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Stan The Shark
Name Stan The Shark
Alias Jaws
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I'm Stan The Shark (aka Jaws), a Dutch, anthropomorphic shark who is a huge fan of the Under The Dome TV series and also rode the novel, whereby I started possessing knowledge about both the novel and the series. I'm pleased to help expanding this wiki and I'm trying to be active as much as possible. I found Under the Dome by myself, when I was zapping on TV to look for something to watch. I saw the Pilot episode and immediately I got interested in the TV series. After finishing watching Season 1, I felt that I REALLY needed to read the novel, which I did. After I finished the novel, I registered on this wiki and started to help with expanding it, starting with the novel pages and later going on to edit the TV series pages, both characters and episodes. I must admit that Season 2 and Season 3 were worse than Season 1, but I still enjoy both of the seasons. Stephen King is a big inspiration for me, I'm a writer myself too and I write thrillers/horror stories, just like him. Other shows I like are in particular detective shows, like Criminal Minds, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Hawaii Five-0. I am an active administrator on this wiki and thus I can be contacted at any time and try to reply every message posted on my message wall. 

TV Series

"No, it's not. It's the dome. It's making everyone crazy, and it's going to kill us all."
—Paul Randolph[src]
Top 10 Characters (In Order)
Bottom 5 Characters (In Order)
Episode Ratings
101 Banner.png
Pilot: 9.5/10
102 Banner.png
The Fire: 10/10
103 Banner.png
Manhunt: 8/10
Outbreak (6).jpg
Outbreak: 6.5/10
105 Banner.png
Blue on Blue: 8.5/10
106 Banner.png
The Endless Thirst: 8.5/10
Imperfect Circles (3).jpg
Imperfect Circles: 8/10
108 Mob.png
Thicker Than Water: 8.5/10
109 Banner.png
The Fourth Hand: 6/10
Let the Games Begin (2).jpg
Let the Games Begin: 6/10
111 Banner.png
Speak of the Devil: 7/10
112 Banner 2.png
Exigent Circumstances: 8/10
Curtains (4).jpg
Curtains: 9/10
Top 5 Deaths

"You'll see, it's all pain. When you watch enough people die, when you watch Julia die, you will put the knife to those kids yourself."
—Sam Verdreaux[src]
Top 10 Characters (In Order)
Bottom 5 Characters (In Order)
Episode Ratings
Heads Will Roll.jpg
Heads Will Roll: 9.5/10
Infestation: 7.5/10
104822 0250b.jpg
Force Majeure: 9/10
-under-the-dome--epi (3).jpg
Revelation: 7/10
Reconciliation: 9/10
In the Dark.jpg
In the Dark: 9.5/10
Going Home (9).jpg
Going Home: 8/10
Awakening (24).jpg
Awakening: 7.5/10
The Red Door (3).jpg
The Red Door: 9/10
The Fall.jpg
The Fall: 8/10
Black Ice (12).jpg
Black Ice: 6.5/10
Turn (10).jpg
Turn: 8.5/10
Go Now (5).jpg
Go Now: 8/10
Top 5 Deaths

Top 10 Episodes


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