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  Joseph Ernest McAlister
Joe 304.png
First seen "Pilot"
Last seen "The Enemy Within"
Series lifespan "Pilot" to "The Enemy Within"
Appeared in 39 episodes, (see below)
Portrayed by Colin Ford

Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 18
Occupation High School Student
Family Angie McAlister - Sister †
Jack McAlister - Father
Steve - Uncle
Frank - Cousin
Norrie Calvert-Hill - Girlfriend
Mrs. McAlister - Mother
Killed Victims 0
Status Alive
Joseph Ernest McAlister Gallery
"It's weird and it's scary, but it's the first time anything like this has happened on Earth. That's awesome in the true "awe" sense of awesome. Uh, not to mention, if it hadn't come down, I might not have met you."
—Joe to Norrie about the Dome[src]

Joseph Ernest McAlister, better known as Joe is a main character in CBS' Under the Dome. He is a smart teenage boy living in Chester's Mill. His parents were on the other side of the dome when it came down, secluding him and his older sister from his parents. He is one of the new four hands.

Before The Dome[]

Joe was born on September 12, 1996. He is the son of Jack McAlister and the brother of Angie McAlister. They lived in Chester's Mill where he attended high-school. He was president of the high school's robotics club.

Under The Dome[]

Season 1[]


Joe is first seen when he hears the Dome crash down. He comes out of his house to see if Barbie is alright and to see the damage that the dome did. Joe begins to inspect the dome and realizes that it only zaps you the first time you touch it. Suddenly, birds begin to fall out of the sky as they crashed into the dome and broke their necks. A plane begins to approach quickly and crashes into the dome, Joe is shocked by the event and due to that stands still, not avoiding the falling debris that is coming right at him. Barbie quickly tackles him to save his life. Joe and Barbie search the scene for a few minutes, but are stopped when a firetruck from the outside begins to approach vastly and almost crashes into the dome. Barbie tells the driver of the fire truck, using notes, to call the FAA. Joe wonders if the military built it, but Barbie shuts down that idea by saying that it actually works and if the military actually built it, it wouldn't work. Linda & Duke arrive and talk with the two regarding what happened.

"The Fire"[]

Ben and Joe talk about Joe's first seizure and how he spoke about "pink stars". Joe decides that he should attempt to map out the dome. At the edge of the Dome, Ben and Joe talk to Barbie about the map that Joe is making. Joe tells Barbie that the Dome is ten miles across, covers most of the mill, and some of Lake Eastpointe. Ben asks Joe about Barbie, and he informs Ben that he is not from the town. 


At a bonfire, Joe shows Ben and two girls the video he took of Paul Randolph inadvertently killing Freddy Denton. Ben and the two girls talk with him about the incident, wondering what will happen to Paul. Norrie Calvert-Hill approaches Joe, asking if she can recharge her phone at his house, also requesting if she can stay over. When he asks about the "two ladies" he saw her with, she denies knowing them. In the McAlister house, Norrie lies about her parents to Joe, claiming that she has a father who is a musician. Ben arrives with some girls looking to use the generator, and admits that he has invited other people over.

A house party has developed at the McAlister house, and Ben suggests that Joe not mention his seizure to Norrie. Among the teenagers is an ex-boyfriend of Angie's, Carter Thibodeau. Carter begins to start charging people to use Joe's generator to charge their phones. As Joe is about to tell him to stop, Norrie steps forward and tells him he should leave. Carter grabs her arm, and Joe quickly tells him to leave. The generator overloads, and the crowd soon clears out. Joe is tries to repair the generator with Norrie, when Carolyn arrives. Norrie thanks Joe for standing up for her, but when she touches his hand, they both fall to the ground convulsing, repeating "Pink stars are falling, pink stars are falling in lines." 


At the hospital, Alice and Carolyn bring Norrie and Joe to be tested after their seizures. Alice requests several specific tests to be performed, but nurse Adams explains to her that the equipment is limited, and that the hospital is understaffed. Seeing Junior, Joe asks if he has seen Angie. Junior replies that he has seen her recently, and Joe catches up with the Calvert-Hills. Alice draws some blood samples from Norrie and Joe, and performs the EEG. She notices no abnormalities in the EEG, but before she can do any further tests she is asked by Big Jim and Adams to treat the patients.

Norrie and Joe decide to try and trigger another seizure, after determining the last one happened when they made physical contact. Joe suggests they film the experiment. After setting up the video, they touch hands, and have another seizure almost instantly. Norrie and Joe watch the video, and discover that they spoke during the seizures, "Pink stars are falling, pink stars are falling in lines." In the video, Joe sits up and hushes the camera, which he claims he does not remember doing. They decide not to tell anyone about their discovery, because the Dome "doesn't want [them] to." The Calvert-Hills are preparing to leave back to the inn when Joe invites them to stay at his house, which they agree. 

"Blue on Blue"[]

Joe and Norrie search for Angie, as most of the town prepares for the missile impact. As the missile approaches, Norrie and Joe share a kiss. The missile impacts the dome, laying waste to everything outside of it but leaving the town unscathed. Norrie and Joe find that they no longer have seizures when they touch.

"The Endless Thirst"[]

Joe and Norrie help the driver that crashes into the water tower. Later Joe helps Norrie to track down the other diabetics in town by going through the hospital's files. Joe and Norrie reach the house of a diabetic listed in the hospital's files, Ray Garcia. Norrie smashes in a window and then hears a shotgun cock. Ray holds it on them and says he took his last dose yesterday. Norrie and Joe reach another diabetic's house. They find a young boy who tells them that it is his insulin. Joe puts most of the insulin back, but takes one vial and then they both leave. Norrie, Joe, Julia and Dodee reach the dome. When Norrie and Joe touch the dome together, Dodee's radio starts working again meaning that the signal is unjammed.

"Imperfect Circles"[]

Joe McAlister is woken up by Norrie Calvert-Hill, who asks him to accompany her to the Dome. Norrie wants to investigate their connection to the Dome that was determined by Julia Shumway and Dorothy "Dodee" Weaver. Joe is skeptical, but relents as Norrie suggests that perhaps they are the key to removing it. Norrie and Joe kiss while touching the Dome, trying to trigger another reaction, but nothing happens. Joe suggests that they investigate the very center of the Dome instead. As Joe and Norrie head to the center of the Dome, Norrie wonders why the Dome "picked" them. Joe is uncertain, but is glad that it did, because otherwise he wouldn't have met Norrie. Joe and Norrie arrive at the center of the Dome, and see a spherical pile of leaves. Clearing them away, they see a mound of dirt covering a second, smaller Dome. Norrie pours her water bottle over it, allowing them to see a black egg - like object inside. Norrie and Joe attempt to communicate with the mini-Dome. Joe suggests they both touch it, like they did with the Dome. As they do, they see an apparition of Alice, which disappears when Norrie removes her hands. She realizes she needs to find her mom, and heads back to the McAlister house. Later Angie returns home, hugging Joe.

"Thicker Than Water"[]

At the McAlister house,  Joe McAlister asks Angie where she has been over the last week, but Angie just deflects the question. She suggests they get something to eat at Sweetbriar Rose. As they prepare to leave, Joe invites Norrie Calvert-Hill, who harshly rejects his invitation. At Sweetbriar Rose as Joe sketches the egg-like object he saw at the Dome's center, Julia approaches and asks what he is doing. He shrugs her question off, crumpling the paper up and throwing it away. Joe stands over Alice's empty grave. He is approached by Julia, and Joe laments that Norrie blames him for her death. When he mentions the "egg ", Julia becomes curious, demanding he take her to see it. Joe brings Julia to the center of the Dome, where they see the egg glowing. Julia places her hands on the mini-dome, and she sees an apparition of Joe, that repeats, "The monarch will be crowned." Julia starts to head back to her car, unsure what she just saw. Joe is curious that she saw "another" Joe, particularly curious that it spoke. He explains that when he and Norrie saw Alice, she didn't say anything. Joe wonders if something will happen to him as it did to Alice. Joe and Julia return to his house, where he is hugged by Norrie. She apologizes for blaming him, and tells him she is ready to bury Alice.

"The Fourth Hand"[]

Joe, Norrie, and Angie later find the dome in the barn, with Angie saying that he saw Joe sleepwalking, and they assume that he brought it to the barn. The three of them then touch the dome at the same time. Once doing so, the egg in the middle of the dome lights up, revealing a fourth handprint, indicating that the dome needs a fourth hand. Angie than says that they need to find the fourth hand.

"Let the Games Begin"[]

Norrie Calvert-Hill, Joe McAlister, and Angie McAlister, having spent the night in the barn, wake up to discover a caterpillar inside the mini-dome . Joe identifies it as a caterpillar that will grow into a monarch butterfly. Norrie and Joe suggest they ask Julia, who had previously been communicated with by the mini-dome that "the monarch will be crowned". Angie is reluctant, pointing out that Julia hasn't had any seizures. The three set out to discover who else has had seizures to determine who the fourth hand print belongs to, hoping to turn off the Dome. Later at barn hear noise Joe, Norrie, and Angie rush in, discovering Dodee, and see that her hand is burnt. They bring Dodee to the clinic, where she regains consciousness. Dodee asks what happened, saying she remembers electricity. Joe and Norrie tell her they found her next to her generator. Nurse Adams arrives to take Dodee to be examined, and Angie asks if she is aware of anyone else in town who has had seizures. Adams says she isn't aware of any since Angie's tenth grade dance. Angie, shocked, runs out of the clinic while Joe and Norrie follow her. Angie tells Joe and Norrie that she believes Junior to be the fourth hand. She reveals that Junior passed out at her tenth grade dance, but though everyone thought he had been drinking, Nurse Adams just explained that it was really a seizure. When Joe expresses his dislike of Junior, Angie angrily reveals that Junior had kidnapped her after the Dome arrived. Joe is furious, but Norrie talks him down before asking if Angie is sure that Junior is the fourth. Angie says she's sure, and says she wants to show them something. Angie leads Joe and Norrie to Pauline Rennie's studio, and shows them the painting of Junior next to the pink stars. Junior arrives and Joe attacks him, but Junior easily overpowers him. Angie demands he release Joe and come with them to the barn, claiming that the four of them are connected to something bigger. Angie, Joe, and Norrie bring Junior to the barn, where they notice the caterpillar has entered its chrysalis. They touch the mini-dome with Junior. The egg begins to glow, and the power in the barn goes out. The egg projects the pink stars around them, forming constellations. While Angie admires their beauty. Junior asks what it means.

"Speak of the Devil"[]

Angie McAlister, Joe McAlister, Norrie Calvert-Hill, and Junior Rennie lie down in the barn, looking up at the constellations they traced from the egg's projection. Norrie again speculates that the Dome was trying to communicate with them, such as causing rain to pacify the riots and causing their seizures. Joe points out four stars that aren't part of any constellation, which he believes represents the four of them. Junior notices that the chrysalis is closer to hatching, having become clear, with the monarch butterfly's wings visible through it. Norrie panics, wanting to tell someone. Joe suggests Julia Shumway, who, unlike Dorothy "Dodee" Weaver, was able to safely touch the mini-dome. Believing the Dome "trusts" Julia, Joe sets off to find her. Barbie sees Joe pass the door, and calls for help. They put Julia in her car, where Barbie stays beside her to slow the bleeding while Joe drives her to the hospital. As Joe drives to the hospital, the storm worsens, pulling town tree branches in front of the vehicle. Joe expresses his belief that the Dome is angry. They arrive at the hospital, and Barbie orders Joe to charge the car as he brings Julia inside. Nurse Adams is quickly called away by another resident whose husband was injured by the storm. Barbie tells Joe to find plastic tubing, but Joe realizes the hospital has been looted. Barbie manages to improvise with some nearby supplies. When Joe asks how Barbie knows what he's doing, Barbie answers that he had to do the same thing to his sergeant. Joe asks what happened to him, but Barbie doesn't answer. Julia's heart starts. Joe says he has to go to tell everyone what Barbie did. He believes that Barbie is the Monarch that will save them. Angie, Joe, Norrie, and Junior arrive at the location, and Angie warns them not to let go, whatever happens. They touch the Dome, and they see an apparition of Big Jim on the other side. Bleeding wounds appear on his chest and stomach, and Angie, Joe, and Norrie realize that the four of them are all carrying knives with blood on the tips. Junior realizes it too, and panics, letting go of the Dome. The vision and the knives disappear, and Junior runs off to find his dad.

"Exigent Circumstances"[]

In the barn, Joe McAlister, Angie McAlister, and Norrie Calvert-Hill observe the egg. Angie suggests that it is reacting because they haven't killed Big Jim, but Joe insists they can't. When Norrie points out that they don't know who the Monarch is, Joe asserts that it is Barbie. He speculates that when the butterfly emerges, something will change. Joe and Norrie arrive at Ben's place, telling him they have something they need to hide from the sweeps. He tells them that his house was already checked, and invites them in. Ben looks at the mini-dome, and nearly touches it before he is stopped by Joe. Norrie warns him that it is dangerous, and after covering the mini-dome in a blanket, the pair leave, asking him to just keep it hidden. Joe and Norrie return, and are quickly held by Jim's men. Finding the barn empty, Big Jim demands to know where the egg is. He orders Joe and Norrie to be taken to the station.  Big Jim arrives, telling Joe that if he helps Big Jim find the egg, he will forgive him, Norrie, and Angie for "impeding a lawful investigation". Norrie laughs at the phrase, and provokes him into entering her cell. She slashes at him with her knife but only grazes his arm. He disarms her and leaves, warning that he gave them a chance. Norrie and Joe are taken away by Big Jim's men. Joe and Norrie are released to Carolyn, and Big Jim orders Linda to have them followed. Linda follows Joe, Norrie, and Carolyn to Ben's house, where they find him waiting outside to escape the noise. He brings them in to show them. Ben uncovers the mini-dome, where they see the egg glowing orange. Linda enters Ben's room as the cocoon begins to hatch. 


In Ben Drake's room, Ben, Joe McAlister, Carolyn Hill, Norrie Calvert-Hill, and Linda Esquivel watch as a monarch butterfly hatches from the cocoon. Linda becomes hostile, demanding answers from the group. They explain that they believe the egg to be the cause of the Dome, that Joe and Norrie can communicate with it, and that it relayed the message "the Monarch will be crowned". Linda orders the group to back away from the mini-dome, claiming it as police property. As the butterfly flutters inside the mini-dome, the places its wings touch turn black. The group in Ben's room notice the spots created by the butterfly, seeing that they are slowly beginning to spread. The butterfly falls to the floor, and Ben notices that it is getting dark outside, as similar-looking blotches appear on the Dome. In Ben's room, the mini-dome becomes completely black as well. Joe theorizes that they need to get the butterfly out before it dies. The mini-dome emits the high-pitched noise once more, and Joe and Norrie attempt to touch it, but are stopped by Linda, who tells them that as it is police property, she will. She does, and is thrown back and knocked unconscious. 

Junior arrives at Ben's house, and the group explains that they let Linda get incapacitated. They tell him that the butterfly is dying, and that they need Angie. Junior lashes out over Angie's betrayal of him by helping Barbie. Ben warns them that Big Jim is nearly there. Norrie and Joe tell Carolyn and Ben to leave so Big Jim can't implicate them. They ask Junior if he is with them, or if he will allow Big Jim to take the egg away, and he agrees to help. In Junior's truck, Norrie and Joe wonder how to find Angie. Junior tells them that she has a police radio on her, but they are unsure how to communicate with her without alerting the whole police force. Angie arrives at the cement factory where Joe, Norrie, and Junior have brought the mini-dome. In the cement tunnels, Angie, Joe, Norrie, and Junior touch the handprints as Julia and Barbie watch. The mini-dome turns bright white before suddenly disappearing completely, leaving its contents intact. In the dirt, they see the butterfly. First believing it to be dead, it suddenly wakes up and starts flying around Barbie, as Joe again suggests that Barbie is the Monarch. Angie, Joe, Norrie, and Julia flee into the forest.

Angie suggests destroying the egg, thinking it might bring down the Dome, but Joe points out that it might cause another earthquake. Norrie suggests asking it. Julia hands her the egg, and Norrie asks the egg to tell them what to do. She turns to see an apparition of her mother, Alice Calvert. Norrie attempts to approach the apparition, but Julia stops her, warning her that that isn't really Alice. The apparition tells her that it has taken on a familiar appearance to "bridge the divide" to communicate with them. Norrie demands to know who it is, and Joe believes that it is whoever sent the Dome, and the vision of Alice nods. Angie asks why it is punishing them, and they are told that the Dome wasn't sent to punish them, but to protect them from a coming disaster. They are told that to get rid of the darkness, they need to earn it, by protecting the egg. Julia asks if they fail, if they will all die, and the vision of Alice nods. When Julia asks how they are to protect it, or who they are meant to protect it from, the vision disappears. Angie brings Joe, Norrie, and Julia to Sweetbriar Rose, where they discuss how they can hide the egg. They hear a message from Big Jim over the radio, calling for Julia to exchange the egg for Barbie's life. She is given an hour to make a decicion. At Sweetbriar Rose, they discuss what they should do. Julia tells them that they should do nothing: if she really is the Monarch, it needs to be her decision, and she tells them to get somewhere safe, as they have done enough.

Season 2[]

"Heads Will Roll"[]

Joe, Norrie, and Angie are standing near the church when the bell flies out and heads towards the dome. As the top of the church collapses, Joe pulls Angie and Norrie out of the way. The trio head to Norrie's house where they found Carolyn passed out on the floor. The dome's magnetization causes the knives and nails to fly at them. They pulled over a table to shield themselves. One of the nails went right through Joe's hand. Barbie and Rebecca Pine arrived to help them escape safety.


Joe and Norrie awaken at Big Jim's house. He makes them breakfast, but they still don't trust him. Later, Joe and Norrie find a mysterious young woman and bring her into town.

As everyone is at the Sweetbriar, Junior comes in and tells everyone that Angie is dead. When Joe and Norrie learn that the woman was at the school when Angie was murdered, Joe and Norrie blamed her and went to the jail cell she was being her in. Joe was ready to shoot the woman, when Julia came in and stopped him. Joe, unable to say good-bye to his sister, almost missed Angie's funeral, but Barbie convinced him to go.

"Force Majeure"[]

Joe, Norrie, and the woman took cover in the school while red, acidic, rain fell from the skies. While inside, they were able to check their E-mails. Joe was upset to get an E-mail from his father asking him about him and Angie

The signal vanished and they traced it to the locker Angie was at then she was murdered. Joe had been getting close with the woman and Norrie's jealousy started to show when the woman, somehow knew the combination, and opened it. As they were going through the yearbooks, they found a picture of the woman, named Melanie Cross. The yearbook was from 25 years and the woman looked EXACTLY like Melanie, meaning she never aged.


The kids recruited Barbie to help them. He found an article from 25 years that said Melanie had mysteriously disappeared. They went to the location and when Melanie stood on the spot, she had a flashback to the night she died.


Joe and Norrie encourage Melnaie to touch the dome, but nothing happens. When Melanie laments how she feels out of place, Norrie tells her she would trade her for her mom. This upsets Melanie and she runs away. Joe follows Melanie, and comforts her. Melanie kisses Joe just as Norrie arrives, and the two fight. Norrie gets a cut in her arm that bleeds, which gives Joe an idea. They head to the school's lab, where Joe and Melanie take samples of their blood to compare them. Joe realizes they need an expert to help them. Later, when the town celebrates, Joe sees Julia and Barbie together, and realizes he still wants to be Norrie. In private, Joe tries to apologize to Norrie, but she is still mad at him.

"In the Dark"[]

Norrie and Joe get into a fight and Joe goes back to his home. Joe tearfully stares at a wall of photos of him and Angie. He then knocks them down I a fit of rage as Junior, Norrie, and Melanie. The four of them decide to get the egg from the lake, and realize they need the four hands to raise it, but with Angie gone, there are only three. Melanie figures she can be the fourth hand, since she was one of the "original" four hands. Joe thinks they are replacing Angie, but Melanie assures him that isn't the case. When the four touch hands, the egg rises to the surface. Norrie and Joe reconcile and Norrie admits she is starting to like Melanie.

"Going Home"[]




"Red Door"[]


"The Fall"[]

Joe and Norrie are left alone at Angie's apartment and realize it's starting to get cold. They lay on a couch together and start kissing each other but then Norrie realizes that both Melanie and the egg are missing. They both head down to the school where they find Hunter inside a room. They ask him who he is but after saying his name, he says both of their names and several information about them. They both get freaked out and ask Hunter what he's doing. He tells them both that he just came from Zenith with Barbie. The three of them then head towards the police station for a radar gun to find the egg. There, Joe and Norrie tell Hunter that he can't go with them so he decides to head back to the school. Joe and Norrie briefly talk about the way out of the Dome being through the locker but don't realize that Phil Bushey, who is locked up down at the cells, overhears them. Soon, Joe and Norrie find the egg at the bomb shelter but Big Jim quickly points a gun at them and leads them down to the school, through the locker, and into the cliffs where he throws the egg out of Norrie's hands and through the portal to Zenith. An earthquake occurs and Hunter saves both Joe and Norrie out of the tunnels in the locker but they don't realize that Phil is stalking them. After Barbie and Julia find them, they tell them that Big Jim forced them to throw the egg off the cliff and that he had a gun. Phil then runs across the hall and through the locker, causing both Barbie and Julia to chase after him while Joe, Norrie, and Hunter head towards the Dome to see if anything changed.

"Black Ice"[]

At the Dome wall, Joe, Norrie, and Hunter realize the Dome is freezing. Joe places his hand on the Dome wall but the Dome soon starts to rotate. Hunter and Norrie help Joe remove his hand from the Dome wall but comes out bloody. They head to the school and warn Rebecca about the rotating and freezing Dome. They then get inside the school to stay warm. Joe, Norrie, and Hunter witness Tom Tilden walk in with his wife, Beth, who dies from the cold. Norrie and Hunter briefly talk while Joe searches through Hunter's backpack. He finds out that Hunter has been talking with someone from outside the Dome, later revealed to be Malick. Once the Dome turns all sunny again, Joe and Norrie follow Hunter and find him talking with Malick. They both yell at Hunter but he tells them both that he's on their side and that he told Malick to tell the rest of Aktaion Energy to stop examining the egg. They then hear a loud screech coming from the Dome and witness the Dome start to shrink.


Rebecca tells Joe, Norrie, and Hunter to lead everyone towards the center of town before the shrinking Dome gets too close to their houses and kills them. Joe and Norrie find Barbie and tell him that Hunter had something to say. Hunter admits to Barbie that when he got inside the Dome, he was secretly working for his father, Don Barbara. Barbie gets angry and leads Hunter towards the Dome wall but doesn't realize that Joe and Norrie are after him until he hears them in a bush near the Dome wall. Barbie calls them out and tells Joe to show his father Don a picture of Melanie. Even better, Joe shows Don a video of Melanie. After Don agrees to bring the egg back into the Dome, Barbie sends both Joe and Norrie to the police station for a walkie and tells them to then head to the lake to keep an eye out for when Don gets inside the Dome. At the station, Norrie finds a walkie that works and Joe grabs a gun. Norrie tells Joe to leave the gun at the station and of he needs protection, he must get behind her. Joe blushes a little and they both head down to the lake. Later, they both go to the woods with everyone else to heal Melanie and after healing her, they both witness her sink into a giant hole.

"Go Now"[]

Joe, Norrie, Hunter, Julia, and Barbie hear a man's cries for help and Joe soon states that the cries are coming from the Tilden farm. Julia suggests that Tom Tilden must have gotten back for something and they both Julia and Barbie head towards the farm while Joe, Norrie, and Hunter head back to the school for a tablet. Once back at the woods, they try the tablet but there is still no Wifi signal. The three of them then decide to explore the new tunnel Melanie created and find out it's a tunnel like at the school. Due to the shrinking Dome, it starts shaking and they quickly get out of the tunnels. Barbie finds them and they tell him that it's a new exit. Back at the school, Joe tells Norrie that Carolyn arrived at the school to help load up the busses with the town's people and then they both have a conversation about Alice, Angie, and the day the Dome came down. After the whole town is moved down into the tunnels, Joe and Norrie help out and once they reach a dead end, Barbie touches a spot where a butterfly was standing on, causing the dead end to break and create a new passage way. Then, Joe, Norrie, and the rest of the town witness Melanie say, "Follow me. We're going home."

Season 3[]

"Move On" & "But I'm Not"[]

After escaping the dome,in the alternate reality, Joe finds he has a hard time moving on from his sister, Angie McAlister's death. Norrie has left Chester's Mill and moved on with her life. Joe finds it hard to connect with who Norrie has become. He is being counseled by Christine, a crisis counsellor. At the memorial, Joe talks about Angie and how it is hard to move on, but he's trying. Joe decides to visit Sam, who is in jail for killing Angie. Joe tells Sam he won't accept his apology until he suffers what Angie had suffered. As Joe is leaving, a riot breaks out and Sam is stabbed in the hip by a prisoner. Joe sees this and extends his hand to Sam, implying he forgives him. Sam goes to take Joe's hand and then they both wake up, emerging from pods under the cavern.


After reemerging from their cocoons, Joe, along with the town's people, walks out of the tunnels, realizing that they're still trapped under the Dome. Joe, Norrie and Hunter sleep at the school, where Joe asks Norrie if they're still in a relationship where she replies saying she doesn't know. The next day, Joe, Norrie, and Hunter are sent to Andrea's house to collect some food. Joe gets annoyed by Norrie and Hunter so he leaves to go find some flowers to give to his girlfriend, Norrie. When Joe returns, he finds Andrea's corpse in her porch and also finds both Norrie and Hunter dancing and having fun inside the house. This upset Joe, leaving the flowers on the table and walking into the woods. In the woods, Joe finds a pig trapped in a branch. He tries to help it but Norrie and Hunter soon kill it for food, upsetting Joe even more. That night, Joe sleeps alone and sees Norrie and Hunter, along with several people of the town, starring up to the moon.

" The Kinship"

Joe catches Norrie and Hunter making out at the lake. Joe tells Norrie it's over. Later that night Norrie becomes her old self again and Joe and Norrie have sex.


Joe and Norrie walk up to Hunter who tells them that Christine wants them working but instead, they both go relax and have a "romantic" conversation up on a roof. Hunter interrupts them and climbs up the roof where Norrie accidentally lets Hunter fall, causing his legs to become paralyzed. Joe and Junior tells Barbie about this so they bring Hunter back to the town hall where Hunter blames Norrie. This causes the town, along with Junior, to become angry at both Joe and Norrie.


Joe and Norrie are locked up by Junior at the town hall until Carolyn finds them. Joe and Norrie quickly realize that Carolyn is infected, being a part of the Kinship. Carolyn later walks away with her daugher Norrie and Joe goes to work with the Kinship. Junior and the town force Joe to work on his own until Julia sees this and manages to take Joe with her until Junior hits her head. Joe and Norrie later rescue Julia and Hunter from the Kinship. They take Hunter on a wheelchair towards the diner.


At the diner, Joe and Norrie realize that Hunter is part of the Kinship so they lock him up in the diner's freezer. Sam walks into the diner he tells both Joe and Norrie that he isn't part of the Kinship. Sam gives Hunter some pills, causing Hunter to return to his normal self again but after Sam leaves, Hunter returns to the Kinship. He threatens Joe and Norrie with a piece of glass until Norrie slaps him, causing him to return to his normal self once again. After Hunter talks to them about his mother's death, Joe and Norrie take Hunter to the Aktaion house to join Julia and Big Jim.

"Breaking Point"[]

Joe and Norrie walk into the town hall and find Christine's Kinship map and take it with them. They then spot Carolyn by herself and walk up to her. Norrie tries to make her mother Carolyn to return to her normal self but fails and starts trying to get her mad. Several Kinship members walk in and take Joe and Norrie down at the tunnels on Carolyn's orders. Down at the tunnels, Joe, Norrie, and Carolyn spend some time working and then hear Barbie's warnings about explosives. They start running towards the exit but Carolyn manages to stop Joe and Norrie from running towards the explosion by blocking their way and is soon pushed to the ground by a huge wave of flames. Carolyn gives Norrie her last words, much like Alice did, and tells Joe to take good care of her daughter before being smashed by debris. Barbie and Junior help Joe and Norrie out of the tunnels where they tell them about Carolyn's death. Joe and Norrie have a sad day later on until they're saved from the Kinship by Julia and Big Jim and soon taken back home on Bird Island.

"Plan B"[]

Joe, along with everyone else, are sent to Reverend Lester Coggins' home funeral by Big Jim before the Aktaion house is torched up by the Kinship. Jim sends Joe and Norrie to the library to look for information. At the library, Kyle and another man run after them until Sam rescues them. They then drive back to Lester's house where Joe shows Sam the Kinship plan. Sam hits Joe in the head and heads to find Christine with Joe's body on his shoulder, revealing Sam's part of the Kinship.


Joe is punched by Junior until Barbie saves him and tells Junior to leave. Joe realizes that Barbie isn't a part of the Kinship anymore but Joe decides to stay and help the town. Norrie later finds Joe and they quickly kiss. Joe then finds something about the crystal he's holding after hearing Sam's Kinship whistling.

"Love is a Battlefield"[]

Joe talks to Barbie at the town hall about the Kinship whistle and how it activates Christine's small crystal. Barbie tells him that Joe needs to buy some time in order to not letting the virus spreads in the world. He then said he will try to save the Eva he used to know and walks away. Joe decided to play some music really loud in order to buy time. Christine then walks in and finds Joe singing and dancing to his music. She later talks to Joe about the Dome and how she's dying. Later, Joe and Kyle, on Sam's orders, crack the crystal into seven small crystals.


Joe continues working on the Kinship's plan to bring down the Dome at the town hall. Christine walks in and promises Joe that she won't hurt him or Norrie and tells him to think hard on finishing the plan. Norrie then finds Joe and they both kiss for a while as they talk. Later, Joe heads towards the burned up radio station with a Kinship member where Joe finds exactly what he needs. The man tells Joe to hide after he gets shot by an Aktaion agent. He shoots the agent, killing him but is then killed by another Aktaion agent. The agent walks towards Joe before getting shot multiple times and killed by Norrie. Joe and Norrie are about to escape until they are stopped by Hektor Martin. He is about to shoot them both when he suddenly gets shot in the back and then in the head, finally getting killed by Big Jim.

"The Enemy Within"[]

Joe has a conversation with Dawn and tells her that he needs Norrie, Hunter, and Lily to help him at the burned down radio station. There, Joe and Norrie head back and leave both Hunter and Lily in charge. Joe and Norrie witness Dawn turning on the crystal pieces to bring down the Dome but she states that they need someone to sacrafice themselves. Norrie kisses Joe and tells him that she loves him but before she can sacrifice herself, Joe does and the Dome comes down. Norrie, now in the army, doesn't find Joe's body inside the dead body area and, then, finds out Joe is alive. They stare at each other and Norrie tells him that she knew he was still alive.


Season 1 appearances
"Pilot" "The Fire" "Manhunt" "Outbreak" "Blue on Blue"
"The Endless Thirst" "Imperfect Circles" "Thicker Than Water" "The Fourth Hand" "Let the Games Begin"
"Speak of the Devil" "Exigent Circumstances" "Curtains"
Season 2 appearances
"Heads Will Roll" "Infestation" "Force Majeure" "Revelation" "Reconciliation"
"In the Dark" "Going Home" "Awakening" "The Red Door" "The Fall"
"Black Ice" "Turn" "Go Now"
Season 3 appearances
"Move On" "But I'm Not" "Redux" "The Kinship" "Alaska"
"Caged" "Ejecta" "Breaking Point" "Plan B" "Legacy"
"Love is a Battlefield" "Incandescence" "The Enemy Within"


  • He is one of the new 4 hands along with Angie McAlister, Junior Rennie, and Norrie Calvert-Hill.
  • In the novel, Joe was not related to Angie.
  • Joe is one of the 6 main characters to appear in all 39 episodes of the entire series.
  • He is one of the only 2 living member of the 4 hands both old and new left the other being, Norrie.
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