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The Kinship (Organization)
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"Some are compelled to serve their duties. Some will require cultivation. Others must be pruned away. Weeds are stronger than they seem. A threat to what must blossom. But, with careful tending, this kinship will grow into what we need it to be."
—Christine Price[src]

The Kinship is an organization set up by the Dome. It's main goal is to take control over the human bodies of the residents of Chester's Mill. It's currently under the command of Dawn Sinclair-Barbara.


Not much is revealed about the past of "The Kinship". Two antropologists called Christine Price and Eva Sinclair were sent by Aktaion Energy to find fragments of a mysterious egg that had crashed down on Earth. Once arrived in Chester's Mill, where a working Egg had been found, Christine touched the Egg, which triggered her and Eva to get under the spell of wicked cells that took over their human bodies.

Later, when the Dome crashed over Chester's Mill, the Dome revealed little facts to the residents of Chester's Mill by taking the shapes of multiple deceased residents, like Alice Calvert and Dodee Weaver. In the caves, Christine and Eva, who were taken over by the wicked cells, were planning an attack on the residents of Chester's Mill.


The Kinship was set up to take over the bodies of the residents of Chester's Mill to grow out in one Kinship. Also, another goal of The Kinship is to take the residents of Chester's Mill to an alternate reality, where the residents of Chester's Mill didn't have any control over their real bodies which were cocooned. They did this in order to spread wicked alien cells to control over the human bodies. 


Former Members[]

Deceased Members[]


  1. Despite the fact that he never contributed directly with the Kinship, he is still an infected member of the Kinship