Under the Dome Wiki

The following is a complete pictorial list of the characters in the novel Under the Dome. They are grouped by families or groups of survivors and roughly in order of first appearances.

  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was injured, lost, unsecured or has not been seen for a few chapters; or if it was unknown if a character mentioned was inside or outside the dome.

Chester's Mill


Rennie Family

James Rennie Jr. (Novel)

Grinnell/Twitchell Family

Rose Twitchell (Novel)
Dougie Twitchell
Tommy Grinnell
Andrea Grinnell (Novel)

Shumway Family

Julia Shumway (Novel)
Al Shumway

Sanders Family

Andrew DeLois Sanders
Dodee Sanders

Bushey Family

Little Walter Bushey
Phil Bushey (Novel)

Libby Family

Piper Libby
Rupert Libby

McClatchey Family

Joseph McClatchey
Claire McClatchey
Sam McClatchey

Everett Family

Eric Everett
Linda Everett
Judy Everett

Dinsmore Family

Ollie Dinsmore (Novel)
Alden Dinsmore
Rory Dinsmore

Burpee Family

Romeo Burpee

Roux Family

Helen Roux
Robert Roux

Drake Family

Alva Drake
Ben Drake (Novel)

Wheeler Family

Sada Wheeler
Anson Wheeler

Calvert Family

Joanie Calvert
Norrie Calvert
Ernie Calvert

Perkins Family

Howard Perkins (Novel)
Brenda Morse Perkins

Searles Family

Melvin Searles
Petra Searles

Bowie Family

Fernald Bowie

Anderson Family

Tommy Anderson (Novel)
Willow Anderson

Evans Family

Jack Evans
Myra Evans (Novel)

Killian Family

Roland Killian
Ronnie Killian
Lila Killian
Roger Killian
Richard Killian
Ricky Killian

Carver Family

Johnny Carver
Carrie Carver
Deanna Carver

Venziano Family

Carla Mercier Venziano
Steven Venziano

McCain Family

Henry McCain
Angie McCain

Manning Family

Andy Manning
Cindy Manning
Toby Manning

Wicker Family

Bill Wicker
Jimmy Wicker

Morrison Family

Henry Morrison
Frieda Morrison

Brassey Family

Nell Brassey
Clayton Brassey

Crumley Family

Wanda Crumley

Debec Family

Billy Debec
Wanda Debec

Alnut Family

Bill Alnut
Sarah Alnut


Dale Barbara (Novel)
Tony Guay
Melissa Jamieson
Eddie Chalmers
Kayla Bevins
Sam Verdreaux (Novel)
Joe Boxer
Stubby Norman
Jack Cale
Norman Sawyer
Lester Coggins (Novel)
Chuck Thompson (Novel)
Dil Brown
Jimmy Sirois

Police Officers

Jackie Wettington
Johnny Trent
Peter Randolph
Carter Thibodeau (Novel)
Freddy Howard Denton (Novel)
George Frederick
Frank DeLesseps
Stacey Moggin
Marty Arsenault
Toby Whelan

Medical Staff

Ginny Tomlinson
Gina Buffalino
Harriet Bigelow (Novel)
Elsa Andrews
Ron Haskell
Nora Robichaud


Appleton Family

Alice Rachel Appleton
Aidan Patrick Appleton

News Reporters

Wolf Blitzer
Chad Myers
Jake Tapper
Donald Irving
Candy Crowley
Lester Holt
Rita Braver
Ray Suarez


Paul Gendron
Donald Wozniak
James Cox