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Sweetbriar Rose
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'Sweetbriar Rose is a diner in Chester's Mill, owned by Big Jim, and formerly run by Rose Twitchell. [1] There is a spare room on the second floor, and the diner is one of the few locations in the city with a generator.[2]


Sweetbriar Rose was managed by Rose Twitchell. The diner was doing well until Denny's opened in West Lake. Denny's was really eating into their business, forcing Rose to borrow money from Big Jim to pay the bills, who eventually bought the building to help her.[1]

After the Dome appeared, Sweetbriar Rose became the only local diner under the dome, and one of the few locations in the city with a generator, which Big Jim helped to setup. It soon became the unofficial town hall, a central location where large groups would gather. [3] [4]. For a time Rose offered the spare room upstair to the Calvert-Hill Family, city folk who were passing by and had nowhere to stay.[2]

During food riot, that broke out at the grocery store. The Dundee brothers(Clint and Waylon) decided to use the situation to loot the diner, in the process Rose was killed. Later Angie who until now waitressed at the diner and was close friend of Rose, expressed an interest in reopening the diner, as Rose would have wanted.[5]

After Angie was murdered, Andrea Grinnell took over the diner using food that her survivalist husband had hoarded.