Season 3 was a weak season compared to Season 1 or 2, but the most weak part was Deaths, they killed every good character they introduced this season or in past seasons. (I Don't really need to explain), but We're not talking about that, we're talking about the weakest, least shocking and stupid deaths.


although it's a wiki and it says on the main page it's just spoilers in a nutshell.

and remember this list might change after Season 3 is over

The List

Number 3: Abby DeWitt

Abby Death HD

Abby DeWitt is a minor character is season 3, she is portrayed by Bess Rous and she was well acted, her death was coming from not one but ten miles away.

She was Sam's love intrest and one of the only people who weren't zombies for Christine the second they got out of the pods they were trapped in. and her death was as shocking as Big Jim killing someone. 

the reason her death is low on the list is because it was actually doing something for the plot, and also she is wasted potential and she did have a chance of hope. (like so many others, so so many others that I will make a blog on)

Number 2: Harriet Arnold

Harriet Death

Harriet was an unneeded and useless character from Seasons one and two, she appeared in 4 episodes (including her death episode).

She got shot by Norrie so guards from the kinship won't kill Julia

did I say Abby's death is as shocking as Big Jim killing someone?, well Harriet's death was as obvious as her husband Greg not coming back (sadly for me because I think he got potential).

She's portrayed by Megan Ketch and she's an okay acted character

Number 1: Carolyn Hill

Carolyn Death

Such a bland and boring character, her death was as shocking as when someone gets shot in the head he dies (yes it was that not shocking, and yes I know this joke got old).

But the thing is she isn't even well acted (she didn't have many lines tbh). but when she was on screen Aisha Hinds didn't do a good job. when I talked with Devin about who will die before her death he said Carolyn, and I agreed

Her death was so predictable people were sure she'll bite the shark in Season 2.

they went so low with deaths till the point that from someone's hearing aids exploading in his brain and a random lightning strikes a guy in a dome to this.


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thanks for reading and stay tuned for top 10 wasted potentials.