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View of Zenith in Junior's dream.

Zenith is a fictional city in the TV series Under the Dome.


Little is known about the city. It's most visible landmark is a brown obelisk with green rectangular figures.

Pauline's studio apartment is located in Zenith, as well as the Davison Psychiatric Institute, where she works. The Barbara estate, and an Aktaion Energy office building are also in Zenith.

Season 2[]

"Heads Will Roll"[]

Junior holding the snow globe of Zenith.

In the Season 2 premiere, when Junior becomes unconscious, he experiences a dream. In the dream, he holds a snow globe marked "ZENITH" with a model of the city and its obelisk inside. He shakes the globe and the liquid inside turns to blood. He drops the globe and proceeds to walk around the city. For a while, there is nobody else in the town. Eventually, he encounters his mother, Pauline Rennie, whom he presumed to be dead. When he recalls the dream later on, he notes that it felt very realistic.

Pauline painting in Zenith. Note the obelisk far left.

At the end of the episode, Pauline wakes up flustered. She immediately goes to a canvas and continues one of her paintings. The background of her studio is Zenith, proving both that she is alive and that Zenith is a real place.

In the following episode, Melanie finds Barbie's ID card and points out that he is also not from around, but that he looks familiar. She proceeds to state that he is from Zenith.

"Going Home"[]

The tunnels under the high school are a way out of Chesters Mill. Barbie falls into the pit located in the tunnels, and wakes up in Zenith.

Sam, who fell down the pit during the first visit to the tunnels, is also in Zenith. Sam visits the Davison Psychiatric Institute to find Pauline. Pauline does art therapy at the institute. Sam admits that he has no idea how he arrived in Zenith.

In his apartment Barbie his taken captive by armed men he worked with in the past. Barbie has to look for the man who owns Aktaion Energy, but he alerts the guards. The who owns Aktaion Energy is Barbies's father. Barbie wants his father to get him to the dome because his father is an influantial man. Lyle also arrived in Zenith, he was brougth by the police in the institute because he had no wallets, wasn't reponsive and was starring at the obelisk. Lyle has only said "Melanie" since he arrived in Zenith. Don and Barbie walk through the woods and pass a red door buried in the ground with a glowing handprint on it. The red door was also painted by Pauline.