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Hey, I'm Rick123Axel but most people call me Raxel.

I'm a massive fan of Under The Dome as well as many other shows and book/comics such as The Walking Dead.

I'm an admin on this wiki so if you have any problems or concerns don't hesitate in sending me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible....


  • Most liked to liked the least (i.e Big Jim - Most liked)
  • Disliked the least to disliked the most (i.e Phil Bushey - Most disliked)

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Favorite Cast Members

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Episode Ratings

Episode Image Title Rating
1x01 101 Banner.png "Pilot" 9.5\10
1x02 102 Banner.png "The Fire" 8\10
1x03 103 Banner.png "Manhunt" 7.5\10
1x04 104 Banner.png "Outbreak" 8.5\10
1x05 105 Banner.png "Blue on Blue" 8\10
1x06 106 Banner.png "The Endless Thirst" 9.5\10
1x07 107 Banner.png "Imperfect Circles" 9\10
1x08 108 Banner.png "Thicker Than Water" 8.5\10
1x09 109 Banner.png "The Fourth Hand" 6.5\10
1x10 110 Banner.png "Let the Games Begin" 7.5\10
1x11 111 Banner.png "Speak of the Devil" 8\10
1x12 112 Banner 2.png "Exigent Circumstances" 8.5\10
1x13 113 Promo Banner.png "Curtains" 8.5\10

Episode Image Title Rating
2x01 Heads Will Roll.jpg "Heads Will Roll" 9\10
2x02 Infestation.jpg "Infestation" 8.5/10
2x03 104822 0250b.jpg "Force Majeure" 7/10
2x04 Revelation.jpg "Revelation" 7.5/10
2x05 Reconciliation.jpg "Reconciliation" 9/10
2x06 In the Dark.jpg "In the Dark" 7.5/10
2x07 Going Home.jpg "Going Home" 7.5/10
2x08 Awakening (2).jpg "Awakening" 8.5/10
2x09 The Red Door.jpg "The Red Door" 8/10
2x10 The Fall.jpg "The Fall" 8/10
2x11 Black Ice (6).jpg "Black Ice" 8.5/10
2x12 Turn.jpg "Turn" 9.5/10
2x13 Go Now (5).jpg "Go Now" 10/10

Episode Image Title Rating
3x01 But I'm Not.jpg "Move On" 8\10
3x02 7379c907d9b64367a61f2b9a7a2f6654.jpg "But I'm Not" 7\10

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