him back to the diner. Phil asks what happened to him and they say that he's going to be okay. Big Jim tells then Lyle did it and then Sam tells Jim that he won't let him die yet. Later that night, Rebecca tells Jim, Julia, and Barbie her extermination plan with causes Julia to get furious.

"Revelation"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim finds Rebecca in the lab. She is planning on releasing the H1N1 virus to determine who will live and die. She gives Big Jim a container with the virus, but he is busted by Julia and Sam as he is about to put it in the water. However, it turns other Rebecca gave him an empty container because she believes he couldn't go through with it. Sam brings Jim to the jail while Julia captures Rebecca and they are both put into a holding cell.

"Reconciliation"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim and Rebecca are put on trial before the town, but the town is split on whether Big Jim or Julia should lead the town. Wendell charges at Big Jim, and Phil kills him. As Big Jim and Rebecca sit in their cells. Phil comes in drinking, having been fired by Julia. Phil decides to help Big Jim win ack the town. Barbie later confronts Big Jim, who denies his involvement. Later Big Jim and Rebecca are brought into the Sweetbriar bar where Julia encourages the town to forgive Big Jim and Rebecca. Big Jim makes a big show of accepting Julia's leadership, but is secretly angry.

"In the Dark"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim quickly made it clear that he resented Julia's leadership, and questioned her decisions. When a dust storm blew over Chester Mills and threatened to suffocate the town, Big Jim tried to rally the town, but know one trusted him until Ben Drake (TV Series) nearly suffocated to death. The town helped Big Jim build a windmill that blew the dust away. Big Jim regained the town's trust and planted a seed of doubt about Julia when he noted that she was nowhere to be found.

"Going Home"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim comes to the school and sees Rebecca and Julia. He notices something is off, by the way they say everything is fine. Later, Big Jim corners Rebecca and intimidates her into telling him the truth: That Barbie had "died" falling down a cliff. Big Jim hosts a vigil for Barbie.

"Awakening"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim elects himself as sheriff of Chester's Mills. He apologizes to Rebecca for threatening her. He comes to the conclusion that someone is after him. Junior and Rebecca initially dismiss Big Jim's claims, but agree to help him. As Junior checks in with Big Jim, he is knocked unconscious by Phil, and handcuffed to the bars of a jail cell. As Phil prepares to kill Big Jim, Junior and Rebecca arrive. Big Jim and Junior work together to apprehend Phil, and Big Jim locks him in a cell.

"The Red Door"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim visits Julia and asks about the mercenary outside the Dome. He then tells her if she wants him to send out a crew to recover Barbie's body but she rejects, due to the dangers someone could face down the cliff. Jim tells Junior that Barbie's alive and Junior admits he knew too. Junior shows Jim the exit down at the cliffs. Big Jim then finds Rebecca at the diner and tells her to build an egg detector or something to locate the egg. He later talks to Malick, who's outside the Dome. Malick shows Jim where the egg is but both Julia and Jim can't find the egg. Big Jim tells Julia why he wants the egg. He tells her that he wants to save the town and not just Barbie. He goes back home and finds Pauline, feeling extremely shocked and says, "Pauline?"

"The Fall"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim is shocked to see Pauline alive and in their home, but his shock turns to anger when he learns Pauline willingly faked her death and left him and Junior alone. Big Jim later apologizes to Pauline and hopes they can be a family again. He leaves to do his duties when Junior comes in.

Big Jim comes back and finds Pauline in the shed, frantically painting a new picture. Big Jim tries to understand what Pauline is saying, but she is also screaming in pain (because she can hear the egg squealing). Big Jim locks Pauline in the shed, and forces Norrie and Joe at gun point to take him to the egg. He then forces them into the tunnels and knocks the egg out of their hands, and sends it into the abyss. When he comes back to the shed, he happily tells Pauline that the egg is gone, but Pauline cries and says, "what have you done?"

"Black Ice"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim takes his wife Pauline to the high school but learns from Barbie and Julia that the passage to zenith is blocked and that Phil learned that the hard way, Jim is shocked by this and leaves. Later Big Jim talked to Pauline in private and asked if she still loves Lyle. Big Jim asked Junior to talk to Pauline for him and Junior states that he new Pauline was alive. Big Jim went to find gas for the generators. At the docks Big Jim finds Lyle in the lake, he reluctantly throws him a line and pulls him in and ask's him to sit in Jim car. Lyle tells Big Jim that he saw the world on fire and tells Big Jim to think about where he wants to be at the end of the world. Big Jim says that he wants to be with his family. He returns to the school and tells Sam to take Lyle and Rebecca that he found enough fuel for the night. Big Jim admits to Pauline that he wasn't a good husband and neither a good father.

"Turn"[edit | edit source]

Lyle stabs Pauline in the back, declaring that she was supposed to be with with him. Big Jim runs after him, and tackles Lyle. He starts punching his face, and Lyle begs Big Jim to kill him. Big Jim obliges, and stabs Lyle with the knife. Lyle thanks Big Jim and then dies. Big Jim returns to Pauline, who is laying in a pool of her own blood.

"Go Now"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim is determined to save Pauline's life, but she eventually dies. Big Jim realizes Rebecca injected Pauline with morphine that killed her because it was mercy killing, and then bludgeons Rebecca to death with a hammer. He takes Pauline's body to her art studio and tries to make a deal with the dome to bring Pauline back to life. When Big Jim realizes it doesn't work, he burns the place down, with Pauline's body still inside. Big Jim goes to Andrea's place and holds her at gunpoint. Julia shows up and is held at gunpoint. Big Jim says this is payback, and Andrea protests that she has done nothing, but be his friend and neighbour. Big Jim tells Andrea this isn't about her before shooting her in the head. Big Jim tells Julia the dome didn't bring back Pauline when he asked it to, so he plans to kill her and mess up the dome's plans.

Big Jim goes to attack Julia with a hammer, but Julia blocks with a frying pan and runs off. Big Jim catches up to Julia and throws her to the ground. Before Big Jim can pull the trigger, Julia stabs him in the foot and runs off. As Big Jim looks for Julia, he finds Junior with his gun raised. Junior disowns Big Jim as his father, and tells him that he isn't leaving with the rest of the town. Big Jim declares that Junior does't tell him what to do and that Chester's Mill is his town. As Big Jim advances on Junior, he shoots Big Jim in the shoulder, and then leaves before telling him to "enjoy what's left of it" (referring to Chester's Mills). Big Jim follows Junior and watches as Junior slips into the hole before it closes, trapping Big Jim in Chester's Mill, presumably leaving him to die.

Season 3[edit | edit source]

"Move On" & "But I'm Not"[edit | edit source]

After everyone escapes the dome, it shatters and Barbie rushes to find Julia. He sees Big Jim impaled with a tree branch in his chest. It turns out this is an alternate reality, created by The Dome. In reality, the dome had stopped shrinking, sparing Big Jim. He comes across Julia and Junior, and takes them captive. He lets them go, declaring that this is his town and says he never wants to see them again. He shoots Junior in the shoulder, declaring them even.

Big Jim goes home, and shoots out all the pictures of Junior. He watches a home movie of him trying to make Junior jump from a tree, and then shoots the TV, declaring there isn't anything good on television. Big Jim eventually comes across Julia unconscious. They find the dead body of Don Barbara, and Julia acccuses Big Jim of killing him. She demands to know if he did anything with Melanie and the egg. Big Jim laughs at her courage, saying she is giving him orders while he has the gun. Julia punches Jim in the face, and says that if he is going to shoot her, then shoot her or get out of her way. Big Jim lets Julia go, but follows her. They end up in an underground cave with these strange pods. Big Jim sees Junior is in one of them. He finds Melanie attacking Julia, and declared he won't let them hurt his son. After getting a second opinion from Julia, Big Jim breaks the egg in the process opening all the pods including Junior's who after seeing Big Jim touches him on the shoulder..

"Redux"[edit | edit source]

Junior is upset about being woken up and tells Big Jim that he was finally free of him, Big Jim furiously backhanded Junior, telling him that he should be greatful and then said was a coward before walking away in disgust. Big Jim held a town meeting, hoping to regain control; but Barbie claimed he was a threat to this town and started assaulted him. He was stopped by the appearance of Eva and Christine. Big Jim immediately became suspicious of them, and follows Eva. He watches her dig up a camera, and take it back to the hotel. After Eva leaves, Big Jim sneaks in and steals the camera. The camera depicted Christine's hand transforming after she touched the egg. Big Jim then sees that Junior has burned down their house, and is shocked by Junior's non-chalant reaction. Big Jim eventually decided to leave Chester's Mill with a dog he names Indy.

"The Kinship"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim watches as Christine and Junior talk. He is then kidnapped and taken to lab facility, where tests are performed on him. Big Jim sees that Malick is behind it and wonders how he got inside the dome. Malick asks Jim about the egg and wants to know where it is. Big Jim reminds Malick about of deal they made. Malick tells Jim they don't make deals and says they will torture him if he doesn't tell them what they want to know. Big Jim tells him where the egg is and Malick orders Jim to take him to the egg. As soon as Malick cuts Jim's bindings, Jim attacks Malick. They fight and Jim takes Malick hostage. He is caught by Dr. Marston, and a soldier. They shoot Malick dead without hesitation, and Big Jim flees with armed guys pursuing him. He encountered Julia, who held a gun on him. Big Jim told Julia about how he was captured and had tests run on him. Julia shot one of the guys pursuing Jim and they both fled.

"Alaska"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim and Julia set up a trap and distract the Aktaion agents and then run inside the Aktaion house. Dr. Marston points his gun at Julia, Big Jim points his gun at Marston, and the men point their guns at Jim. Marston orders their guns down and shows both Julia and Barbie about Alaska. Marston then sends Julia and some men for Christine. He later fools Big Jim into a cage and locks him inside. Marston is willing to kill his dog, Indy, with a knife for the truth of the egg. Big Jim finally says the truth and Marston lets a guard let Indy inside the cage with Big Jim. Marston explains that every experiment needs a control and states that Christine will be the experiment and Big Jim will be the control.

"Caged"[edit | edit source]

Marston tries to use Big Jim to get information out of Christine regarding the dome and it's plan. Big Jim does his best, but Christine won't tell him anything. Marsten tells Big Jim that he will become a test subject to test a potential cure for what's infection g Chester's Mill, if he can't get information out of Christine. When Barbie and Junior break Christine's out, just as Indy runs away. Big Jim kills Masten by slashing his throat with a shard of glass and then goes to look for Indy where he meets up with Julia again.

"Ejecta"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim and Julia get drunk at the Aktaion Energy house and talk about random things. Big Jim tells Julia about the story Lyle told him, along with the fact that everyone was going to burn to death. Big Jim later opens the door to the house and is about to shoot when he sees it's Joe, Norrie, and Hunter. The 5 of them, along with Indy, make a plan. A voice is later heard through a computer.

"Breaking Point"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim and Hunter stay alone at the Aktaion house with Jim's dog Indy while Julia, Joe, and Norrie leave. Big Jim and Hunter both soon find out that the explosions outside of the Dome were false. Hunter explains his mothers death and he soon gets a message from Lily. Big Jim tells her that he needs guns and explosives to help save Dr. Marston. Before leaving, he tells Hunter that if anything happens to his dog Indy, he'll cut off his arms and throw him to the lake. Big Jim and Julia later go to the woods where Julia distracts 2 guards and Jim kills the 3rd guard. Down at the tunnels, he plants the explosives and once he gets out, Junior finds him. They argue and Big Jim soon knocks Junior out and takes his body away. Later, Big Jim and Julia rescue Joe and Norrie, then to find out that Carolyn was killed by falling debris because of the explosion the explosives caused. Norrie then states that emotions can cure because they crued Carolyn and Joe gives the map to Julia in a "bad" way. Big Jim rows them all back to the Aktaion house.

"Plan B"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim sends everyone to Reverend Lester Coggins' home funeral before the Aktaion house is torched up by the Kinship. Big Jim and Julia capture Barbie, take him to Peter's cabin, and interrogate him. Big Jim leaves to go to the town hall. There, he kills two guards and gets in a fight with Eva. She throws him a few feet above the ground and he then body slams her whole body to the wall and escapes. He arrives at Peter's cabin but finds Barbie, Julia, and Indy gone. He then arrives back at Lester's house where Hunter and Norrie tell him that Sam is part of the Kinship and took Joe. They later see the kinship headed towards the house to torch it up.

"Legacy"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim, Norrie, and Hunter fight for their lives from the Kinship at Reverend Lester Coggins' home funeral until Hektor and his Aktaion crew get inside the Dome and rescue them all. Hektor asks Jim about Dr. Marston and Jim tells his that Marston is hiding in a safe place but when Hektor tells Jim that he killed him, Jim saves himself from a bullet shot by saying he can help Hektor. They both later make a deal to save the town and free it from the Dome.

"Love is a Battlefield"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim and Julia are caught by Junior at the barn until Hektor and some Aktaion agents arrive. Jim tells Hektor that Junior will be their test for the cure. After preparing the test and injecting Junior, Big Jim starts talking with his true son after he joins the Resistance. After Jim gets selfish and cuts Junior lose, Junior returns to the Kinship and pushes Big Jim out of his way and runs off. Lily later overhears both Big Jim and Hektor talk about their plan on elimination the whole Kinship and all those who are also infected.

"Incandescence"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim and Lily Walters make a deal about Hektor Martin. Jim collects some money as he hears Norrie telling him about Hektor going wild and wanting to kill Joe. Jim later finds Hektor pointing his gun at both Joe and Norrie and shoots him in the back. Before Hektor can grab his gun, Jim steps his hand and shoots him in the head.

"The Enemy Within"[edit | edit source]

Big Jim, Joe, and Norrie are caught by the Kinship at the burned down radio station and locked up in jail along with the rest of the Resistance. After everyone else is let go, Big Jim calls Kyle stupid and tells him to bring his dog, Indy. After Kyle brings Indy and lets him inside the cell, Jim starts faking thirst and Julia tells Kyle that he needs water. After Kyle leaves, Jim pulls out an extra key from Indy's collar and they soon escape. At the bomb shelter, Kyle finds them both and tells them that he will take them back and shoot Indy. Big Jim talks to Kyle before killing him with a trophy. They escape towards the woods and leave Kyle's dead body at the bomb shelter. Jim is about to snipe down Dawn with a sniper until Junior gets in a fight with him and Julia runs after Dawn. The Dome comes down and Junior soon starts to strangle his father, Big Jim, but Jim starts crying and tells him to not let him kill him but Jim ends up stabbing Junior in the chest, killing him. He cries while holding the body of his dead son and is soon caught by the army. One year later, Big Jim who is now a Congressman lives alone with his dog Indy, and he finds both Barbie and Julia. They go back with the rest of the Resistance where they find out that Dawn is still alive somewhere thanks to a security camera.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season 1 appearances
"Pilot" "The Fire" "Manhunt" "Outbreak" "Blue on Blue"
"The Endless Thirst" "Imperfect Circles" "Thicker Than Water" "The Fourth Hand" "Let the Games Begin"
"Speak of the Devil" "Exigent Circumstances" "Curtains"
Season 2 appearances
"Heads Will Roll" "Infestation" "Force Majeure" "Revelation" "Reconciliation"
"In the Dark" "Going Home" "Awakening" "The Red Door" "The Fall"
"Black Ice" "Turn" "Go Now"
Season 3 appearances
"Move On" "But I'm Not" "Redux" "The Kinship" "Alaska"
"Caged" "Ejecta" "Breaking Point" "Plan B" "Legacy"
"Love is a Battlefield" "Incandescence" "The Enemy Within"

Killed Victims[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Big Jim has caused the most deaths out of all the characters in the series, totalling twenty.
  • Big Jim's signature sidearm is a Beretta 92FS Inox.
  • Unlike his novel counterpart, Big Jim switched from being evil to becoming an anti-hero and ended up being a survivor.
  • Big Jim is one of the 6 main characters to appear in all 39 episodes of the entire series.
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