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About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Devin and I am an administrator and bureaucrat of this wiki, so please if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask. I've watched every episode of Under the Dome and overall I find it to be a pretty mediocre show. I've also read through the first thirteen chapters of the book and find it to be very well done, better than the TV show in most aspects. Down below are my favorite and least favorite characters for both novel and show and my ratings of every episode to date, check it out if you'd like.

<tabber> |-| TV Series=

Favorite Characters (In Order)
Runner-Up Characters (In Order)
Least Favorite Characters (In Order)
Season Ratings
Season 1: 8/10
Season 2: 7/10
Season 3 Poster.png
Season 3: 6/10
Episode Ratings
101 Banner.png
Pilot: 9.5/10
102 Banner.png
The Fire: 9/10
103 Banner.png
Manhunt: 6/10
104 Banner.png
Outbreak: 8/10
105 Banner.png
Blue on Blue: 7/10
106 Banner.png
The Endless Thirst: 9/10
107 Banner.png
Imperfect Circles: 7/10
108 Banner.png
Thicker Than Water: 8/10
109 Banner.png
The Fourth Hand: 5/10
110 Banner.png
Let the Games Begin: 7.5/10
111 Banner.png
Speak of the Devil: 8/10
112 Banner 2.png
Exigent Circumstances: 9/10
113 Promo Banner.png
Curtains: 8.5/10
Heads Will Roll.jpg
Heads Will Roll: 7/10
Infestation: 7.5/10
104822 0250b.jpg
Force Majeure: 8/10
Revelation: 6.5/10
Reconciliation: 7/10
In the Dark.jpg
In the Dark: 9.5/10
Going Home.jpg
Going Home: 9.5/10
Awakening (2).jpg
Awakening: 7/10
The Red Door.jpg
The Red Door: 8/10
The Fall.jpg
The Fall: 8/10
Black Ice (6).jpg
Black Ice: 7/10
Turn: 7/10
Go Now (5).jpg
Go Now: 8/10
But I'm Not.jpg
Move On: 6.5/10
But I'm Not: 7/10
Red ux8.jpg
Redux: 7/10
The Kinship.jpg
The Kinship: 6/10
Alaska: 6.5/10
Caged: 7.5/10
Ejecta: 9.5/10
Breaking Point.jpg
Breaking Point: 7/10
PlanB 01.png
Plan B: 8/10
Legacy: 8/10
Love is a Battlefield.jpg
Love is a Battlefield: 6/10
Incandescence: 7/10
The Enemy Within.jpg
The Enemy Within: 8/10
Top 5 Deaths

|-| Novel=

Favorite Novel Characters (In Order, As of Chapter 13)

Least Favorite Novel Characters (In Order, As of Chapter 13)

Novel Ratings

Bookcover - part1.jpg
Part 1: 9/10
Bookcover - part2.jpg
Part 2: TBA