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The Resistance
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The Resistance is an organization set up by the non-infected residents of Chester's Mill. It's main goal is to prevent The Kinship from infecting more residents and from taking the residents to alternate reality.


The Resistance is an organization set up by Big Jim Rennie and Julia Shumway to prevent the infected members of the Kinship from infecting more members. It was officially set up after Big Jim smashed the Egg to pieces, but the alliance began to shape form in the episode "Caged", after Christine Price, the founder of the Kinship, and Big Jim were rescued from Bird Island.


The main goal of the Resistance is to prevent The Kinship to infect more residents of Chester's Mill. Also, the Resistance wants to stop the Kinship from taking these infected residents to the alternate reality the residents encountered in "Move On" and "But I'm Not".


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