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Season 1
No. of episodes 13 (Episode list)
Original run June 24th, 2013-
September 16th, 2013
Succeeded By Season 2

The First Season of Under the Dome, a science-fiction TV series based on a Stephen King novel of the same name, consists of thirteen episodes. It premiered on CBS on June 24th 2013, and concluded on September 16th, 2013. It was filmed on locations in North Carolina, USA, and had a budget of $40 million.

Plot Summary[]


In Chester's Mill, Maine, a strange occurrence locks the town in an invisible dome-like surface.

"The Fire"[]

Following Duke's death, his house catches fire, forcing the town to rally together to form a bucket brigade. Elsewhere, Junior ambushes Barbie, while Dodee and Phil pick up a military frequency.


After a Deputy is killed,Big Jim organizes a search party to hunt down the culprit. Meanwhile, Joe and Norrie continue to experience strange seizures.


The town suffers from an outbreak of meningitis. Julia learns that Phil and Barbie are connected to her missing husband. Angie struggles to escape the bomb shelter.

"Blue on Blue"[]

When friends and family from outside the Dome come to visit, Barbie learns that the military plans to destroy the dome with a missile.

"The Endless Thirst"[]

After Julia and Dodee speculate that the source of the radio signal jam could be the answer to the Dome's origin, they are led to Joe and Norrie. Meanwhile, Angie seeks help after escaping from Junior.

"Imperfect Circles"[]

A friend of Julia's goes into labour after touching the Dome. Big Jim kicks out Junior. Linda seeks out the Dundee brothers after Rose's murder. Joe and Norrie find a second mini-dome that holds a mysterious egg inside it.

"Thicker Than Water"[]

Norrie grieves over her mom's death. Joe shows Julia the mini-dome. Big Jim makes a plan of action when Ollie takes control of food and water.

"The Fourth Hand"[]

Julia takes Barbie to see the mini-dome and the egg, but they have both disappeared. A former acquaintance of Big Jim and Barbie makes a re-appearance. Meanwhile, Angie starts to have seizures, just like Joe and Norrie.

"Let the Games Begin"[]

Maxine continues to manipulate Barbie and Big Jim. Linda and Julia investigate Duke's involvement with previous criminal activity in Chester's Mill. Meanwhile, Angie realizes Junior is the "fourth hand".

"Speak of the Devil"[]

After Junior abandons Angie, Joe and Norrie, the weather turns nasty. Julia is shot by Maxine. Big Jim convinces Linda his stash of propane is what's saving the town and the biggest threat they face is from Barbie.

"Exigent Circumstances"[]

Big Jim rallies the town against Barbie after framing him for the murders and the shooting of Julia. Joe and Norrie move the mini-dome to Ben's house but it soon begins to act strangely.


As Barbie's fate is sealed by Big Jim, the Dome blackens and the mysterious Monarch is revealed.


Title Writer(s) Air Date U.S. Viewers
1 "Pilot" Brian K. Vaughan June 24, 2013 13.53 Million
2 "The Fire" Rick Cleveland July 1, 2013 11.81 Million
3 "Manhunt" Adam Stein July 8, 2013 10.71 Million
4 "Outbreak" Peter Calloway July 15, 2013 11.13 Million
5 "Blue on Blue" Brian K. Vaughan July 22, 2013 11.60 Million
6 "The Endless Thirst" Soo Hugh July 29, 2013 11.41 Million
7 "Imperfect Circles" Caitlin Parrish August 5, 2013 10.42 Million
8 "Thicker Than Water" Adam Stein August 12, 2013 10.36 Million
9 "The Fourth Hand" Daniel Truly August 19, 2013 10.64 Million
10 "Let the Games Begin" Andres Fischer-Centeno
Peter Calloway
August 26, 2013 11.11 Million
11 "Speak of the Devil" Scott Gold September 2, 2013 11.15 Million
12 "Exigent Circumstances" Adam Stein
Caitlin Parrish
September 9, 2013 9.72 Million
13 "Curtains" Brian K. Vaughan
Scott Gold
September 16, 2013 12.10 Million


Main Cast[]

Actor Character # of episodes
Mike Vogel Dale "Barbie" Barbara 13
Rachelle Lefevre Julia Shumway 13
Natalie Martinez Linda Esquivel 13
Britt Robertson Angie McAlister 13
Alexander Koch James "Junior" Rennie 13
Colin Ford Joseph "Joe" McAlister 13
Nicholas Strong Philip "Phil" Bushey 10
Jolene Purdy Dorothy "Dodee" Weaver 8
Aisha Hinds Carolyn Hill 9
Jeff Fahey Howard "Duke" Perkins 4
Dean Norris James "Big Jim" Rennie 13

Guest Stars[]

Actor Character # of episodes
Samantha Mathis Alice Calvert 7
MacKenzie Lintz Norrie Calvert-Hill 13
Beth Broderick Rose Twitchell 5
Dale Raoul Andrea Grinnell 6
Ned Bellamy Lester Coggins 4
Leon Rippy Ollie Dinsmore 5
Celia Weston Mrs. Moore 1
Jeff Glor Himself 1
Megan Ketch Harriet Arnold 1
Natalie Zea Maxine Seagrave 3
Mare Winningham Agatha Seagrave 2
Jason Alexander Davis Miles Alcott 1

Recurring Co-Stars[]

Actor Character # of episodes
John Elvis Ben "Benny" Drake 7
Josh Carter Eric "Rusty" Denton 2
R. Keith Harris Peter Shumway 4
Joe Knezevich Freddy Denton 3
Kevin Sizemore Paul Randolph 3
Andrew Vogel Carter Thibodeau 4
Crystal Martinez Nurse Adams 5
Jaret Sears Clint Dundee 2
Linds Edwards Waylon Dundee 2
Ray Stoney Dres Johnson 2
Christopher Johnson Thug #3 & Volunteer 2



  • The intro is narrated by Julia Shumway.
  • Out of the two aired seasons, Season 1 has the most deaths.
    • There are only two episodes that don't feature any deaths: The Fourth Hand and Curtains.
Episodes of Under the Dome
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