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The Cabin is a small, isolated cabin in Chester's Mill owned by Peter Shumway. The Cabin was also a a secondary meeting spot for Dale Barbara and Peter Shumway.


Dale Barbara and Peter Shumway used The Cabin as a secondary meeting spot for Peter to pay Barbie. When Peter found out his wife, Julia Shumway,was home, he decided to meet Barbie at The Cabin. When Barbie came to The Cabin Peter didn't have the money so Barbie started a fight with Peter that ended up getting peter killed. In the process, Barbie lost his dog tags.

After the dome came down, Barbie returned to The Cabin to search for his dog tags. On his way out Junior saw him and came to the conclusion that Barbie screwed Angie there. Junior and Barbie then ended up fighting.

A few days later, Julia went to The Cabin to find out what happened to her husband. When she got there she found out that he had massive gambling debts and their house was put under foreclosure. Then Julia passed out due to the meningitis outbreak and hallucinated seeing Peter. Barbie then came in and saved her.

A few weeks later, Julia and Big Jim kidnap Barbie and brought him to The Cabin to try to get him to leave The Kinship. While causing physical pain, Julia reminded barbie of his dark past. Eventually Barbie got away and tried to kill Julia. But she got away.

The next day, Junior, and a few other members of The Kinship, went to The Cabin to look for Julia's dead body after Barbie lied and told Junior that he killed her then buried her body there. Junior then came to the conclusion that Barbie was no longer loyal to The Kinship.


  • On the outside of The Cabin there is a sign that says "The Cabin". This reveals that the name of this cabin is actually "The Cabin".
  • The Cabin was owned by Peter Shumway.