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Map of Westlake

Westlake is a town located in Maine, bordering the town of Chester's Mill. It's told the county court, that serves Chester's Mill is in Westlake. On the day the Dome came down, a parade was held in Westlake in which some of Chester Mill's police officers, firemen, and town council members participated. The town remained on the outside of the Dome.


  • It's the home of Maxine Seagrave.
  • On the day the Dome came down Joe and Angie McAlister's mother and uncle Steve were having dinner at Westlake's new Denny's restaurant and remained trapped on the outside of the Dome.
  • In real-life Brian K. Vaughan, grew up in Westlake.
  • Westlake is mentioned in "Pilot", "The Fire", "Manhunt", "Imperfect Circles", "The Fourth Hand", "Let the Games Begin".